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Situation of Ethics and Emotions

Narrator: Ken Deaver, CEO of Fairway Electric, had appraised Bob to vice president of the nuclear division. Bob was very happy and seems like to be on top of the world. But, just after a month, Bob had to deal with something he wasn’t prepared for. His junior & old Team mate is here to meet him. Let us see what happens.


(Bob enters with a smile and sees Jim waiting.)


Bob: “Good Morning Jim !! How are you?”


Jim: “Bob, I have got something to ponder upon, cant handle myself. I feel I should talk to my boss once which is you and since its my new job, I am pretty scared too.”


(Bob’s smile turns into a serious expression)


(Silence for 5 seconds as Jim gathers his breath.)


Jim: “You know I have been setting my new office and when I asked my secretary to clean it, I got few files which I want you to glance upon. I am still not able to absorb this. I couldn’t tell u what to believe on what I found?”


(Jim pulled a report  from his briefcase.)


Jim: (continues)(Raising his voice) “Look! I found this fucking document written 15 years back by two engineers describing the flaw in the nuclear reactor plan . There was a flaw Bob. Flaw! Why id u go about it? (Shouts) OUR DESIGN WAS FLAWED BOB.. IT WAS FLAWED!! How can you loose ur patience and ethical standards?.”


(Jim reads from the notebook)


“The potential issues in the outline of the Radon II are exasperating. They don't, be that as it may, present a security risk. It consequently would be counterproductive to suspend offers of the configuration. In the event that there are issues with fittings, they will appear as the plant is worked, and soon thereafter the important amendments can be made. The requirement for retrofitting is not phenomenal. Our experience has been that clients once in a while gripe about such additional expenses.’”


(Jim Bangs the notebook on the desk)


Jim (Continues) (Raises voice in nervous helplessness): That is deception. Possibly the reason the utilities never whined is on the grounds that they seemed to have passed on  the expense on to the rate payers. In any case, its a genuine sham, and higher management folks at Fairway might have thought the sacreds coming after it.


(Scene Freezes)


Narrator: Bob trusted Fairway, so he did not want to leap to conclusions. He straight away went to Ken, the CEO.




(Slide Backdrop: A more luxurious office scene)


Bob: Ken, do you know about this report?


(Ken takes a look at the contents of the report & recognizes immediately)


Ken: Wh..Wh.. Where did you get this report from ?


Bob: Jim accidently found it.


Ken: Look Bob, I'll clarify. In those days we were amidst a vitality emergency. Everybody was hurrying to construct atomic force plants. We were under huge weight to think of a triumphant configuration, and it was Radon II  that was easily available to choose for competitive advantage. A couple plants were under development, a few issues surfaced, so we put two or three architects on it. Be that as it may, when they kept in touch with this report, it was past the point of no return for us to backtrack to the planning phase. We had no clients cleared out. We decieded we'd take care of the issue when we could, yet we'd offer the first plan meanwhile. It was essentially a decent one. What's more, it was protected.”


Bob: “I can’t believe we even thought of risking our reputation just like that.”


Ken: “It's obvious, Bob, what's past can't avoid being past. What may we get by bringing this far from any noticeable block today? Regardless, I guarantee we have one genuine part to lose. The controllers and a couple of shareholders would love to blame us for all the unnecessary expense attacks. Additionally, the antinuclear social affairs would have a field day. We have enough issues getting licenses as it might be.


"We'd lose a lot of business, you know. I'm talking about numerous businesses here, and the very survival of this association. Conceivably we're not impeccable, but instead we're the most loyal, quality-discerning organization I know of”

(Scene Freezes)

(Slide backdrop: Bob’s office)

(Jim is waiting)

(Bob enters & they have a mute talk)

Narrator: Bob explains everything to Jim & this is what happens later.

(Jim punches his palm & storms out of the classroom)




(Slide backdrop – Photoshopped newspaper with a headline: Fairway Corrupted:Sold Defective Reactors)


Narrator: So, Jim let the kitty out of the bag by informing the media.


(Slide backdrop – Ken’s office)

(Ken & Bob sitting)

(Outside: the 3 non performing members of our group shouting slogans against the company)

Protestor 1 (shouts): Why are you silent?

Protestor 2 (shouts): We want an answer.

Protestor3 (shouts): You have no right to play with the lives of the innocent.




(Slide Backdrop: Press conference)

(Ken Sitting on chair, Bob standing by his side)


Narrator: The media is called & Ken makes himself available by answering their questions.


Ken: (Reading from paper): Fairway engineers came to know about the design flaws in 1973, the company got solved it within the next problem within 14 months. Since then, we have not faced any technical issues & have complied with every operating & safety guideline.





Narrator: Ken saves the face of the company. But the ugly incident refused to die down. It haunted Jim for months to come.


(Slide Backdrop: Bob’s Office)


Narrator: And this is how, everybody made the life of supposedly a “traitor” miserable.


(Bob working in his office)

(Dhvani moves from dias to act)


Employee of Fairway: (To Bob) “You know, it isn't so much that anybody loathes Jim for what he did. It's simply that nobody can comprehend why he did it. They could comprehend it on the off chance that somebody had been harmed or murdered due to an awful outline, however that wasn't the situation. In their brains, he took a chance with their employments for something that happened a long time back.”






(Vikas takes the dias & narrates further)


Storyteller: Ken was worn out on issues in Jim's claim to fame. He required Bob to push Jim to take off. Be that as it may, Bob had a sensitive corner for Jim. Thusly, he calls Jim for a talk.


(Slide view: Not changes since last scene. It remains Bob's office)


(Bob increases hand for handshake with a smile. Jim looks down and shakes hand for standard without smiling)


Bob: "I've gotten some answers concerning the issues you've been having with the gathering. This thing is taking its toll—on Fairway, your zone of skill, and you."


Jim: "I can manage it. Then again perhaps that is not your point. Is it precise to say that you are expressing that the association needn't bother with me around any more?"


Bob: "Look Jim, I'm bona fide dismal this happened. I incline toward not to see you and your family persevering through along these lines. Potentially a trade to another office would be the best thing. There are distinctive divisions that could use your capacities."


Jim: (shouts)"You essentially don't get it, do you, Bob? I haven't done anything mistakenly, and I'm the individual who's burden. People are reproving me for a report I didn't form and horrendous arrangements I didn't push on customers. Additionally, now I'm the one you require out. I figured ending me may strike someone, yet I can't believe you agreed to it. That is one I hadn't expected."


Bob: "No one has said ending, I'm talking about a trade. I see why you're enraged about your accomplices giving you inconvenience, however why plummeted on me? I'm one of just a modest bunch few who grasp your position, and I've endeavored to reinforce you."


Jim: (shouts)"You've endeavored to support me? Offer me a relief! I might not want to get into this, however now that you've brought it up, I'm going to light up it for you. I didn't ask for that see that report. It fell into my hands. Regardless, once it did, I couldn't just envision it wasn't there. What the association did wasn't right—you understand that and I understand that. In any case, you acted like the subject of had nothing to do with you—like you were just a banner conveyor. You dumped Ken's answer in my lap and repudiated the whole undertaking.


"I never thought I'd say this, in any case it's beginning to appear just as you personality an unnecessary measure of for your excessive new title and your tight relationship with Ken. Things being what they are, I won't stop and I won't trade!"

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