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Event entertainment operation management is a very useful tool that can be used to carry on a grand event in properly organized manner. It is the duty of the event entertainment operation management, to make sure that, they are applying all the necessary strategies in order to coordinate an event in an organized and planned manner. For the proper development of planning management, coordination and enthusiasm are the most necessary requirements. To carry on the event successfully, proper planning and management are required. (Filo, Funk and O'Brien 2014). Proper planning needs all the information, objectives and also different models, facilities, effectiveness and customer satisfaction. For the successful policy identifying man management and their input in this event is required with high value. In this report, the chosen event scenario of Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has discussed and that also provides the ethical dimension of how to operate an event process.

How to Operate an Event Process?

Critical Success factor of the event 

In case of every event, a proper chain of planning is required beforehand. If the planning is not implemented in the right way, then it can go in adverse mode. As a result of which, the event might not be processed in the proper way. The scenario of the event is a music event, where many music dignitaries and delegates will be coming (Masterman 2014). As this is a musical event there will be a large number of musical instruments needed. In order to set up these instruments properly, a lot of electrical wires, plug-in systems, and several other electrical instruments will be needed. In order to set up the stage, with all the musical instruments and their supporting equipment, a big space is needed. It is for this reason that Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has been chosen. The event is organized by the Diaphanous Production for the welfare of poor children education. This is a kind of charity program so the target audiences mainly comprise of music lovers, of all the age groups. They are helpful as well, as they know that there is a big and noble cause behind the show. The authority will be providing a special bus for the audiences. This is to ensure that, they do not face any critical condition while coming (Getz and Page 2016).

The program is all about the collection of money for a social cause. The event helps the project in an ethical way. The event encompasses the entertainment program. It is for this reason that, so many different media groups are also interested to cover the entire program. This process enhances their publicity as well. In case of general corporate music programs, the motif of the program is usually, advertisement of company products. However, this is a special kind of music event, where the accumulated money will be provided for the education of poor children (Huang et al. 2014). The auditorium can comprise of 1400 audiences. It is with their presence, that the program will be enhanced. No alcohol will be served at this event and the entry fees will be quite affordable, £50 in terms of charity programs. The event will have a good impact on the young generation of that area and they will be happy to be a part of this. Drug and harmful devices will not be entertained in the event premises, so the authority has promised to provide a better event program in all aspects (Robinson 2015). The police authority assistance is there to make this event successful. They have assured to give the support to formulate the program in the right way, as the social cause is related with that.

Event licensing and legal aspects of the event 

For the music concerts, proper licensing and legal notice is needed. Before the event, Government permission is required for the establishment of the show. Under The Licensing Act of 2003, the music concert is in. This license has provided authority to the programming organization to conduct their event. So Diaphanous Productions has to take authorized permission to do the event. In case of music conference, different factors are related to the program (Jones 2014). The license will cost some money from the organizers. The amount of money needed in order to get the licensing will depend on the place, the nature of the program, the size of the premises, type of the music program and the duration of the program. In case of social welfare issue, sometimes it is quite easy to get licensing and permission from the government. Performing Rights Society can give this type of licensing and legal permission to the event. There are some private gains in such cases and sometimes prizes are distributed in that event. These licensing usually cost much and Government takes maximum charges over it (Getz and Page 2016). Performing Rights Society for music is a nonprofit organization that enables access to music and implements musical traffic coving more than 40. The legal aspect of an event is important to get rid of emergency situations. The process also strengthens the public safety and event control. As the program will serve the issue of social welfare for children, in educational purposes, the prime motive will be to make it a successful program. This is to ensure that enough money can be gathered for the better future of the poor children. Police, government board, media, emergency situation controller and risk management team all these are associated in that event to make it successful (Drury, Novelli and Stott 2015). Thus, for this music event management, legal aspect and licensing are needed to optimize the value of the program.

Risk management 

Identifying the potential risk and security of the people is the concerning outlook of risk management team. They are the managing people who can control the entire event and secure the life of the audiences from adverse situations. Generally, event co-coordinators or organizers are doing this process of selecting the risk management team. A general paperwork has been done with the organizers about the event place regarding that security. However, in most of the cases, risk mitigation processes are implemented quite late, due to improper man-management (Barnes 2017). So engrossing more effective people in risk control team is essential in terms of saving people’s life. There are some events where the huge amounts of people are gathering for a rally, for those events, there is a chance of over-crowding. Risk management team has taken their initiative to mitigate the risk over the situation. In this given scenario comprehensive security and traffic management are needed from the risk management team as lots of music dignitaries will be coming in this event (Dowson and Bassett 2015). The Proper place for parking, traffic control, performance celebration and advance planning on seating arrangement, all these are handled by that team. Guest entrance, parking, seating arrangement emergency situations, all these are the concern criteria that the team has to look after.  Risk management team also concerns with the evacuation procedure, ambulance and emergency and emergency vehicle arrangement, lines of communication with other people is the concern for them (O’Neill 2014). In this event, the risk management team will have to be too effective as they have to take control over the entire events, where important personalities, dignitaries will be coming to join in the event. Thus, a controlling mannerism will be there to coordinate the event in an organized and planned manner.

