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Effects of Teenage Smoking


What are the effects of teenage smoking?



The 21st century has witnessed a new evolving generation- generation, which is in the wake of rapid advancement of daily life. The face of this generation is the youth cult. The arguments regarding the approach of the youth towards life take the form of an incessant debate. The high developing intellect and wisdom of the youth have been overbalanced by adverse practices they indulge in. Such consuetude, which inflicts anvil chorus on the mental and physical framework of the youth is no telling tale for the world.

Arguments and discussion have been propounded regarding the erosion and degradation of the life of the current teenage generation. It has been implied that the teenagers find themselves in the midst of obscuring jargons of life. The impending danger of catastrophic results looms over their heads. Growing tendency and trend of teenagers to drown themselves in the waves of addiction is a common sight. Drug use, smoking, alcoholism and crime rates have taken off to all new level and have transcended the sky (Lee et al. 2014). These toxins of life annihilate the teenagers and slowly consume them to a perishable point. The chosen topic for this essay has been the effect of smoking among teenagers


It is no astonishment for readers to realize the escalating rate of smoking among teenagers. According to the survey presented by health organization, every 3200 teenagers attempt their first cigarette below the age of 18 (Lee et al. 2014). This is an alarming rate and sets the cat among the pigeons. It depicts a detrimental growth pattern of the coming generation. It needs no rocket science for people to realize that smoking is injurious and fatal to life. Millions of people lose their life to the adversaries caused by smoking.

Smoking casts a cataclysmic and incendiary effect on the physical aspect of people. Teenagers, who are still in the developing and growing phase of life, face serious repercussions. Cancer is one of the major ailments that are linked to smoking habits. Smoking is said to trigger cancer and malignant cells in human beings. It is estimated that nine teenagers out of every ten teenagers initiate the customs of smoking, which does not cease to end. The current pattern suggests that every 1 out of 13 teenagers will die prematurely due to smoking-related complications (Viner et al. 2013). The threat is not limited to this point. It is further propounded that a death of a smoker is replaced by the beginning of two new smoking teenagers. It makes the readers think; it makes them blink their eyes twice. Where is the generation heading? Certainly on a highway to hell!

As time is rapidly passing, medical experts and scholarly articles have seized the opportunities to kibitz regarding the smoking habits of teenagers. It is not radically amiss, to see the harmful effects of such practices. The primary effect of smoking is the growing and gradual dependency and addiction to nicotine. Nicotine has been described as a parasite in life. It decomposes and decimates lives of a person slowly and steadily- little by little every day. Nicotine has been labeled as a toxin to humanity. It was traditionally used as a pesticide in agriculture to culture the crop. Imagine consuming pesticide and the repercussions it will have. Of course, the spontaneous thought is death! That's exactly what nicotine does to the human body. It has been counseled that a drop of pure nicotine is fatal to life, and social workers have solicited and displayed the after effects of nicotine in the long run, with the intention of curbing the practice of smoking. The effect of smoking is not reflective overnight. It engulfs and consumes slowly and shows it effect in the long run. The effect of nicotine on human life is not a hypothesis; it is a proven fact. It was earlier described every 3200 teenagers are arrested by smoking, and one third will die at an early age because of smoking (Viner et al. 2013). The discussion on this point does not cease here- smoking inflicts more adverse effects on passive and nonsmokers.

The effect of smoking is traced from the decline in the physical and motor reflexes of youngsters. The inference of smoking can be drawn from the drop in the graph of a physical exhibition in daily life. Athletics and sports follow a downward spiral for teenagers who smoke. Smoking causes the blood vessels to thin and drops the level of oxygen. This further reduces the energy and hemoglobin level in the body (National Center for Health Statistics, US, 2014).  As a consequence, teenagers find it difficult to undertake such practices and suffer from reduced energy and oxygen level in the body. It has been critically noted that teenagers who are non-smokers perform better in normal activities in life than teenagers who are active smokers (Lee et al. 2014).

Another effect of smoking is the decline the functioning of the lung. Survey and medical reports depict the shrinkage in the size of the lung. The lung functions have a sharp drop and abnormalities are noticed in the life of humans. The common observance is the shortage of breath among teenagers is noticed. Huffing and puffing is a common sight. The stamina levels of teenagers who smoke take a heavy toll. It causes hindrance and barriers in the physical performance of a teenager. Teenagers find themselves in the midst of lung cancer and mouth cancer adversaries. The aftermath of smoking is a pitiful sight. It is estimated that smoking less than five cigarettes reduce the growth and functioning of the lungs and make the female counterparts extremely prone to the adversaries (Gall et al. 2014).

The brain development and mental faculties are also not spared by the after effect of smoking. Increasingly, smoking and its corollary are seen to have a negative impact on the development of the brain of adolescents. The necessary oxygen level is cut short by smoking, which blocks the free flow of oxygen level to the brain. This jeopardizes the healthy development of a sound brain and reduces the level of intellect of an average teenager, who smokes. This invokes serious contemplation about the development and functioning of the human mind. It also increases chances of brain stroke among teenagers. (Gall et al. 2014).

Focusing on other effects of smoking among teenager lead to the realization that smoking can damage the cardiovascular element of human beings. The heart is the engine of the human being. Smoking can lead to degradation of the heart, which could ultimately lead to fatal consequences. Cardiac arrests and cardiovascular abnormalities are the common ailments that is noticed in smokers. Teenagers can suffer from this abnormality at a tender and growing age due to smoking habits.

There are umpteen numbers of short comings that a teenager can witness due to the habit of smoking. Females can suffer from an abnormal and excess growth of facial hair among females. Hormonal ailment like adrenal virilism can develop among females. Skin blemish is high among smokers. The blemish of the skin and dermatological complication are high among teenagers who smoke. Teenagers who smoke suffer from emotional imbalance and outbursts. They tend to develop aggressive and violent behavior due to the growing blood pressure, which is caused by smoking. This creates an unhealthy behavioral pattern among teenagers. It can be viewed that smoking causes chronic diseases among teenagers. Disorders like diabetes and chronic renal failure are caused and afflicted by smoking habits among teenagers (Gall et al. 2014).

Smoking causes disorderly functioning of the human body. One of the major disorders, which the human body of a teenager faces, is sleeping disorder. It has been estimated that teenagers who develop smoking habits having disturbances in their sleep and face shortcomings regarding healthy and peaceful sleep. Lack of sleep can increase chances of mental disorders, heart attacks and develop irritability among teenagers (Lee et al. 2014). 

The immunity system weakens due to the growing and increased habit of smoking. Teenagers who indulge in smoking tend to suffer from cold and viral infection more than non-smoking teenagers. This lead to teenagers who smoke uses more medications that non-smoking teenagers. This causes further depletion of the human body, who are active smokers. Active smokers fail to decipher and decode the crux that smoking not only pollutes their internal system but lend to a greater depletion of passive and non-smokers. The physical and mental designs of teenagers are negatively affected by smoking habits (Wills et al. 2013).


The delirium and façade of addictions make the teenagers conjure notions and draw virtual parabolas in their mind regarding the consolation they receive from addictions. On the larger picture of the canvas, it is pretty conclusive and transparent that smoking does thrill, but it certainly kills. The present generation finds themselves in a gnarled disunion regarding the overall effects of smoking. The repugnant consequences inflicted by tobacco consumption on teenagers can be viewed from the growing cancer rate among teenagers and other health disorders, which have gripped the teenagers in their growing years. Such complication and recusant effects on teenagers have led people to contemplate and evaluate the effects of smoking on teenagers, which overall tend to make the future of the coming generation weak

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