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Hologram Watches


Define a “new product”. Explain the five characteristics of a new product that may affect its rate of adoption. Using the new product, Hologram watch as an example, discuss the likely adoption of this new product in your target Roy Morgan Values Segment with reference to these five characteristics: relative advantage, compatibility, complexity, divisibility and communicability



A Hologram watch is a concept of designers that is based on the three-dimensional image formed through intrusion of the light beams from the laser and various other rational source of light. This concept of Hologram watch is similar to vain watch but it has its display of a round watch face. An individual has to just place their finger inside the hollow space. The display will be activated in few seconds by the built-in sensor.  

Five characteristics of Hologram watch: 

  1. It is a wearable computer that helps the user to experience the ground breaking and portable architecture.
  2. It is a multi-functional device that helps the users to remain connected with the web at anyplace and at anytime.
  3. The kinetically charged battery is used in the Hologram watches. The generation of power sources is done through the kinetic movements of the hands.
  4. An interactive holographic display is featured by this watch for establishing a connection between the user and the gadget (Kim, and Shin, 2015, p-535).
  5. The smallest size of the watch is its biggest strength but it can function completely like the laptop. The major dimensions of the watch include 140 mm in length, 20mm width, 10 mm maximum thickness and 2.5mm minimum thickness. 

Roy Morgan’s value segment: 

  1. Relative advantage: The hologram watch will have the capability of recording all the object related information on its own and the storage capacity of the watch is quite large. The technology of holographic storage in watches can be used for documenting the libraries and schools for saving.
  2. Compatibility: The data storage system of the hologram watch’s architecture has compatibility with Blu-ray Disc system. The consumers can have instant accessibility on their data that is revolutionized the day to day lives of the individuals and raised the levels of concern of customer service (Funk, Sahami, Henze, and Schmidt, 2014, p-2307).
  3. Complexity: The holograms watches are quite expensive and still do not fulfill all the expectations of the customers from a device that costs hundreds of dollars. The life of battery of watches is also affected by use of Holograms features in watches as there are data exchanges on regular basis.
  4. Divisibility: Hologram watches have the built-in flash drives, cloud data, built-in activity trackers and gestural and voice control. These watches allow its users to text and tweet from the wrist even while being on treadmill at gym (Rawassizadeh, Price, and Petre, 2015, p-45).
  5. Communicability: Innovations are encouraged by the developing companies of hologram watches. The customers are provided with smart apps from the app market that could prove to be apps that are larger than life. 


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Rawassizadeh, R., Price, B.A. and Petre, M., 2015. Wearables: Has the age of smartwatches finally arrived?. Communications of the ACM, 58(1), pp.45-47.

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