Security and crowd control 

Crowd controlling is a big issue in an event. There are several events where people accumulate in huge number and there is a chance to stampede. Thus, controlling that situation is the major issue where the risk management team has to get involved. The team has to create a queue or make an alternative way of their path to meet the process in a suitable way. There are certain celebrations and events when numerous people have met and they outbreak the occasion (Jepson, Clarke and Ragsdell 2014). A significant chance of creating violence is there and that has to be imparted over the crowd. Thus, to avoid the situation proper man-management is needed to establish the program in a suitable way. In this music program, almost 1400 people will be coming, so their security and control will be the main objective of the organization (McLoughlin 2014). This music event will have media coverage and extensive publicity as the event is about to be held for the social cause. People excitement, the outburst for the performance, all these are controlled by the management team and risk management authorities. Event security has to be tight and rigid so that no trespassers can enter in an invalid way. People cannot bring any unethical elements with them which are not required for the event; this has to be checked by the organizing authority. Police have to be there at that event so that they can take control over the issue and also manage the responsibilities of the dignitaries (Daniels et al. 2015). Many important musicians and other guests will be present at the show as it is going to be a very big event. Thus, their protection and security will be the main area of concern over there (Drury, Novelli and Stott 2015). However, it must be noted that the management team is also paty8imng equal importance to the other audiences that will accumulate at the event.

CSR issues and sustainability of event 

Corporate social responsibility is the concern mannerism where responsible executives are concerned for the required facility that they have offered to their customers. Development and making relationships with the customers is the prime issue in that profession. CSR involves responding and communicating with the customers and evaluate their mind and their need (Legacy, March and Mouat 2014). CSR co-ordinates the program aspects to the customers and also reminds them from time to time about the products. There are some premium clients of event companies; CSR has to take extra care of them. They analyze the exact need of the people and try to mold the product of the company as per the demand of the customers. CSR has the market knowledge so they can easily analyze the customers' satisfaction as well. CSR has implemented their view in social responsibilities of the company as well, as this case, the social motive is very clear but there are some cases where the social motive is not clear. However, CSR has presented it in front of all to showcase the importance of the program (Hutabarat and Gayatri 2014). Religion maintenance has several aspects as this is the concerning aspect for them, as every religion has some special culture, process, and recognition, so through their company products, CSR engrosses those things. Organization process must be in a developmental phase where the effectiveness of CSR has changed the event planning scenario. In this chosen event the importance of CSR is very high (Quaglia 2015). As the program will be taking place in the royal auditorium, thus an event maintenance phase is required for the satisfaction of the customers. The program is associated with some of the dignitaries, so their responsibilities are also taken by those executives. Company CSR has a single goal and objective. So the planning of this event and related coordination, communication and their specialized study over the customer will emerge the event as a successful one (Bolden and Nahachewsky 2015). CSR understand the term of stakeholders, adequate benefits of that event and those children who will get the event tickets' money, so the chain of all the sections with them, as they are the pillar of any event.

Waste management 

Whether the event is a foremost commemoration or an insignificant merriment, the endowment must be specified to the appropriate assortment and clearance of waste and salvaging through and afterward the event. The vigilant arrangement will confirm that the event has enough conveniences, such as garbage baskets, reusing bins and mini skips, to the marshal of all garbage and recyclables. Wastewater cannot be inclined of down stormwater sanitation. This water needs to go into a drain vent (Filo, Funk and O'Brien 2014). The domestic worker will socialize the occasion site throughout the event day and confiscate rubbish. All garbage must be tightly tied in black basket bags. Food waste is to be kept back discrete manner from wrapping and all-purpose surplus (Coghlan 2015). After the show, the organizer would have done the rest but the most important thing is to clean up the waste material as these are the harmful elements that can badly affect the environment and cause hazards to regular lifestyle. Though there will be some bins for accumulating the garbage the people have to be sincere enough to understand the importance of those bins and keep their waste food, drink, packets, napkins, glasses over there, then only the significance of the bin placement will become right (Hopkin 2017). In the particular music event, as the space is really big so people can sit or stand at any corner of the ground or the auditorium and take their drink or food, so for them, it is their responsibility to manage the situation and dump those wastes in right places.

