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Training and Development Toolkit


Discuss about the Training and Development Toolkit.



There are several elements which are necessary for the training and development of transportation for BNFC.

  1. Business Case: The cost benefit analysis should be done so as to develop the business case for determining the economic help of conducting the training(Jehanzeb & Bashir, 2013).
  2. Objectives and outcomes: The objectives and the learning outcomes will define as to what the learners are capable to do after the training.
  3. Content developing: The development of the content should be done online so that the training is done hand in hand in the firm and it might provide better and effective solution for the learning.
  4. Materials: The course must be carefully developed with the objective and outcomes aligned with it(IBEC, 2010).
  5. Effectiveness Evaluation: The effectiveness of the whole course would be evaluated as it is the critical part if the training. It validates the business case which was created in support of training. The complete cost is also simple to measure yet it is significant to also count the satisfaction of the participant.
  6. Improvement: Continuous improvement should be there in the training and amend the steps which are necessary and changed. The practical examples are also one of the best options with which the training can be forwarded so as to make the participants learn in a better way. With continuous improvement, the quality of the training will also be going better with time.

The training can be delivered with the help of the lectures arranges for the participants. The employers can also create a discussion panel where people can discuss and learn. There are business games also played. With the help of the case studies too people can learn. There is also in basket technique in which decision making habits are improved. Lastly, role play is also one of the good things when it comes to training and development lectures (Business, 2018).

The motivational theory which can be good for this scenario would be Expectancy Theory.

This theory states that the people have different set of goals and they can be motivated when they have some expectations (Lunenburg, 2011). Firstly, some efforts are made as people have motivation to so something and achieve. That effort is related to the performance a person gives at the end of the task. This performance is also based on the reward which is expected by the person who is working hard and putting his efforts. Motivation is impacted by the expectation of the people which the particular level will produce the performance goal. Example if this can be when a person does not have faith in rising the amount of time one spends hi studying will importantly increase the grades in exam. One will not probably study harder than normal. Motivation also is manipulated by the employee’s observed probabilities of receiving numerous results as a result of completing his or her performance target. Finally, individuals are motivated to the extent that they value the outcomes received.


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