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MHRA Referencing Generator

MHRA referencing style, developed by the Modern Humanities Research Association, is one of the many referencing styles that you may need to use while preparing an academic paper. Like a majority of the referencing styles, MHRA referencing also uses two types of citation – one is footnotes, and the other is the bibliography. If you have the assignment to write in that format but have no idea how to do citations, don't worry. You have come to the right place. has brought to you an advanced MHRA referencing generator which offers you instant citation solution. Even though our assignment writers are quite efficient at preparing the entire assignment for you with proper MHRA style referencing of the source, we have developed this amazing tool to help students like you get the necessary assistance without wasting too much of your precious time.

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MHRA referencing stands for “Modern research Humanities Association”. This referencing style is widely used in English, Philosophy and History. An MHRA bibliography generator allows the readers to discover the data that have been utilized in the paper. These disciplines generally use the bibliography and the footnote version of the MHRA generator. Referencing and citing all the sources of information is crucial in academic styles of writing Moreover, it is imperative to cite the sources, failure if which will cause issues of plagiarism. A referencing style is generally instructed by the professors or instructors of the universities. For example, the University of Leeds uses MHRA referencing style. So, all the students of this university are instructed to cite in this style. The MHRA citation style generally involves footnotes. This makes it easier for the readers to find the relevant citations on the relevant pages. They do not have to scroll through the reference page every time to find a source. There are several MHRA citation generator tools online that make the job of the students easier. However, students who are relatively new to the citation concept might face problems. In such cases, here are 3 simple steps that will help make citation easier.

1.In-text citations

This is generally done when you paraphrase, quote, summarize or copy someone else’s sources. While using an MHRA generating system, the reference number is usually added at the end of every relevant sentence. For example, “…she recounts and recalls the events of her youth. 1” The superscript number here shows the citation of the source. It eludes the reference that will be mentioned at the bottom of the page.

Here are certain things to remember during MHRA in-text citation:

  • The superscript number should follow a punctuation mark.
  • The corresponding number should be mentioned at the start of the footnote.
  • Put the reference in full while citing for the first time.
  • In MHRA citing, the author's name and the volume of the source should be mentioned if applicable.

    2. Footnotes

    In MHRA referencing, footnotes are mentioned at the bottom of each page. These notes contain details about the corresponding superscript number. It gives details of the source material and mentions a text in limited quantity. In MHRA referencing, while citing primary sources, direct quotes should be used with caution. It should be effective in disclosing the explicit points for a better understanding of the readers.

    Here is how you can cite footnotes using the MHRA reference generator:

    • The footnotes should end with a period. The only exception is when the text is in square brackets "[]". 
    • A reference number of the note should be mentioned towards the end of the sentence.
    • Italics should be used while citing independent works, sites or assortments. 
    • The writers' name should be written in full, and the title inside an assortment should be written in quotes.


    An MHRA bibliography has a dedicated page at the end of the entire work. It includes all the sources that are mentioned in the footnotes. The references should be cited in alphabetical order of the last names of the authors. It follows the standard procedure as footnotes, but no page numbers are mentioned here. An MHRA bibliography example is "Brecht, Bertolt, Fear and Misery of the Third Reich, trans. By John Willett (London: Methuen Drama, 2002).

    Here is how you can formulate your bibliography page:

    • Arrange the sources alphabetically.
    • The sources that are from the same volume or collection should have separate entries.
    • Invert the names of the authors so that the family name shows up first.
    • If an author has more than one work, then replace their names with a 2-em dash and arrange the sources alphabetically. For example, -- Mother Courage and Her Children, trans by John Willett (London: Methuen, 1983)
    • Full stops are not mandatory here

    Students often come up with a question, “Can you cite this for me in MHRA?" In such cases, all these steps will be helpful for you. You can create an excellent paper following these simple steps.  If you are looking for how to reference a website in MHRA, you can also look for similar articles online for a fair idea.

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    Our MHRA Referencing Generator Tool Follows Guidelines

    You will be glad to hear this tool of ours accurately follows the MHRA referencing guide. In fact, our team of developers has kept all the instructions mentioned in the third edition of the MHRA referencing guide while preparing this tool. This tool also runs on an advanced algorithm, which instantly delivers the necessary citation result in MHRA referencing style based on the details provided by the user.

    If you are not familiar with the citation style, there’s no need to panic. Our MHRA referencing generator takes care of the whole citation and referencing process for you. Simply submit the essential details regarding the source you are citing, and the rest will be done by the tool itself. It delivers you with an accurately formatted citation of the source, which you can list in your bibliography as required.

