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Effective Business Communication and Learning

Question: Discuss about the Effective Business Communication and Learning. Answer: Introduction The diagnostic tools are used in understanding of the personal skills regarding communication process displayed in different circumstances (Cornelissen, 2014). This self-reflection essay would discuss my individual communication style with the help of five diagnostic tools. The diagnostic tools used in this essay are- Assertive Questionnaire, Johari Window, Listening Test, Communication Style Questionnaire and Non-Verbal test. Diagnostic Tools and Refle...

  • Published: 18 Apr, 2018
  • Views: 140

Performance of Learning Organization

Question: Discuss about the Performance of Learning Organization. Answer: Introduction The Learning Organization means that an organization has the potential to learn and go through relevant changes and transformations. Along with this, it maintains the learning environment to make workers develop know-how pertaining to the changes taking place. This is very much necessary just to helping and supporting an organization become familiar with the new trends and settings. With the help of the learning organization concept, the organization is able to e...

  • Published: 17 Apr, 2018
  • Views: 81

Gender Inequality on Business Diversity

Question: Discuss about the Gender Inequality on Business Diversity. Answer: Introduction Gender inequality in the business workplace takes place when the rules, laws and policies of the organization are not equally applicable to all the employees and discrimination exists on the basis of age, caste, religion etc. and out of all the problems, the discrimination on the basis of gender is worst as it is still prevailing in the business diversity and approximately 15% of workers are still facing the inequality on the basis of gender in Australia. One ...

  • Published: 16 Apr, 2018
  • Views: 103

International Franchising Strategy : KFC Strategic Analysis

Question: Describe about the International Franchising Strategy for KFC Strategic Analysis. Answer: Company overview Brief history The historical backdrop of KFC started with Colonel Harland Sanders. Conceived on the ninth of September, 1890 he got into the matter of offering chicken in Corbin, Kentucky amid the 1930s and, not happy with the way broiled chicken was being readied, built up his own particular mystery formula (Leo Paul Dana, 1999). This formula would go ahead to wind up distinctly Kentucky Fried Chicken and transform into one of the ...

  • Published: 11 Apr, 2018
  • Views: 128

Professional Practice : Function and Working of Organization

Question: Describe about the Professional Practice for Function and Working of Organization. Answer: Introduction This study is totally based upon the functions and working of an organization named as “Shiv Cleaning PTY LTD.” which is situated in Richland, Brisbane. This organization provides a platform for the employees to reach on the extent level of working. This study reveals the personal performance of HR executing his work over several pressures under many circumstances. It involves the study dealing with the concerning over the organiza...

  • Published: 10 Apr, 2018
  • Views: 143

Opportunity Analysis of New Business Venture

Question: Describe about the Opportunity Analysis of New Business Venture. Answer: Introduction According to the needs and competition in current business environment, it is essential to make an opportunity analysis of new business venture.  An effective opportunity analysis helps to identify the exclusive and most innovative business idea that helps to gain a competitive position in the market place. Therefore, it can be said that the new and innovative idea of business venture should be presented in such a way that helps to obtain all untapped o...

  • Published: 09 Apr, 2018
  • Views: 203

Contemporary Issues in Accounting : Brighton Produces

Question: Contemporary Issues in Accounting : Brighton Produces Answer: Introduction The purpose of this report is to compare two companies listed in ASX to see whether it complies with the requirements of the users of financial reports as prescribed in the objective of the Conceptual Framework of Accounting. The report further shows how the conceptual framework includes Prudence is likely to show the disparity in Corporate Reporting. The report further had shown the conceptual framework with reference to the annual reports chosen for Adelaide Brig...

  • Published: 07 Apr, 2018
  • Views: 109

Samsung Competitive Advantage for Largest Companies

Question: Describe about the Samsung Competitive Advantage for Largest Companies. Answer: Samsung uses a corporate global competitive advantage to maintain its competitive advantage in order to make more and it now has apple on the back foot. It have maintained the reputation for several years of being the largest company in technology and also by revenue Samsung remains ahead of its rivals such as Apple. The incorporation of a massive screen for the gadgets that the company produces has been a secret that is well utilized to beat competitors. The i...

  • Published: 06 Apr, 2018
  • Views: 277

Transforming Business for Entrepreneurship and Relation

Question: Describe about the Transforming Business for Entrepreneurship and Relation. Answer: Introduction: One of those things which make an entrepreneur a successful entrepreneur is Relationship with its client, customer, supplier, shareholder, business associates and everyone.  It directly or indirectly contributes in survival of a business. Business relationship helps a business to communicating with its stakeholder frequently and comfortably[1]. This report is commissioned to examine the relationship of Islamic bank and globalisation and the...

  • Published: 05 Apr, 2018
  • Views: 76

Promotional and Distribution Strategy : Distribution Strategies

Question: Describe about the Promotional and Distribution Strategy for Distribution Strategies. Answer: Distribution strategy: Boone & Kurtz (2013) mentioned that distribution strategy, concerning a product, is dependent upon the nature of product, geographical distances of its targeted consumers, capital investment made on the product by manufacturer etc. In case of present case of clock, it can be assumed that the targeted consumers are young earning individuals with a high propensity of spending large sums of money upon luxurious commodities. Th...

  • Published: 04 Apr, 2018
  • Views: 102

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