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Q1Q3 English Language

Published : 20-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


A. A mixed nationality class of sixteen pre-intermediate 13 and 14-year-olds on a short holiday course in an English speaking country. 
B. A mixed nationality group of twelve new adult immigrants with very little English living in an English speaking country. 
C. A class of seven intermediate adult male professionals in Saudi Arabia who need English for business purposes. 
D. An upper-intermediate class of 20 teenagers (male and female) in Spain.
1. Write an essay in which you;
i) say which group you have selected and why this material is suitable for them.
ii) identify vocabulary that you would need to teach and say how you would teach it.
iii) briefly outline how you would use the text in a reading or listening lesson, using the standard formula of warmer/pre-teach and a comprehension task
2. Design and submit three pieces of teaching material you would use as follow-up language or skills practice activities after the students have done comprehension activities.
3. Each activity could be used as the final stage of a comprehension lesson i.e. after the comprehension task OR in a subsequent lesson.
4. Each piece of material should be related to the original text in terms of topic or language.
5. Each one should focus on a different skill or aspect of language (they should not, for example, all be pronunciation activities).
6. All the materials should be clearly linked to the text in some way.
7. Provide all the materials that you would hand out to or show to students.
8. Include the aim of each activity and instructions that another teacher could follow.
9. Any material that is not your own, or that you have based your ideas on, must be properly referenced:
11. If you choose Class A or B, and it is relevant to your ideas, please specify which English speaking country they are in.
12. For class D, say what age range the teenagers are.
13. Ensure you reference the original texts correctly.


The changing world and the trends that are emerging may result to a number of changes that an individual needs to inculcate. The professional world is a vast platform, diversity affecting the whereabouts of the processes. In order to cope up with the challenges and undertake effective methods of communication, which is the basis of every business professionals’ success, a best-suited language is a necessity in order to make the communication effective and helps in maintaining the clarity.

The essay concentrates on the curriculum for teaching English as a second language to seven intermediate business professionals from Saudi Arabia. In the modern world, with all its progress in science and technology, businesses have expanded their limits and defied the national borders, engaging themselves in the international markets. English is a globally accepted language, which is absorbed by the majority. Therefore, in order to make a gradual progression in the business that is being undertaken by the entrepreneurs, it has become a requirement for them to have a good knowledge of the globally accepted language, English.

The aim of this discussion is to understand and formulate the ways in which English can be imparted to the selected group of students in order to make them efficient with the language. The curriculum, supposedly, will help them in the better understanding of the language and help them in their dealing with the client internationally.  The short course will explain the needs of the language. It will be a helping hand for the selected group in making considerable advancements in their business.

The curriculum is an important device that helps the instructor in maintaining the flow of the process of teaching. It is a plan that the instructor formulates through which the chapters and the lessons can be taught at ease. In order to undertake the teaching session for the selected group of students a plan can be formulated in order to make the learning more comprehensive and effective at the same time.

Building up the vocabulary of the selected group of students is an important step in the learning process, as an increased vocabulary helps in retaining the knowledge of words and thus helps in keeping the conversations simple and brief and to the point. The training in the vocabulary is helpful for the selected pupils in order to meet their business requirements, which is based on their interactions with their international clients. Vocabulary can be imparted to the students in a series of practical steps that the instructor might take in order to make the understanding of the students easy and simple.

The steps that can be enumerated in increasing the vocabulary of the students, keeping in mind of their profession and background are being discussed in this paragraph of the discussion. In order to make the students aware of the terms and the words (especially business terms), the teacher can take steps as to provide the students with a vocational training through which the students will be able to get a grab of the words that they are required to learn during the short spanned teaching session. The teacher might also indulge the student into different kinds of dummy conversations that stresses more on the usage of the words in order to leave a trail of the words in the minds of the learners. Using conversations like “the stock price of the leather goods have fallen by a certain percent!” or questions like “how would you adhere to your daily habits in times of a recession?” stresses more on business related terms through which the learners would be able to grab hold of the words used in the context. Moreover, the used words are repeatedly used, helping them to register the words in their minds and their usage subsequently.  

Describing the meaning of the newly learnt words and making the pupil understand the meaning clearly is an important step in the making of the vocabulary in the short session learning. The instructor at first might ask the students and determine the understanding level of the students relating to the particular word or idea. The principles of pre-teach or warmer is equally important for the students. Greeting the students at the beginning of the session or simply by asking the students to deliver a short intro helps in breaking the ice and making the class familiar to one another. It helps in the proper coordination and removes the communicational blocks that might act as a barrier while teaching. It enhances the interaction of the class with the interaction and helps breaks the ice and loosen the students- making them feel comfortable in the class. The step also helps the instructor to understand the level of understanding of the students and act accordingly. If the students are low at understanding the subject, then the teacher must choose an easy medium to make them understand. Whereas, if the students have got some initial knowledge on the matter, the instructor might emphasize on the better understanding of the student, depending on the situation.

Body language is an important phenomenon while determining the effectiveness of the instructor while teaching the students. In order to enhance the meaning of the words and the expressions that the structure requires, the instructor must make use of a varied body language postures. The inclusion of body language and the synchronization of the pitch help the students in understanding situations and therefore undertake conversations effectively. As the selected students are business personals, therefore effective means of communication must also be taught in order to make them comply and cope up the needs of the business.

Lastly, the instructor must take steps to assess the improvement of the students so that the progress can be measured and the advantages that the students derived by attending the class are well defined through the assessment procedure.

Teaching material:

A general quiz

The main objective of including the quiz session in the class of specified student is to make the students feel comfortable in the class and the instructor realizes the understanding and the knowledge the student have got on the specified topic. The teacher is required to cite out words that and make the students enact them on stage so that the emotions related to the word is inculcated in the student. In this context, the teacher might simply ask the meaning of ‘recession’, or ask the student to enact it. The instructor might also make use of a sentence consisting the word like- ‘the economic conditions fall in a recession market’ or ‘Did the share market face a recession on the year 1993?’ and the like.


The instructor might provide the students with a passage and some questions relating to the passage might be asked in order to make sure of the understanding level of the students in this connection. The students will be able to find the answers in the passage but the most suited answers to the questions would be graded. This helps in determining the proper understanding of the situations and the language that is being used in the passage.

Formulating an assessment

An assessment helps the student to understand the improvement made after taking the session. Therefore, the best way to put the student to trial is by proper assessment, which the student must undertake. Formulating a proper assessment is based on the chapters that has been taught in the class and which helps in determining the .benchmark of the knowledge obtained in the class.

Therefore, from the above discussion it can be concluded that the steps that are required to be undertaken in order to make the students learn English as their second language. The discussion describes ways in which the knowledge can be effectively imparted to the students of the particular group in order to make them more efficient in dealing with their global clients.    


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