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Write an essay on Marketing.


Marketing is such a process of management of a business organization through which the goods and the services of a particular organization as well move from the knowledge to the customers (Armstrong et al., 2014). It is a widely utilized term for describing the communication between a consumer audience as well as an organization that focuses on the enhancement of the value of the organization or the organization’s merchandise and its products in the public mind (Ayub et al., 2013). This particular study is mainly conducted based on the marketing of a new product launch. Therefore, the new product is the G-RO Carry-on Luggage which is going to be launched by “Travel Light LTD”. In order to accomplish the objective of this study, three marketing objectives of the product have been discussed as well as analyzed in this study. On the other hand, the segmentation, Targeting as well as Positioning of the product have also been analyzed in this study. In addition, the marketing strategy of the launch of G-RO Carry-on Luggage has been justified with respect to the 4Ps of marketing mix that is product, promotion, place and price of the product. At the end of this study, an action program has been proposed for the first six months of the launch of G-RO Carry-on Luggage for achieving the stated marketing objectives. 

Marketing Objectives

“G-RO carry-on luggage” is a innovative as well as a luggage system, which is going to be launched by Travel Light LTD. Thus product is going to be launched to provide an excellent customer service of an advanced luggage system (Barrett & Weinstein, 2015). This organization is going to launch this particular product with three major objectives. These objectives are as follows:

To provide the customer an excellent luggage system with the help of which the customers can easily travel. People who love to travel would face several advantages in terms of carrying the luggage. This particular luggage system would also provide extra advantages of carrying electronic components like laptop, chargers, ipod and many other electronic accessories. 

To increase the flexibility of the usability of the luggage system as well as to enhance the customer satisfaction over the usability of the luggage system where several luggage bags have many disputes in their services. Most importantly, this product is mainly aimed to provide a safe and an enjoyable journey experience to the customers of this luggage system who love to travel a lot. 

  To capture a huge competitive advantage by dominating the market by launching such innovative as well as well-designed and flexible luggage system. 


Geographic Segmentation – the Geographic Segmentation of this product, G-RO carry on Luggage can be the people who live in suburban areas as well as the metropolitan cities in the US (Chen, Kim & Yamaguchi, 2014). 

Psychographic Segmentation – this luggage system can ensure the environmental sustainability. On the other hand, this particular product is mainly focused on the people who like travelling a lot and those people who have to travel different cities or different countries due to the job purpose (Glass, Kruse & Miller, 2015). 

Demographic Segmentation – this product is mainly focused to the people within the age group of 25 – 50 years. This is because; the people within this age group generally travel a lot due to their jobs or the travelling passion (Gordon, 2012). On the other hand, the people who belong to the upper middle class family as well as who have high end jobs come under the demographic segmentation of this particular product (Xingang, Jiaoli & Bei, 2013). 


The target market of a particular product is such a customer group that a particular business has decided for focusing on its efforts of marketing and its merchandise. The target market of this product is actually the establishment market. The actual target of G-RO Carry-on Luggage incorporated the upper class business executives and the others who love to travel and have to go for the official tours (G-RO: Revolutionary Carry-on Luggage, 2016). For this particular luggage system which is going to be launched by Travel Light LTD, both the male as well as the female customers are the targets of this product. However, this product is little expensive as G-RO Carry-on Luggage system is going to be launched with multiple innovative product features those make product completely different from the conventional luggage systems (van Wijngaarden, Scholten & van Wijk, 2012). Thus, due to this reason, the customers with high or moderate income level can only afford this particular product due to its relatively high cost in comparison to the other conventional luggage systems. 


The distinctive positioning can be the best for Travel Light LTD as the presence as well as the features of this luggage system; G-RO Carry-on Luggage is not very common (G-RO: Revolutionary Carry-on Luggage, 2016). The message in the mind of the customers must be that G-RO Carry-on Luggage is that luggage system that can be the best for the travellers due to its flexibility. Travellers are facing several problems as well as issues due to the poor quality of the luggage system. Therefore, they are getting disturbed and want a change in the quality of the luggage system (Hollensen, 2015). However, G-RO Carry-on Luggage has aimed to provide all of the facilities those the travellers are looking for in a luggage system. This product is basically aiming to provide a significant change in the features of the luggage system (G-RO: Revolutionary Carry-on Luggage, 2016). 

