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St Michael Hospital


Write an essay on St. Michael hospital.


St. Michael hospital is one of the leading organizations which is providing health services to the people in a meaningful manner. Moreover, St. Michael hospital is improving its hospitalities day by day because of its various quality tools and measurements. They are giving full value for each and every patient as they are taking care of them as a familiar. In this assignment you will come to know that how St. Michael Hospital is one of the best hospital and what are the facilities they are providing to their patients and families. They are having a wonderful journey of the quality and moreover they are using some imperatives which compel the organization to improve its quality time to time.  They are having very clear vision, mission and the culture to achieve their targets or goals. They are having a priority focus on the quality and then they try to maintain the same quality for every patient. They are maintaining records and providing each and every facility to the patients needed.  There are some of the deficiencies and still they are trying to get out of it and making the hospital number one as a unit. They are making quality on a different path as they find six important dimensions to make a quality superior and that is safety, outcomes, access, patient interest, equity and the efficiency. Persons who are secure, contain large outcomes, don’t cover to stay, include worry planned about their priority and are viewed impartially and proficiently.(Vendor handbook, 2008)

Quality journey of St. Michael hospital & imperatives which driving organization to improve its quality position

St. Michael hospital is having a successful past of given that outstanding and sympathetic concern.  It is basically an educational fitness science centre. To hold the superiority and constant study of how to carried out the actions a superior method is necessary. The idea of nonstop development forms the put into practice and discipline of superiority development.  St. Michael hospital had started their class passage several times back with a main center on the security. These all imperatives are basically classified into 3 provisions like imperatives. Focusing on safety was the main priority with the increased organizational awareness for this work some quality purpose was also solved and came into the streamline.  Patient admission and run was the next main center for the superiority development.  At the earlier stage of employment, the hospital faced many important challenges and by knowledge from ineffective approach, it became very obvious that the use of course restore could guide to the winning accomplishment. Redesign procedure and expansion of the gear become inbuilt in approach to the superiority development. Quality can be improved at many fields like providing healthcare benefits to the patients in the hospital as well as ambulatory clinics and emergency departments. Definition of the quality can be defined on six proportions are safety, outcomes, access, patient interest, equity and efficiency. If, these proportions are followed then definitely it will improve the overall patient experience. Patient who are secure, contain large outcomes, don’t cover to stay, have care prearranged about their priority and are treated impartially and proficiently (Howard 2015).

Strategic target set and how they intend to achieve these goals-

Some of the specific strategic target that are completely ready either for long term or for a competitive analysis with a strong and association is in search of to attain some fresh heights. St. Michael Hospital is mainly focused for some strategic target priorities for the fulfillment and commitment to their mission, vision and culture. These priorities are progress system of concern for the needy patients, complete care for our city group of people and shine in the concern of seriously unwell patients. In the long term St. Michael Hospital will be a structure manager in as long as or facilitate superiority concern for all the member of restricted, town society (St. Michael hospital academic, 2015). They will also enhance unwearied and relatives knowledge with a fully incorporated health care journey and they will also improve access to ambulant specialty service. They intend to achieve these by the progress they have been made so far and must continue with the same proportion of security, , contact, patient interest, justice and competence.  Patient interest is a very essential decision at St. Michael Hospital which will become a lengthy ride in the subsequently three years we assign to patient interest so that we can make firm gains on ensure that patient are located as associates in their concern. Patients and their relatives, as well as our staff and physicians all are having the same goal to provide a perfect health satisfaction to the patient (Nolan ,2007). 

Quality philosophy adopted by St. Michael hospital & the way they have communicated-

Philosophies they have adopted are basically directed towards the benefit of human race and innovation of the knowledge. They should be responsible professionals and must answerable to the people and the society who supports them like the classmates and their institutional partners. St. Michael Hospital has some specific philosophies like- value for an individual’s right for independence and self-rule. Philosophy of doing good to others like the general public, sponsors and hospitals and not harming other individual, also recognize the duty of clinician is to broadcast the analysis and understanding of any important  to the research group of people. They have their philosophies to their employees by broad casting their analysis and understanding of important results to the whole community so that they should not violate a person’s elementary rights of freedom and confidentiality itself (Inspired care, n.d.). 

