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Impacts of Virtual Reality on Waste Management


Discuss about the Impacts of Virtual Reality on Waste Management.



Virtual technology is  a branch of industrial technology that uses waste materials to make new products. Literally virtually reality also means making things in our computers that do not really exist(Cohen,2014). Currently in the world the extent of metropolitan has greatly increased from time as a result there is rapid growth in megacities.  This has created many challenges to the environment. This challenges include air pollution, unnecessary disposal of waste products   and land pollution. All this are hazardous to the environment and their effect increase from time to time. Virtual reality a new arising technology has come with new ways of managing the disposed wastes .The following are some of the impacts of the technology to waste management.

The new virtual technology has been adopted by some architects, which is mostly used in planning it facilitates waste recycling and treatment. This can be observed in Newyork where a company developed a prospect software with plugins enabling the architects to convert their files into 3D virtual. This is seen through the virtual headset for music. All this resources are the products of the waste materials which are brought back to life through recycling.

More so through virtual reality encourage a great population to participate in the community activities ,making the community to have the know-how on how to manage different resources through making right decisions (Nonak,2008). It leads to a creative and informed outcome of the population which will the need and how to conserver the environment through recycling and reuse of waste products.

The outline and examination of psychological conduct of individuals in urban/open spaces regularly require an awesome commitment from various controls, for example, engineers, therapists, IT masters, and information experts(Johnson,2016). Native intellectual is the investigation of individuals’ interaction with the environment. This science plans to blend the information and data on urban outline systems and brain science to examine and recognize the human conduct and understand the urban issues through man. These days, investigations of human conduct utilizing enormous information are winding up additional on-request, especially regarding the idea of brilliant, manageable city plan(Mowshowitz,2008). One of the information sources used to research the worldly spatial example of human exercises out in the open spaces is cell phone information. In light of the information got from SMS records, it was discovered that human conduct takes after a power law appropriation with a power example between. The records also showed that many human beings do not know how to manage waste generated most of them just dispose it without knowing what it can be recycled to. Virtual reality resolve the

Through virtual reality technology there are many firms that have been developed to deal with recycling of poisonous waste such that they are not realized into the environment (Cohen,2014). A Canadian company deals with converting the traditional paper work instructions into Smart instructions such the users are immersed into animated intuitive, 3D computer generated imagery that overlays on the real world. The software allows people to create there on instructions hence very easy to

Regulation and Ethics

Virtual technology strives to improve the environment from now and then through waste management and providing knowledge to people on how they will handle waste materials they produced .There are factors that hinder there terms of service to the environment. Many people are resistance to the knowledge given to them by the technology .People dispose waste materials carelessly instead of disposing materials at one point for easy collection. This gives the recycling company extra work of collecting the waste materials to be recycled and even if they collect some materials goes uncollected hence they will never be recycled. More manufacturing companies’ persistence in producing new goods with the use of raw materials instead of recycling the used materials. This leads into existence of more waste materials into the environment  that cannot be  recycled at a first rate  than those being produced by the users.

Usage of traditional way to get rid of the waste materials .A large population burn waste materials as a way of getting rid of the materials. When some materials are burn they produce toxic gas to the environment which causes more harm than good. Luck of knowledge   to repair malfunctioning electronic components make   users unable to repair them and reuse them hence disposing them to the environment.

The notion of waste management has increased impressive footing lately as a dream for animating and supporting advancement and financial development and for giving maintainable and productive urban/rural administration and improvement. Critical parts of the world’s idea are information representation and determining. VR empowers specialists to play out a continuous examination of various situations and helps governments, partners, and groups to know about the natural and social effects of their choices. VR applies enormous effects on the fate of urban outline, especially savvy city plan and waste management. The utilization of Internet-based VR upgrades open investment in arranging and outline(Gummesson,,2011). It likewise gives a stage to originators to add to a venture paying little mind to their area. This paper talks about the conceivable advantages of VR for effectively picturing shrewd city plan and reenactments. Essential point incorporates the capacity to be completely drenched into speaks to true conditions utilizing of waste materials. It is proposed with this technology in future we shall have a clear and clean environment where everybody will be managing wastes as fast as producing them through recycling and reusing(Klopfer,2008).The following shows some of the processes of the VR technology evaluation that helps in the management of resources.

Industry technology simply means use of   engineering and manufacturing technologies to make production of products simpler and easier. Virtual technology a branch of industry technology uses waste materials to make new products. Virtually reality also means making things in our computers that do not really exist. Currently in the world the extent of metropolitan has greatly increased from time as a result there is rapid growth in megacities.  This has created many challenges to the environment. Virtual reality a new arising technology has come with new ways of managing the disposed wastes .Some of the impacts of the technology are as follows.

Virtual reality has an emerging technology helps information technology manage their e-waste. By giving them the knowledge on green computing that deals with eco-friendly using of computer resources so that they cannot cause harm to the environment. Virtual reality also unlocks the much vaunted circular economy that is not extremely obvious. This is by helping everybody realize the importance of each and every product before is turned into wastes

More so through virtual reality technology there are many firms that have been developed to deal with recycling of poisonous waste such that they are not realized into the environment

Many industries through virtual reality have designed smart helmet that uses an optical transparent straightforward show and different cameras, warm imaging and an inertial estimation unit (IMU) that computes the head protector's relative position and enables the gadget to incorporate with the world around the user. Virtual reality teaches has that instead of disposing some materials like broken TVS we should repair them and reuse them.

Some technologies like those dealing with health discourage recycling of products with the claim that it is a health harzard.Other industries also continue manufacturing new products without seeing the need of recycling the used products this is a hinder to virtual technology.


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Nonaka, I., Umemoto, K., & Senoo, D. (2008). From information processing to knowledge creation: a paradigm shift in business management. Technology in society, 18(2), 203-218 is a name in assignment writing services that students trust. We offer our assignment writing services for a wide variety of assignment including essays, dissertations, case studies and more. Students can place their order with us anytime as we function 24x7, and get their copies at unbeatable prices. We guarantee that all of our solutions are plagiarism-free.

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