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Old Remedies Work Best for Natural Products


Discuss about the Old Remedies Work Best for Natural Products.



The trend of preparing the medicine by using the natural products has been following since quite a long time. The manufacturing of the therapeutic products by Galenicals helps in delivering the varieties of structural temples to develop the drug discoveries. Butler, Fontaine & Cooper (2013) stated that the necessary natural products for producing the medicines are not considered as the active ingredients.  However, it is noted that most of the drugs have been originated from the naturalistic products. Some of the innovative ideas are applied to manufacturing these therapeutic products, but the old remedies are still more suitable. It is important to analyse the current development to understand the relevancy of using the natural products in manufacturing the therapeutical drugs. The study will thus be presenting the justification of the statement “old remedies work best”.  The assimilation of the extensive research will be incorporated in this study to provide the accurate information. The benefits of using Galenicals to produce the medicines will be analysed by providing more elaborations.


In prior to describe the benefits of using Galenicals, it is required to understand the basic concept in the initial stage. Galenicals are determining the ordinary products that are used to produce the drugs or therapeutic products. Fonknechten et al. (2014) mentioned that this process of producing medicines through the natural products requires following several methods. The Galenical includes extracts, tinctures, decoctions, oxymels, and vinegars. It is noted that the natural substances have been used for producing the medicines in the biological field since quite a long time. The process of manufacturing such therapeutic products is evolved with a long selection process. The optimal interactions transform into biological macromolecules and influence the biological system to identify the target disease (Valazza, Wagner & Vippagunta, 2013). However, the study has been presenting the manufacture, satiability, and therapeutic roles of three Galenicals. The argumentative discussion will be based on the justification of the statement “old remedies work best”. The study will follow the method of preparing several therapeutic products with the help of the natural products. The different manufacturing procedures will be discussed sequentially.

The method of extracts includes the assimilation of several processes. The first step is expression, which draws out the liquid from the medicinal plants. In the next step, the comminuted substances are soaked in menstruum and this process is signified as Maceration. The slow passage of chemical solvent through the substance column is known as percolation. It is important to note that it is quite difficult to standardise or handle the soft extracts. If the soft extracts are stored, it will turn into a hard substance. Saad et al. (2014) argued that using old remedies to produce the medicines have been considered as the most proactive source of extracting active compounds. Moreover, the chemicals used in this process are helpful enough in discovering and developing the new medicines. In the ancient times, the plants and the plants extracts were used to foster healing process. In the 18th century, the natural remedies were used to produce cardiotonic digitalis and it was extracted from foxglove. This medicine helps in treating the manifestations of heart disease. Another example of the natural product can be mentioned in such context. In the ancient time, fever was treated by using the bark of the cinchona and willow trees.

Morphine, which creates the sedative and analgesic effects of opium, was first extracted from seed pots of the poppy plants in the year of 1804 (Ahmar et al. 2014). Apart from these therapeutic drugs, some other bioactive natural products were utilized to treat several dangerous diseases. In the year of 1829, the scientist found the compound salicine in willow trees. This natural ingredient was served as the pain killer and later, the salicylic acid was extracted from this solution. However, it was observed that the salicylic acid was harmful for the stomach. Therefore, in        19th century, the acetylsalicylic acid was separated. Scientists started using this less harmful medicine instead of the common standards of salicylic products. Another major inventory in the 20th century was Penicillin. After the Second World War, the pharmaceutical research started prolonging into transmitting the new microorganisms (Flieger, Grushka & Czajkowska-Zelazko, 2014). The microorganisms were utilized to form new antibiotics to treat the people. The chemical reaction between the fungal strains and the additional agents like tetracyclines, rifamycins, cephalosporins, lipopeptides, aminoglycosides, and chloramphenicol formulate the expansion of antibacterial arsenal.

It is stated that the identification of chemical entities is essential in order to discover the potential medicinal value of the drugs. It can be extracted through isolation from natural sources. The chemical synthesis or the combination of both is thus necessary. The formulation of Tincture is substantiating the utilization of the herb and other parts of the plants. The first step of producing Tincture is Comminution, which is considered as the reduction of the herbal materials in a most favourable way (Zhukovich, Bobrenko & Semenova, 2014). The second step is the Maceration process, which submerges these herbal materials in a solvent liquid. The room temperature is applied to determine such process. The next step reflects the menstruum and Marc, which is a combined and combined matter. The tincture is then separated by pressing and filtering the herbal materials. The remained marc is always discarded.

