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Symbolic and Postmodern Perspectives


Discuss about the Symbolic and Postmodern Perspectives.



The main aim of this task is to explain and analyze the roles and responsibilities of the managers in the organization. No company can survive its business activities and operations without effective and unique managers. They do work for attaining the goals and objectives of the firm. Along with this, here is the discussion about the challenges and issues which are dealt by the managers at the workplace. Planning managerial function has been selected in the task to explain and measure the roles and responsibilities of the managers. Further detail of the task has been discussed below.

The managers play a significant role in each and every company to attain desired goals and objectives of the firm. They maintain reciprocal relationship with employees in the firm. Various functions of management are performed by the managers in the firm such as planning, leading, organizing and controlling. Planning is an important function of management which is performed by the managers with the help of the workers at the workplace (Saaty and Kearns, 2014). It is a management process concerned with defining goals for the company’s future direction and determining the mission and resources to achieve those targets in the firm (Hatch, 2018). There are various roles performed by the managers to make effective planning in the organization.

  • Firstly, top management and managers set the long term mission and vision in the organization. For this purpose, managers make effective strategies, policies and plans to attain desired mission and vision of the company.
  • To conduct planning successful and effective, managers assign tasks and duties among the workers within the organization (Griffin, 2013).
  • Furthermore, they look after the recruitment and selection process to appoint potential and capable employees at the workplace. After hiring the candidate, managers are responsible to provide training and development coaching to improve their performance and productivity within the organization. They are liable to supervise and monitor the activities and operations of the employees to make a good image in the marketplace.
  • Planning is a continuous process in the firm therefore, an effective strategies and procedures are made by the managers in the company (Mishra, Boynton and Mishra, 2014).
  • Along with this, they track the results and inform to senior management. They also make strong interactions with employees in order to resolve their queries and issues related to the workplace.
  • Additionally, managers are responsible to direct and guide the workers in the workplace to motivate the workers for doing work effectively and efficiently.

In this way, it can be said that various roles are performed by the managers at the workplace in the planning process. The company cannot attain success and growth without effective planning process (Rao & Asulu, 2013).

Nestle is a Swiss transnational and food and drink company which was founded in 1866. It’s headquarter is located in Vevey, Vaud Switzerland. It is the biggest food company in the world. Nestle offers several types of products such as baby food, bottled water, coffee and tea, medical food and dairy products. The managers play an empirical role in Nestle Company to attract and retain more and more clients in the marketplace. They focus on the long term business development to deliver the sound results and outcomes for the shareholders. Effective business practices are conducted by the leaders to protect future generations within the organization. Managers use effective leadership styles in the company to guide and assist the employees for attaining the targets and goals.

Tasks and duties of the managers

Various tasks and duties are performed by the managers at the workplace. Supervising, coaching, mentoring and training are done by the managers in the organization. A manager must be able to oversee and administer the activities and operation of the company. Furthermore, they are accountable to perform day to day activities of the firm. Along with this, it is a duty of the manager to maintain effective and unique communication at the workplace to grow and explore the business successfully and effectively. In addition, they are liable for staffing process in the organization. Planning, organizing, leading and controlling are done by the managers within the organization in order to maximize the profitability and returns in the marketplace. It will help to beat the competitors and make a good image in the global market. Along with this, they are responsible to maintain quality control and ensure that its products and services are fulfilling the needs, requirements and desires of the consumers. Managers also reviews and analyze the company’s financial, production and budgetary goals. Employee orientation programs also are held by the managers within the organization. They are accountable to maintain effective and favorable working environment at the workplace. In this way, managers motivate and encourage the workers for performing tasks and duties well and effectively (Lam and O'Higgins, 2012).

Challenges of the manager’s role

There are various challenges faced by the manager while performing tasks and duties in the organization that have discussed below.

Dealing with underperforming employees: It is not possible that all the employees do their work best. Some have personal issues that interferes their work and tasks at the workplace. As a result, managers have to face several challenges in the organization. The leaders are responsible to cope with personal issues and conflicts (Vaiman, Scullion and Collings, 2012).

Dealing with outstanding employees: The outstanding employees need special treatment. They need encouragement, guidance, training and development coaching. It is time consuming process that may be a big challenge in front of the managers.

Time management: It is another issue that could be dealt by the managers while performing duties in the workplace. Balancing the tasks while overseeing team can be a difficult task in the organization.

Apart from these issues, firing, hiring issue, encouraging productivity issue also are being faced by the managers in today’s competitive world (Dalkir, 2013).


On the above discussion, it can be concluded that managers play a critical role in each and every company to make unique and effective financial position in the international market. The managers perform various types of roles, duties and responsibilities in the organization. In addition, they inspire and encourage the workers to maximize productivity and minimize risks and challenges. Now it is recommended that the managers should make new and innovative strategies to encourage the workers in the workplace. It will also help to beat the competitors as it also increases returns of the firm.


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Vaiman, V., Scullion, H. and Collings, D., 2012. Talent management decision making. Management Decision, 50(5), (pp.925-941). is the best option for those who are looking for reliable academic writing services. To show our genuineness, we submit only high quality assignments so that students never lose out on important grades. Our mission is to provide plagiarism-free solutions at very affordable prices. Students can get assignment help on any subject or topic from us.

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