Various quality tool, measurement and benchmarks to achieve their goals-

St. Michael hospital uses various quality tools and measurements to achieve their goals by some scans which are purely internal and external. The external scan is review through examine and chosen interviews, top live out and approach from nationwide and area administration group, restricted stare association , global jurisdiction, health service contributor and fitness concern occupation. On the other hand, in internal scan they also include interviews but with the hospital management, physicians, nursing, health disciplines and other staff of the hospital. There are some communication channels which help to broadcast the consultation and participation from the organization like management discussion, key committees and a town hall etc.  Subsequent the search a superiority run away with  from the panel, elder management, hospital directors, general practitioner, nurture, health regulation, middle administration and frontage row employees, provide an occasion to share and discuss the promising subject and to additional tell the structure. It also helps in a great deal superiority development movement both to meet domestic desires and to work efficiently with our associates in the fitness concern structure. The union of all these activities and  makes the St. Michael hospital more included and all-inclusive approach going forward. They have provided a best quality culture to achieve their goals in an easy way (inspired care, 2014). 

Current management system of St. Michael hospital used to effectively the holistic quality nature—

St. Michael hospital has persistently defined superiority as a hub. Action has been obsessed by the enthusiasm of employees and medical doctor on the frontage line and support by the superior best. Recognized selected always manage the possessions; the possession of nonstop class upgrading action is at the front. Consequently, it is significant to expand the potential of our public that is staff, doctor and the learner across all the section and the regulation to productively apply the superiority development (Holinger ,2012). Control or the management at all the levels is necessary to compel the main concern and make sure that the idea for the superiority and the best patient knowledge can be attained. St. Michael hospital is trying to forward some more steps like integrating into the company calculated arrangement and once a year commercial purpose situation, building responsibility for the value development with the frontage row manager, developing and educational move toward to the class development. It also integrates the patient and the relations outlook in liability and the goal setting. Building regular ability for employees and physician at all stages of the group. Evaluate culture desires, expand and apply an instruction and specialized expansion approach to hold superiority development capability.  Visible sustain and commitment of the hospital management at all the levels. Quality improvement id surrounded and plays a key job of managerial purpose background (Mark ,2004).

Deficiencies in St. Michael Hospital structure and human resource management-

There are many deficiencies in the management system of St. Michael hospital like they have several duties to perform like patient module, appointment schedule, admission module, doctor module, room management module, laboratory and medication module etc. They are using some upgraded software also which helps to automate billing statement and official receipt, to develop  a system that will less down the numbers of paper works and provide  the safety and security of the information and medical records that is belonging to the patient for the future records. It also helps hospital to assist their patient need faster treatment or to maintain a record for further treatment or up gradation. These systems also help to create patient record, information of the doctors for setting any of the appointments, pharmacy inventory can also be observed and controlled through this way and all the way laboratory records, admission records and room management can be done very easily without any human errors. On the other hand, they have some restrictions like payroll of the hospital staff, birth certificate insurance, hospital canteen, laundry, cleaning material in the hospital and the hospital equipments. The proposed system is having all the description where they have to be strong like doctor schedule, patient record, laboratory connections, medicine inventory and the room availability. There are some of the requirements of the user are that they must have an user ID and password for log-in purposes, must have a medical knowledge, must know how to use a computer and also must be knowledgeable with the system interface. Some of the system requirements for the system are having computer, printer and the Lan networking. So, with all these facilities St. Michael hospital is maintaining records of all the patients and equally watching on all other activities like laboratory works, hospitality, equipments used etc (Cox ,2014). 


Patient caring is basically a priority decision for any of the hospital or institution and it is on top priority for St. Michael Hospital as they are taking safety concern of a patient on top priority and then afterwards they are following quality assurance and the decisions and the ways they have to find out for compatible and easy treatment for their patients. It is basically a hospital which is taking care of the patient and then the quality of the hospital and their hospitality. In real means St. Michael hospital is one of the best hospitals who are maintaining records as well as complete information about the patients. They are having some quality tools and measurements to make their hospital number one but on the other hand, they have some of the deficiencies which are putting them at back step as they are trying to improve the whole scenario so that they can come on front foot to provide each and every possible facility to their patients for all the aspects and they have to cover each and every module like doctor, patient, appointment, admission, laboratory as well as room management module. St. Michael Hospital is one of the best hospitals among all the institutes which are providing treatment as well as favor to the people who are needy (Inspired care, 


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