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Vancouver Referencing Style


Manual citation can often make a situation problematic; it is simply a waste of time and effort. Thus, is here with the best Vancouver referencing citation tool to beat up your citation worries. With the top-notch feature of this tool, you will ease all your problems with citations. However, with the Vancouver referencing generator from our website, you can grab accurate results within a few seconds. Isn’t this just awesome? Without any hassle, this magic tool delivers accurate results. 

Moreover, you have to provide the required details, and its automated feature performs its task without any struggle. Thus, 100+ users have expressed satisfaction by using the Vancouver citation generator from our website. So, if you have to cite your academic paper, then instantly click on our website and order “

Why is there a need for referencing?

Are you aware of plagiarism errors? If not, then you must be mindful of it. Plagiarized content, if found in your work report, will not be considered as some minor error. On the contrary, it is one of the threatening mishaps and will bring several consequences. First of all, you will be accused of theft, and it will profoundly impact your career, along with embarrassment. So, are you ready for all those? Obviously, no. 

Therefore, for citation of your assignment, use the Vancouver reference tool from our website Before using this tool, you can also refer to the Vancouver reference example to cite multiple sources from the website.

How to Use Our Vancouver Citation Machine?

Are you struggling with “How to reference a website in Vancouver?” So, to ease your worries, once you get directed to our website Vancouver Citation machine is available hassle-free. After clicking the Vancouver referencing toolmultiple style lists will appear, and you can choose as per your requirements. Accordingly, you will proceed toward the sources you need to cite, for example, journals, articles, books, etc. With this, you will have to enter the required information as asked by the tool, and within a few seconds, Vancouver referencing tool will start working automatically. 

Isn’t this simple and amazing? Instantly avail Vancouver referencing style generator from at free of cost. 

Popular Vancouver style Citation Examples

If you do not know how to do Vancouver referencing for different sources according to the reference generator vancouver formatwe are here to guide you. Below listed are certain Vancouver referencing examples, have a look:

  • How to cite a Book in Vancouver style?

To use vancouver referencing for the book from any sources, be it online-offline ensure the following:

Format: Author AA. Title: subtitle. edition (if not the first). Vol. (if multivolume work). Place of publication: Publisher; Year. p. page number(s) (if appropriate).

Example:  Allan Smith, William S. Introduction to Psychology. New York: McGraw-Hill; 2000.

  • How to cite a Journal in Vancouver style?

For Vancouver referencing journal citation, you require:

Format: Author(s)/Editor(s). Title of article. Abbreviated title of the journal. Date of publication; Volume (Issue): Page numbers.

Example: Alfie RS. Clinical anatomy. 9th ed. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; 2009.

  • How to cite Films or Movies in Vancouver style?

If you cite any multimedia work like film or movie, go for a video streaming site to ensure:

Format: (Number) Full Title of Film/Video/DVD. Country of Origin: Film studio or maker; Year.

Example: The Mountain Man.UK. Hollywood film studio; 2017.

  • How to cite an online image or video in Vancouver style?

With the help of Vancouver referencing in-text citations, you can easily cite an online image.

Format: (Number) Last name of artist/photographer, first initial. [Internet] Title of image. Available from: URL.

Example: Theo, A. [Internet]. Women and the sunset. Available from: http//nature/Theosunset

  • How to Cite a Website in Vancouver style?

To use Vancouver referencing for websitesensure:

Format: Author(s). Title [Internet]. Place of Publication: Publisher; Date of Publication [Date of Citation]. Available from: URL

Example: Marchionne A, DeMatteo. Physical care of the child: learning symptoms [Internet]. Sydney Institute of Health and Information; 2009 Nov [cited 2014 April 14]. Available from: https://child care/ psysical_care_of_child_learning_symptoms.pdf

  • How to cite a Blog in Vancouver style?

For Vancouver in text blog citation:

Format: Author(s) surname Initial(s). Title of the blog entry. The date the blog entry was written. Title of blog [online]. Year. [Accessed date]. Available from: URL.