Planning process

Advance planning is needed to circulate the planning in the proper way and manage the whole team in a systematic manner. The preparation of timetable delivers a common timeline, knowing that real occasion processes preparation timetables differ significantly (Sargeant and Jay 2014). For example, some chief, traveling prearranged distinct actions, such as the U.S. Golf Open, necessitate event procedures scheduling segment crossing more than one year. So these kinds of events are planned by the organizers (Conway 2014). As far as the music event is concerned, all the respected dignitaries will come, so their traveling convenience, sitting arrangement and their entertainment will be the key proceeding that organization has to monitor. Above all, the organization will have to assure a proper security of all the accumulated guests at the event (Drury, Novelli and Stott 2015).

Operational management theory

Operations management theory comprises of convinced accountabilities. One of them is to ensure the business operations in an efficient way and use the resource for mitigating the customers' requirement in the highest provided price (Filo, Funk and O'Brien 2014). Raw process finding is the key investment to ensure the organizer skill, creativity, and enhancement of technological knowledge and assistance that provide the benefits to the organizing company. As event goers trust their service and hope to reuse the service again. In modern operational management theory, there are four concepts presented in a systematical manner (Smith 2013). Reconfigurable manufacturing systems, Business Process Redesign, six sigma and lean manufacturing, all these maintain the designing workflow and reconstruct the production efficiency for the development and efficacy of the event. In the provided scenario, Music event has established the trending impact of event calculation and that help them to encompass the modern touch of event organization (Drury, Novelli and Stott 2015). This theory realizes supply practice for any purpose supplementary than assessment construction for consumers as uneconomical and hunts for to disregard improvident reserve disbursements as much as thinkable.

Encounter the problem situation

In any event, informed assessment is vital of all conceivable threats. In order to face and solve any problem, the first important step that must be taken is proper identification of the threat. It is significant to comprise others in this procedure. There must be the counting of alternative facilities, location executives, and hazard valuation officers. For any large-scale events, all these arrangements are to be made just in order to deal with and mitigate the problem situations. (Raj, Walters and Rashid 2017). Encountering the problem may not have surfaced each event places but the organization has to ready for the problem occasion and to have the power to control any emergency situations. Arrangements of the ambulance and emergency vehicles, proper communications to the authority, evacuation process, first aid and incident control team all must be present in that scenario to help out the organizers to mitigate the situation in a proper way. Subjected on the site, effectiveness, scope, and maquillage of the occasion, event managers will want to apprise the Country Fire Authority (CFA), State Emergency Service (SES), ambulance facility as well as the Victoria Police, those, may be present and deliver a manifestation at the occasion. The establishment of first aid services is indispensable to any big scale event (Akingbola 2013).

Professional interaction

The Event Executives diagnose the position of vibrant and operative statement on and across the demonstration spot. They use handheld radios. All nominated employees of the organizations will be assigned with a radio. All indispensable construction employees will be dispensed through a hand-held two-way radio aimed at the usage during the length of the occasion. All radio announcements will drive via Event Control and a record will be reserved for the support system (Filo, Funk and O'Brien 2014). Communications with the event goers and with other delegates will happen through the PA system. Moreover, there must be a two-way control system in the event. The audiences are also to be made aware of their roles and responsibilities. The Events Entertainment Operations manager must make sure that there are repeated announcements made by the management team regarding the maintenance of the proper decorum. It is the duty of the management team to make the audiences aware of their responsibilities. There must be announcements made to ask the audiences to keep their cell phones either switched off or on silent mode during the program. There must be a proper discipline maintained while making an entry or an exit within the event premises. They must not make any commotions while moving in and out of their places. Apart from this, they must not carry any alcohols or smoking stuff within the premises, they must not dirty the place by throwing litter here and there (Filo, Funk and O'Brien 2014).


Therefore, it can be concluded that for the properly planned establishment of an event celebration, the management team has to do their best. This is because of the fact that, only if there is a sound management of an event, there will be a sound and proper outcome of the event as well. It is the duty of the event preparation squad to look after the proper planning, management and the implementation of the program. The event preparation squad will also provide some of the important strategic methods and innovations for the success of the program. The report has made a proper planning of event operation and declares the probable steps of event scheduling. There is certain co-ordination required from the organization aspect and by fulfilling those criteria the event must be a successful one. Particularly in case of this event, the Events Entertainment Operations manager must be more active and alert during the planning and the execution of the program. This is because of the cause that is behind the program. As it is directed towards charity purpose, there must be no loopholes in the organization and execution of the program. Else it would hamper not only the reputation of the company before all the important guests and audiences but also its CSR. This would eventually lead to the failure of the charitable purpose. Hence, the event must be planned and executed in a proper and organized manner.


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