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Australia Immigration Law for Vietnamese Citizen

Question: Discuss about the Australia Immigration Law for Vietnamese Citizen. Answer: On the basis of the instructions given by my client, Sukhon Chaiprasit (hereinafter called Sukhon) who is a Vietnamese citizen, I am applying for the waiving the condition 8503 that has been levied on her visa that is due to expire in a next month and thereafter, applied for a Class UB Medical Treatment visa, subclass 602. The 8503 condition that has been imposed on the holder is that the visa holder will not be permitted to apply for a substantive visa, after ente...

  • Published: 04 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 959

Maritime Policy: Marine Environmental Law

Question: Discuss about the Maritime Policy for Marine Environmental Law. Answer: Introduction: The Principle of the Freedom: The International Maritime Law is divided into four strong pillars namely, Law of Freedom, law of sovereignty and law of common heritage of mankind (HE & GONG 2015). Additionally, law of freedom of contract and legal personality of the ship is also regarded as pillars of international maritime law. Each country is free within the political boundary and the law that applies to them. According to the general rule of ...

  • Published: 05 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 547

Operation Management

Question: Discuss about the Operation Management. Answer: Introduction to the organization Burgmaster Corporation was founded in the year 1944 and was evolved as the machine-tool maker.  The company was engaged in delivering the best quality of the machine making tools to all its respective customers. The company was producing different types of the innovative turret drills which were used throughout the different tasks involve within the metal working and it was one of the most thriving enterprises of the year 1965. The sales revenue for...

  • Published: 05 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 584

Australian Immigration Law and Border Protection

Question: Discuss about the Australian Immigration Law and Border Protection. Answer: Introduction: The Federal Court of Australia decided the case of “Waensila v. Minister for Immigration and Border Protection” and one of the groundbreaking decisions took place in the field of Australian Immigration Law. The decision helped in changing the perspective of the Tribunal to examine applications of partner visas from a different angle. The decision shall help in making lives of many visa applicants easier. In the given case, Waensila resided in Tha...

  • Published: 07 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 699

Legal Aspects of International Business and Enterprise

Question: Discuss about the Legal Aspects of International Business and Enterprise. Answer: Introduction With the advancement of technology International trade and business is expanding with every passing day. Organizations across small and big countries are coming in contact as huge amount of goods and services are getting transferred within these countries, which makes the functioning of international business complicated. In this mutual contact among the parties are associated with legal issues. Hence the main focus of the assignment would b...

  • Published: 07 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 608

Balancing Patient Rights and Employee Rights

Questions: 1. How do patient’s preferences and rights balance against employment non-discrimination policies and laws?   2. How did safety concerns for the employee’s balance against employment non-discrimination policies and laws?   3. Which US laws that you learned about if any, were violated and how?   4. Why in your opinion did Hurley settle both the lawsuit and the EEOC charges?   5. What if any OD interventions would you propose for Hurley and for what purpose?   6. If the “tattoo” had not been visible, would it have changed...

  • Published: 07 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 566

Commercial Law for Case Law and Legisalation

Question: Discuss about the Commercial Law for Case Law and Legisalation. Answer: Issue To determine if Ronaldo would be considered a partner and hence liable to pay for the losses caused to the business using the relevant case law and legislation. Law In accordance with the verdict of the Green v Beesley[1],  partnership  is defined as any relationship that tends to exist between two or more persons (referred to as partners)  by virtue of carrying a business with profit intention.  Further, the partners through the enactment of the partnersh...

  • Published: 09 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 1286

Australian Taxation Law

Question: Discuss about the Australian Taxation Law. Answer: Issue To ascertain if Fred would be classified as a tax resident of Australia based on the given case facts. Rule For determination of tax residency, one needs to rely on the four tests outlined in the taxation ruling TR 98/17 to supplement the relevant legislation i.e. subsection 6(1), ITAA, 1936. Satisfying any of the four tests is a sufficient condition for awarding tax residency. The various tests along with their application is based briefly below (ATO, 1998). Domicile Test...

  • Published: 10 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 555

Business Laws for Mutual Benefit

Question: Discuss about the Business Laws. Answer: On the other hand, individuals engage in various contracts from time to time for mutual benefit. Moreover, they are persons who use others for their personal advantage and all they do is exploit others. The breaching of contract is not acceptable in a court of law and the company or individual may face heavy fines. They should ensure that they all the parties involved benefit from the agreement signed. However, it is advisable that one should not sign any contract unless they understand the sta...

  • Published: 11 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 583

Business Law and Due Diligence

Question: Discuss about the Business Law and Due Diligence. Answer: Introduction The assignment deals with the business law of Australia, where Due diligence is present. Determination level of judgement is expected here with a business relationship, which is the part of due diligence (Joukhadar, et al. 2001). When an intensive investigation is conducted in the corporation law of Australia, potential lawsuits with pending debt in accompanied with the contract between their business partners and formation of agreement takes place in terms of leases,...

  • Published: 11 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 538

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