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2007GIR – Legal Issues for Managers

Question: Discuss about the 2007GIR – Legal Issues for Managers. Answer: The matter arising emanates in the realm of the corporate world. Upon scrutiny, I find that the following issues arise that need further deliberations. Negligence: It is because of Sheldon’s negligence that he forgets to inform his company that he had purchased a bulk order of microscopes on credit on behalf of the company amounting to $30, 000 in June 2016. Conflict of interest and non-disclosure: In a monthly directors’ board meeting, Howard suggests to his fellow dir...

  • Published: 28 Feb, 2018
  • Views: 41

Strategic Marketing Management : American Technology Company

Question: Describe about the Strategic Marketing Management for American Technology Company. Answer: Market Positioning GoPro, an American technology company was found in the year 2002 by Nick Woodman (Walker 2015). The company produces eponymous action cameras for which it has gained recognition worldwide. According to the case study, GoPro launched itself in the market using niche marketing strategy.  A niche marketing strategy can be defined as the marketing strategy in which the products appeal a specific market subgroup (Walker 2015). Ori...

  • Published: 26 Feb, 2018
  • Views: 43

Work Place Diversity : Discriminative Workplace Policy

Question: Describe about the Work Place Diversity for Discriminative Workplace Policy. Answer: Introduction The use of anti-discriminating workplace policy has been enabling this organization to ensure all employees, management, and staff work as a team regardless of their differences. Regardless of having employees from different backgrounds in Australia, the management appreciates everyone and utilizes the differences for the benefit of the organization, its clients, and its workforce. Appropriateness Elimination of discrimination among the emp...

  • Published: 23 Feb, 2018
  • Views: 61

Ethical and Leadership Dilemmas in FIFA

Question: Discuss about the Ethical and Leadership Dilemmas in FIFA. Answer: Ethics are moral codes that define an individual in choosing between right and wrong. The codes evolve from a set of established Values and principles that may vary from one organization to another. They help employees and leaders to make decisions based on acceptable behaviours and choices.  Managerial ethics are standards that dictate the conduct of managers and the way they should operate in a workplace.  Managers make decisions based on the procedure that have...

  • Published: 22 Feb, 2018
  • Views: 57

Financial Reporting for Company Book of Account

Question: Describe about the Financial Reporting for Company Book of Account. Answer: 1. Loan guarantee to a staff should be treated as a liability in the company books of accounts. Paragraph 60 of AASB 101 defines liability as a duty to honour future commitments which are outstanding. Paragraph 82 of the standard gives clear criteria for recognising elements in the financial statements. The two core criteria entail determining whether there is a probability   of occurrence of an economic advantage outflow in the future and if the item reg...

  • Published: 21 Feb, 2018
  • Views: 45

Taxation : FBT Calculation

Question: Discuss about the Taxation for FBT Calculation. Answer: Case study 1 Analysis of Fred Name of the Taxpayer : Fred           Entity Type: Individual   Computation of Net Capital Gain/ Loss        for the year ended 30th June, 2016     Indexation Method   Discounted Method Particulars Amount Amount   Amount Amount       ...

  • Published: 20 Feb, 2018
  • Views: 57

Management Backup and DR

Question: Discuss about the Management Backup and DR. Answer: Introduction This report discusses the importance of remote administration, resource management and service level agreement (SLA) management. The report includes operational checklists to assess the results. It also includes brief discussion on how will one consider application resilience, backup and retrieval for chosen service provider with respect to payroll services and information exchange. It further includes assessment of SLA for the chosen service provider using Erl’s SLA ...

  • Published: 19 Feb, 2018
  • Views: 49

The Changing Business Environment : Free Trade

Question: Discuss about The Changing Business Environment for Free Trade. Answer: This essay aims to discuss about Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), more specifically on the Pacer Plus (Pacific Agreement on closer Economics Economic Relations) that has been signed few days back in New Zealand despite being boycotted by the Fiji and Papua New Guinea who refused some of the terms. Free Trade Agreements are concerned with the regulation of tariffs as well as other restrictions of trade among two or more nations. They are made when two or more countries con...

  • Published: 08 Feb, 2018
  • Views: 61

Business Research Methodology : Importance of Secondary Source.

Question: Discuss about the Business Research Methodology for Importance of Secondary Source. Answer: Introduction Research can be defined as a process to understand the phenomenon by collecting, analysing and interpreting data. It can be stated that research is an investigation well planned and systematic to get answers to questions. The investigation is done by the researcher and the process is called research methodology. According to Williams (2007) quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods are used for the purpose of investigation. For the p...

  • Published: 07 Feb, 2018
  • Views: 54

Purchase and Inventory Management at Brisbane Outdoor

Question: Discuss about the Purchase and Inventory Management at Brisbane Outdoor. Answer: Executive Summary Purchasing and Inventory Management is the basis of efficiency in a firm's operations. Thus, most firms define strategies to ensure effective strategies are put in place to manage their purchase needs and maintain required inventory levels at all times. There are a number of strategies from which businesses can choose based on their model of operation. This report presents a case study of a retail company, Brisbane Outdoor, which runs three ...

  • Published: 06 Feb, 2018
  • Views: 53

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