    Our MHRA Referencing Generator Helps Cite Any Source

    Besides being extremely easy to use, our MHRA referencing generator also helps you cite not just books and journals but several other sources of information as well. In fact, you can cite any form of an information source that is allowed in the academic papers, whether it is a printed source or a digital one. At, you get citation support on all the following sources of information from our tool:

    • Books
    • Journals
    • Magazines
    • Newspapers
    • Book chapters
    • Court cases
    • Government publications
    • Conference proceedings
    • Legislation
    • E-books
    • E-newspapers
    • Blog
    • Website
    • E-journal
    • Software
    • Patent
    • Dissertation

    If we have missed any important sources of information used for academic writing, then don’t worry. Our tool is programmed to work with almost every genuine source of information. Try our MHRA referencing generator now to experience its accuracy yourself.

    Our MHRA Referencing Website For Instant Solution

    We understand how important it is to submit your assignment on time. This is the reason why our team of developers has made the tool for instant results. Whether you need help with MHRA referencing of a website or a court case, our tool provides you with the citation result as soon as you submit the necessary details.

    Here are a few features of our MHRA referencing website, which can be quite useful when you are in a hurry:

    • It is free for everyone
    • It is absolutely easy to use, even for a layman.
    • There’s no waiting time; you get instant results.
    • You do not require any registration or logging in.
    • It operates smoothly on every internet browser.
    • It is a cloud-based platform, so it can be accessed remotely from anywhere.

    As you can guess, this MHRA referencing website is the best solution for all your needs regarding referencing in the MHRA style.

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    How to use MHRA Reference Generator tool For Bibliography

    As long as you have this tool by your side, you don’t need to worry about how to cite a website in MHRA format. However, the question you must be bothering you is – how to use it? Well, it is simple:

    • Step 1: Select the source type: 

    Once you land on our MHRA referencing website, you are given the option to choose the source type for the citation. You can pick it from the options displayed at the top and then proceed to the next step for the MHRA referencing bibliography assistance.

    • Step 2: Input the necessary details:

    In this step, you need to fill the requirement form provided on the page. You need to mention information like the title of the source, its author name, its publication details, etc. The requirements of details change depending on the source type.

    • Step 3:Get the citation results:

    Once you submit the necessary details and click on the “generate” button, the tool instantly delivers you the citation result. Now, you need to copy the citation and paste it on your assignment (for in-text) or in the MHRA referencing bibliography (for referencing) accordingly.

    As you can see, this MHRA referencing generator can be accessed easily by anyone. However, the best part of this tool is that it is available at free of cost. You heard it right. You do not need to spend a single penny from your pocket to avail of the online MHRA referencing support from this tool.

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    MHRA Referencing Leeds With Paid Solutions For UK Cities is popular for its academic writing services in the country. Hence, if you need advanced assistance with MHRA referencing in Leeds or another part of the country, you can simply avail of our professional services. Besides, assisting with MHRA referencing, our team of 3000+ experts also offers assistance on areas like:

    • Helping with topic selection for an academic paper
    • Providing assistance on researching a topic
    • Drafting a paper as per the academic guidelines and client’s instructions
    • Proofreading and editing support for a paper
    • Supporting with citation and other additional measures to avoid plagiarism

    It is important to mention that our website also offers assistance with other OSCOLA Referencing citation styles, as well. So, if you need APA referencing for journals, you don’t need to look for another website. Our assignment help services are quite affordable for students. So, there’s no need to worry about expenses.

    Also, you can find free samples solutions, including MHRA referencing examples, on our website for free. To learn more about our offerings, get in touch with our customer support team. It remains active 24x7.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about "MHRA Referencing"

    Q. What is MHRA referencing?

    Ans: MHRA Footnotes referencing style is designed and regulated by the Modern Humanities Research Association. In the MHRA referencing style, all references are listed at the end of your work. They are organised alphabetically by the surname of the author. 

    Q. What is the MHRA referencing format for a dissertation paper?

    Ans: Here’s the format that you must follow to cite sources according to the MHRA referencing style in a dissertation paper.

    • Last name of author, first name. Title of dissertation. (Level, Official name of university, year published).

    Q. What is the example of MHRA referencing?

    Ans: Here is an example of the MHRA referencing style for your insight. 

    x. Author name, 'Article Title', Journal Name, volume number (Year), page range (page number).

    Q.   How to use MHRA referencing in a research paper?

    Ans: In a research paper, according to the MHRA referencing format, you need to include the following essentials to ensure flawless referencing. 

    • Author
    • Title of conference paper 
    • Editor/Organisation 
    • Title (in italics)
    • Place of publication
    • Publisher
    • Year of publication
    • Page number

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