Marketing Strategy 

The marketing strategy of an organization has the basic objectives to achieving a sustainable competitive advantage as well as increasing sales. Hence, in this particular scenario, G-RO Carry-on Luggage should also utilize few authentic marketing strategies in order to accomplish the objectives (G-RO: Revolutionary Carry-on Luggage, 2016). Therefore, Travel Light LTD should utilize the marketing mix tool for designing these marketing strategies. 

Product – the marketer of Travel Light LTD must consider the product mix (G-RO: Revolutionary Carry-on Luggage, 2016). They can make an expansion of the current product mix by enhancing the depth of G-RO Carry-on Luggage (Kajanus et al., 2012). According to the basic product feature, G-RO Carry-on Luggage is a very innovative, modern as well as an authentic luggage which is completely different for the other conventional luggage systems those are used by the travellers for several years. This particular luggage system is going to be launched by Travel Light LTD has the potential for providing a huge number of benefits or advantages in order to carry the luggage while travelling (Uhrenfeldt et al., 2014). This particular luggage system, G-RO Carry-on Luggage also provides the facilities to carry the electronic components. On the other hand, this luggage system would also give huge space to carry more things in the luggage bags. 

Price – The pricing is one of the most significant as well as the most crucial strategy for the marketing of a particular product. Hence, as the price of the new luggage system is concerned, this product’s price is little expensive as compared to the other conventional luggage systems (Madiba, 2012). This is because; this product has been designed as well as implemented with the help of advanced and high-end technology. 

Place – G-RO carry-on luggage system would be distributed in those areas or the places where people can easily afford to buy these bags. However, this particular luggage system has vast requirement in all over the world as per the context of the product requirement (Ogunnaike et al., 2014). Nevertheless, the organization would be selective in terms of place of selling G-RO carry-on luggage system due to the comparatively high price of this particular luggage system. 

Promotion – the promotional strategy within the marketing mix tool of marketing strategy adapted by Travel Light LTD in order to launch the G-RO carry-on luggage system covers all of the techniques of the communication of marketing (Phan & Vu, 2015). Travel Light LTD utilizes several promotional activities such as direct selling, Sales Promotion, Public Relations, Advertising as well as Personal Selling. On the other hand, the promotion of G-RO carry-on luggage system can also be done through several online campaigns. The social media websites or the social media marketing has also been proved very helpful for the promotion of G-RO carry-on luggage system (Sevkli et al., 2013). 

Action Plan

Objectives Tasks Time Frame

Implementation  and the modification of the new Luggage System design for the implementation of the “G-RO Carry-on Luggage System” by Travel Light LTD 


G-RO Carry-on Luggage is completely a new product that is going to be launched by Travel Light LTD which is a US based company. While launching a new product, the business organizations always have to plan for the design of innovative as well as the authentic features in their new products. Thus, Travel Light LTD has made a huge innovation on their brand new product G-RO Carry-on Luggage. This organization has made huge improvisation over the features of the conventional luggage systems. From few years, the conventional luggage systems are proving their faults and the travellers are facing several problems while utilizing these luggage systems. Therefore, the authentic features of this particular product would help the travellers to get relieve from these problems. Hence, the marketing strategy as well as the marketing objectives demonstrated in this entire study can be effective for the organization to promote G-RO Carry-on Luggage system. Most importantly, all of the aspects of the marketing plan regarding the promotion of this product would become significant in terms of reaching the target audience or the target customers for this particular product. Thus, it must be said after the implementation of the entire study on the marketing plan of the product that the proper promotion of G-RO Carry-on Luggage System would increase the awareness of this product along with its product features.  

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