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Mental Health Nursing Model Outlines


Discuss about the Term for Mental Health Nursing.


Mental health generally refers to a condition in which an individual is well emotionally, psychologically and socially. Mental health usually shapes how one think, act and feel about issues and people around him or her and make choices. Mental illness could result from metabolic errors (genetic disorders) or experiences in life such as sexual defilement at a tender age. I also used to view mentally ill people as being unreasonable, wild and violent and that no one ought to go closer to any mentally ill person. Before undertaking this course I used to view mentally ill individuals as demon-possessed, poor or uneducated. This view was mainly informed by the living conditions and stories I had from childhood about mentally ill people. I used to be told stories that most mentally people were coming from African countries. I used to imagine that these nations were poor and ignorant. The mentally unhealthy were therefore poor and lacked formal education. Many of the sick people I saw were mostly naked or in rugs. Most of the mentally healthy had no sense of hygiene and fed from garbages. However, after undertaking this course I learnt that mental illness does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, gender, or socioeconomic status of an individual. I now perceive mental illness a universal problem that doesn’t discriminate. Further, this course has taught me that mentally ill people need close attention to be able to establish the basis of their illness and how best to use the information from what they utter to treat and handle them and reintroduce them into the society.

Part 1b

The model outlines how to handle a mentally ill person. It involves setting a quiet, private and conducive scene for questioning the patient. It explains historical issues about patientsthat I mustunravel. In view of the previous discussion, this model may pose challenges. Myview was that mentally sick very violentand unreasonable. Here, patients are interviewed in private rooms with minimal disturbance. The fear of the patient overreacting to the questions and violently attacking me is real and may compromise this model. I would want to have security personnel near me as I conduct interviews. The results of the interview may lack integrity since patients will be shy. Unearthing ofmedically ill’s medical, family and employment records are mandatory. I viewed the mentally sick as poor and unlearned. This view is likely to jeopardize line of questioning hence leading to doubts of the patient’s responses. I may fail to take the patient seriously on her explanations of past medication, diagnosis and allergies. My fear of reminding the patient of his or her family tree and lineage may be counterproductive. In our culture, mental illness is viewed as a curse from ones family lineage, demon-possession. I was told from childhood that they were outcasts. My culture may hinder a close association with them. I viewed touching or associating with them as transferring demons or spirits. Generally, the views above may negatively affect creation of proper atmosphere for interviewing the patient and the line of questioning.

Part 2a

Mental health nursing has some challenges. For example, handling of a violent patient, the patient may embarrass a nurse by insulting him or her. Mentally ill patients may be very moody and quite hence I may not know how they are responding to medication. Sometimes they may also be very repulsive and therefore hard to administer medication to them in a timely manner. I have real fears that I may be harmed in the process of delivering care. A mentally ill has high chances of committing suicide or severely injuring his or her or body. Thus, I am likely to suffer from trauma, insomnia and related problems. My resolve to study the program is strong and will help me fight the fears and challenges. I will engage in sports which will relieve stress levels. I am also self-motivated hence the insults that may come from a mentally ill patient may not dampen my spirit. I’m a God fearing and prayerful person hence the challenges will not discourage much. I also have friends who have handled such patients and they will motivate and counsel me during stressful moments. It is also fair to mention that I fear the bodily harm that a violent mentally ill patient may cause. The nursing profession is also quite engaging and may not leave one with ample time to refresh, meditate and engage friends and colleagues from other health facilities who have had similar challenges.

Part 2b

This unit provides good lessons on how to manage patients in different nursing practice settings. There are two settings where this knowledge may be readily applicable. These include handling of a terminally ill patient such as cancer or HIV/AIDS patients and drug addicts under rehabilitation. This is because in most cases such patients may exhibit similar symptoms like the mentally ill patients e.g. violence, mood changes, repulsive or hopelessness. I will listen to patient’s background carefully, attentively and dig deeper to treat them. I will learn how to administer medication to moody or repulsive mental patients. I now know that as nurse I am in the frontline and that the nature of the work may likely make me encounter aggression so I have to be prepared for it. Nurses provide more intimate care to patients so I’ll be equal to the task. This is a profession that requires self-motivation, good interpersonal skills and perseverance. This course has there provided me with necessary skills to handle mentally ill patients in particular and other patients in general. This course has also made me to realise that mental illness is not only for a section of the society but rather a global phenomenon that does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, gender, or socioeconomic status of an individual. These patients therefore need medical attention just like any other person and no health professional should discriminate them at all cost.

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