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Professional IT Culture: Fragmentary and Holistic Perspectives


Discuss about the Professional IT Culture for Fragmentary and Holistic Perspectives.



In last few years the IT culture throughout the world has grown vastly. Nowadays without the help of IT culture one could set up a good business organization. Due to high growth of IT sector the workplace of each IT sector is managed by the manager who reduces the difficulty of the work in that particular workplace.  The IT sector runs on their different forms of ethics. In the real workplace of the IT sector there should be proper honesty, responsibility, punctuality, process of working , co-ordination among the employee ,confidence etc.  To build up a good air traffic control system is not so easy. It needs a high level of dedication as well as high grade employees to make this type of software (Battelle, 2005). To build a air traffic control system huge investment is needed.  Due to high growth and high maintenance for the IT workplace the demand for high level technical skilled employees have increased. For maintaining these high grade employees they have to pay huge amount of salaries. So we can clearly say that for making the air traffic control system huge amount of investment is needed because of the well trained employees who will be appointed for the development of the project.  Air traffic control system is developed to maintain the flight and the airport delays. The main purpose of the air traffic control system is to maintain the air transportation safe.  There will be fewer flight delays due to this system as it well help to keep the air traffic clean. This system uses GPS (Global Positioning System) which runs with the help of satellite (Druckrey, 1996). According to this system in 2018 there will be35% less flight delays and this will increase the revenue of the government as well for the owner of the airplane agencies.


In every business there will be a competitor, they will try to provide product less than their competitors that does not mean they will provide low quality product which have many disputes. The Federal Aviation Agency should bid more for the project as because for developing a good air traffic system a good amount of investment is needed. A normal IT employee cannot create a good air traffic system for this the company have hire high skilled IT workers  and for hiring this type of workers the company have to spend huge amount of money on them (Ess & Sudweeks, 2001). A question will always arise why the company will spend a large amount of money only as salaries for the employees; they provide huge salaries to employees so that the level of energy for completing the work will increase. Wayne went to his boss Deborah who is the project manager of the new software for developing air traffic control system but the main problem is that taken place is the deadline so the boss told to Wayne that they cannot miss the deadline as because the company is new and the government will make many questions regarding the their work that’s why they were afraid but Wayne told that if they will fix the problem within a month but Deborah does not want to take risk regarding their coworkers who might lose their jobs.  So a issue has been created regarding this problem which have taken place in the project 3days earlier before the deadline of the project (Friedel & Tufte, 1992). Firstly air traffic control system is ground based controlling system it helps the airplane to land in the airport, it also provides services to the airplane at the time of non-controlled airspace. So for making this type of system for the first time it will be not easy for a company to make accurate system without any hindrance and on the other hand the company is underfunded. The air traffic controller system is responsible for efficient movement of the airplanes (Joe Erickson, 2008). The main goals of the air traffic control system is that it will provide proper separation assurance, navigation aids, weather and flight information, traffic management processing but the company is failed to provide navigation aids, this happened because the company could not hire more employees due to underfund but the employees had done a heroic work they have finished the project within the time by doing eighteen hours of work daily to finish the work within the deadline.  But according to the ethics of ACS the Deborah have not provided the work because they have signed the project due to the pressure of FAA as well as for the name of the company (Gallivan & Srite, 2005). They have compromised their professional carrier for providing the defective system to FAA because they were afraid that might lose their jobs.   The ACS have some ethics the employees should maintain the ethics for good conduct of work. The code of ethics of ACS is that the employees should serve the interest of the clients, the employees should be honest towards their customers and the employees should be well skilled and have full knowledge on the product on which he should deliver the information to the customers (Schön, Sanyal, & Mitchell, 1999). There should be full utilization of resources and there should be good relation among the workers of the company or sector.  There are many priorities of ACS that states that there should be continuity in providing services to the customer. The secret of the company should be preserved. The ACS has some social suggestions which states that it will protect and promote safety for those who are affected by their work.

  • The above bid should be accepted by the client as because when we make something there will be some disputes present it that. And the main thing is that the hard work of the worker they have worked eighteen hours a day daily which is not a matter of joke and they have promised to the Federal Aviation Agency that they will fix the problem within a month and keeping the ethics of ACS the company has provided there work according to given period of time.
  • The main potential consequences point is that they have provide the work in the given period of time and they also sacrificed the problem in front of the federal aviation but Deborah has declared that they cannot keep their worker’s job in danger so they declared the navigation problem which is taking place is to be fixed within the given period of time.
  • Wayne already declared that there is problem in the code so he refuses to release any code which is not fully checked and that might also create many bugs in different part of the system and there is also an important point to be noted that the company’s project manager could easily tell a lie about the defect of the project but instead of doing this he told to the federal aviation that there some disputes has taken place which can be fixed within a month.
  • Before the project is delivered to the company the manager should be fully alert about the project. The manager should see that any disputes has taken place or not if taken how should be it can be fulfilled so that it can be delivered within 3days.  Some manager are fully focused they should work for achieving milestone. Technologies are improving day by day so the project manager should be alert (Nevitt & Woodward, 1982). The manager should communicate with every worker and they should have a clear picture in their mind, so that at the time of delivery everyone should have the full knowledge about the project.  The manager should have the full knowledge about the time because the projects are surrounded by time, budget and resources. The manager should have some ideas about the time management because in 3days the manager should be ready with the project, so as to save time money and resources.  And at the last the product should be well checked so that no dispute occurs at the time of delivery. Before the time of delivery there is also an important role for the engineers because before the time of delivery the engineers should see whether the product is well constructed as because the engineer is responsible for the construction of the projects. If any hindrance occurs the engineer will responsible for that so the main responsibility comes under the engineers. Another important part of engineer is maintaining the production of the project (McLaughlin, 2002). The engineer should see the operating ways of the products are working properly or not because they don’t have much time on their hand to fixed the trouble at that one time.
  • If the aggressive bid is being accepted there will be some disadvantages like the navigation bar sometimes disappear and if there are airplane in the radar it sometimes loses connection and the system cannot trace any aircraft and due to this problem collision between two aircraft may occurs which is very dangerous, the company had sacrificed its mistake but the federation cannot do anything as because of their workers may lose their jobs so they have decided to fix the problem within a month.


Due to the development of internet the IT sectors have reached a turning point. From the above point of view we can conclude that by the help of Information technology air traffic control system is created.  Due to growth of IT sector in the society many changes had taken place. The expansion of IT sector gave rise to many employments. And the demand for high tech workers had increased day by day as because for the development of air traffic control system high grade workers are needed without it cannot be possible. So as a whole we can conclude that nowadays demand for high tech workers in IT sectors are also increasing. The development of new IT sectors is introduced to fulfill the promises which were given by the IT professionals. They are developing the IT sectors day by day so that they can make new system which can be helpful for the society.  At last from the above observation we can say that Federal aviation should accept the aggressive bid because many workers had work hard in that project and if they will provide some time to them they have promised that they can remove the disputes within a month.


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