Example: Noah K. Symptoms of Child Abuse. 25 July. ODI blog: commentary from leading development experts [online]. 2004. [Accessed 2 July 2005]. Available from: http://blogs. org.nw/blogs/main/archive/category/1111.aspx

  • How to cite a magazine in Vancouver style?

To cite a magazine using the Vancouver reference styleensure:

Format: Author– Family name and initials. Title of article. Abbreviated journal-title. Publication year, month, day (month & day only if available); volume(issue): pages.

Example: Henry D. Women Abuse. Health [Internet]. 2012 Nov 21 [cited 2012 Dec 5]; 3: 1 p. Available from:

  • How to cite a bibliography in Vancouver style?

 For bibliography referencing in Vancouver style citation, ensure:

  • Author name
  • Title of book
  • Series/volume number
  • Publisher name
  • Place of publication
  • Date and year of publication

Example: Alcott J, Neilson JP, Brian Z, Herbert S A, Grumusol AM, Kent W et al. Australian Medicines Handbook: Deficiency of child. Chichester (GB): McGraw‐Hill Australia; 2008

To fulfill your citation needs, is readily available with the best Vancouver-style referencing guide. Thus, for more Vancouver-style referencing examples and citations, avail of this tool from our website ASAP. Use the tool in OSCOLA Referencing style to cite the sources in your paper or avail of the paid service for complete support.

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If you are struggling with “Who will instantly reference this for me?” then without any delay, grab Vancouver referencing in-text citation tool from We assure you that this is the only website that will fulfill your citation requirements. Moreover, we have an updated version of the Vancouver references generator tool. Thus, you can refer to Vancouver referencing examples for different citation sources available on our website to make it more convenient. HURRY UP!

In-Texting in Vancouver Referencing Style

With the Vancouver referencing in-text citation tool available at, more than 1000+ clients have expressed satisfaction. So, why are you lagging, with worries “How to do Vancouver referencing in word or how to use Vancouver reference for a book or website? instantly grab this automated tool from our website and grab an instant solution. You might check other free citation tools like MLA, APA, MHRA 

What Makes Our Vancouver Online Referencing Tool Special?

Customers are satisfied with our Vancouver-style referencing guide and have even mentioned that it has helped ease plagiarism worries. Moreover, with the features offered by the Vancouver guide citation generator tool, you can easily cite any sources and shape your project with a unique approach. Thus, with many benefits delivered by a single device, you can ensure credibility in your report along with zero plagiarism. 

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FAQs by the Student on Vancouver Referencing Generator

Q. How do you reference Vancouver style in Word?

  • In a Word document, place the cursor in the section to insert the reference number.
  • Then, in the tab, click references to "Find citations."
  • Type your author's name and surname in the search box and click to insert at the bottom of the box.
  • With provided intext and reference list entry, it will automatically format your Word document.
  • You can also add multiple references in one place.

Use the Vancouver citation tool from for more automated features and instant results.

Q. How do you write Vancouver referencing?

Ans: offers the best Vancouver reference-style generator free of cost. However, to write any sources in Vancouver referencing, ensure to:

  • Provide the number of all references.
  • Systematically arrange your list in which the references will appear in your text.
  • For more than six authors listed by “et al.”
  • For titles of journals, use official abbreviations. 

Q. What does Vancouver in-text referencing look like?

Ans: In-text citation in Vancouver Style, Arabic numbers are used with open and closed brackets or Arabic numerals in superscript with no brackets. If you are looking forward to citing your references using Vancouver referencing tool, visit for more examples. 

Q. How do you cite a website in Vancouver style in the text?

Ans: To cite a website in Vancouver style, you must be handy with details like:

  • Name of author/ organization/company
  • Title of page
  • Place of publication
  • Publisher Name
  • Publication date and year
  • Website updated date and year
  • Available URL

 Accordingly, for more website citation examples, visit our website

Vancouver Referencing Style

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