The extraction of Vinegars is also performed through the natural ingredients. The preservation and dispensation of the herbs are the major ways to extract this Galenical ingredient. Rasmussen (2014) pointed out that the extraction of vinegar is somewhat weaker than the alcohol based tinctures. Therefore, it is quite clear that the quantity of the ingredients should be higher in producing this Galwenicals. It is seen that vinegar does not draw out a number of beneficial components of a herb. Comparatively, alcohol excels at drawing vitamins and minerals from a plant. Oxymel is a medicinal drink that is considerably a mixture of honey and vinegar. It is measured as a part of many of the traditional medicines. The natural remedies are usually used to prepare Oxymel. Firstly, one part of water, one part of vinegar, and two parts of honey are mixed together. This mixture is then needed to be shimmered until the third volume remains.  While boiling the Oxumel, any of the sums or froths is needed to be skimmed off. Oxymel has the remarkable value in the medicinal fields. A spoonful of oxymel is mixed to the water and it becomes the refreshing medicinal drink that helps in curing restorative disorders or intermittent fever. Rubin & Linde (2014) referred that oxymel is much helpful in expectorating the excessive phlegm from the respiratory tract. It is used for clearing the airways and making the breathing easier.

The above discussion has been presenting the beneficial sides of using old remedies to produce medicines. However, in spite of generating many of the medicinal values, old remedies are sometimes may not be effective. The argument is based on the safety parameter of using the natural remedies, which have been used for quite a long time. Herndon et al. (2013) suggested that some of the vitamin supplements or herbals usually fail to meet the safety standards. The US Food and Drug Administrative department has set this safety standards and it mentioned that some of the herbal supplements are foods, which does not require any clinical trials. Therefore, the manufacturers do not perform any clinical trials. They do not even follow the labelling laws, which are required for prescribing the medicines. Hence, the experts usually recommend the patients to consult with a doctor. However, in spite of all these argumentative considerations, it can be inferred that the natural remedies are useful enough in manufacturing the therapeutical products.

It is necessary to mention that the extensive process of extracting the therapeutic products has created the favourable interaction with the biological macromolecules. Keeping the focus on history, it has been seen that the natural substances have been taken into account as the most proactive compounds. Almost the half of the arsenal of the marketed drugs is extracted from the biological sources in this current world. However, in this present scenario, it is seen that only a small fraction of the bioactive structures are extracted from plants, marine organisms, and microbes. This solution is chemically examined in the bioassays. According to Tillhon et al. (2012), there is the extensive awareness of the structural diversity, which is very limited. This diversity is mainly found in the collection of the existing compounds. The high biological potency, the extreme chemical diversity, and the frequent discovery of drugs are categorised in natural products. However, the argument is also discussing about the versatility. The old remedies may used for manufacturing the drugs or other therapeutic products, it somewhat failed to present the versatile features (Rena, Pearson & Sakamoto, 2013). In this current world, the medicinal technologies have become so much popular that it works in curing the diseases instantly. Therefore, people are attracted towards the instant medicinal values. However, the current trends of manufacturing medicinal products may even create the side effects on human body whereas the natural remedies are still safe. In fact, it is found that many of the pharmaceutical companies have eliminated the programs of natural products to produce the medicines. However, by obtaining the idea of the above discussion, it can be justified that “old remedies work best”.


The study has been considering the justification of the statement “old remedies work best”. The above discussion has been reflecting the home made medicinal products that have been used since decades. It is to be noted that the old remedies are generally substantiating the natural products, which are often used to produce therapeutic products and have the significant impacts on curing serious diseases. The study analyses the manufacturing process of three Ganelical, such as vinegar, oxymel, and tincture. The extraction of the herbal value from the plants is the usually way of producing such medicines. In the history of the pharmaceutical science, the extraction process of medicinal values from the herbal plants is considered as the most relevant way of utilizing the natural products. The antibiotics are the anti-bacterial compounds that cure some of the serious diseases.  However, there are still several arguments based on the utilization process of the old remedies. In considering the entire argumentative statements, experts usually advice the patients to consult the doctor first before using any home remedies. However, in justifying the security parameter, it still can be inferred that the old remedies work best.


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