Kolb Learning Cycle

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Kolb Learning Cycle

Kolb learning cycle portrays the importance of the reflection component in the learning process. Thus, the students who are currently focusing on the Kolb experimental learning theory and David Kolb learning cycle need to have their base strong. However, our experts are here to assist you if you are facing difficulties. Read on to get further insight.

A Brief Introduction on David Kolb Learning Cycle Theory

David Kolb developed his learning style inventory when he published his learning styles model in 1984. Basically, the learning theory works on a dual level: a 4-stage David Kolb learning cycle theory and 4-stage separate learning styles.

In this section, we will discuss the four-stage cycle of learning. It would help you out if we begin a pictorial representation.

As per the figure, you have

  • Concrete Experience

It refers to the new experience or situation that is encountered by the learner. Moreover, it also signifies the reinterpretation of the existing knowledge or experience.

  • Reflective Observation

This is the stage where the learners reflect on the significance of the experience, and they try to determine anomalies between the experience and the understanding.

  • Abstract Conceptualization

If the learner had a misconception about the previous ideas, he can modify his understanding once he has a detailed insight into the subject matter. He can also learn more about an abstract concept.

  • Active Experimentation

In this stage, the learners apply all the ideas and the lessons that they have learned, to the real world. Moreover, he or she also watches the outcome and gathers experience.

Thus, the David Kolb learning cycle theory is concerned with the four-stage cycle of experience, reflection, conceptualization and testing.

What is meant by the Kolb Learning Styles?

Now that you have a vivid knowledge of the four stages of David Kolb experimental learning cycle, you will be able to comprehend the four stages of Kolb learning styles.

The learning style of a particular individual is influenced by various factors like educational experiences, basic cognitive structure and social environment. However, you need to have a basic understanding of Kolb’s two continuums, namely the Processing Continuum (how the task is being approached) and the Perception Continuum

Let us have a look at the picture to delve deep into the topic.

Based on this understanding, we will be creating a matrix to determine the four different learning styles.


Active Experimentation


Reflective Observation


Concrete Experience




Abstract Conceptualization





It involves both feeling and observing, and in this learning style, the people are able to look at things from different perspectives. The learners gather information and observe rather than performing any action. Moreover, they use imagination to solve an issue.


It involves observing and thinking and the learners value ideas and concepts to other people. Moreover, the learners apply a concise, logical approach to comprehend a subject matter. Upon learning, they also reflect on what they have acquired.


The converging learning style of Kolb focuses more on problem-solving skills and less on the interpersonal tasks and emotions. Furthermore, it also deals with the thinking aspect, and the learners are best at finding practical uses for the theories and ideas.


Accommodation deals with both performance and emotion. The learners rely on intuition rather than logic, and they also make use of other people's analysis and implement them in their experimental approach. This type of learning style is common among the general population.

As you can see, based on the matrix, we have four different Kolb learning styles. 

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