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The Agile Project Management

Question:Write an essay on The agile project management.Answer:The agile project management refers to the innovative method utilized for the purpose of project management. Therefore, the agile project can be regarded as one of the latest project management stratagem that is primarily implemented in the area of software development.  The process of software development in a business might perhaps follow different procedures that include the waterfall model. However, with the development of the software development, technologies as well as business re...

  • Published: 10 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 1101

Work Life Balance and Flexibility

Question:Write an essay on Work- Life Balance and Flexibility.Answer:Introduction:The flexible working and the work-life balance are the two vital concepts, which are the concerns of each and every organisation for its smooth working. Both have their own pros and cons on the woking of the organisations.Every organisation focuses on the implication of such strategies which not only reduces the cost of the expenses of the organisation but also helps in enhancing the productivity of the employees (MacInnes, 2005). The organisations  focus on the strategies...

  • Published: 10 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 714

Statistic and Business Research Methods

Question:Write report to highlights the new and revised business plans and strategies of the Citizen's Gas Company.Answer: Introduction The report highlights the new and revised business plans and strategies of the Citizen's Gas Company, which provides gas services to a varied range of its customers. The customer base comprises of the three types: residential, commercial and industrial types. The demand for gas for the three types of customers varies differently with some factors ranging from weather conditions to various economic and business fa...

  • Published: 11 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 574

Business Accounting

Question:Discuss about the E-commerce Business Model.Answer: Part A Selected Business Name The particular business selected for developing the assignment is known to be Jucce Interactive, which is Sydney-based company operating in the graphic designing process. Selected Business Website Address/URL The website address of the selected business is: Selected E-commerce Business Model Based on the initial investigation, it can be ascertained that the business functions of Juuce Interactive is primarily focused on providing strategic design solutions t...

  • Published: 11 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 628

Decision Support System

Question:Describe about the decision support system. Answer:  Introduction  The report is describing about the decision support system. The decision support system manages the very large data which is not easy to handle manually. The decision support system decreases the employee’s work and gives accurate results. It is the best managing tool for the top management.  Decision Support System  The decision support system works on large data very accurately. There are two types of decision support systems- Programming...

  • Published: 11 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 640

TPG Advertisements

Question:Describe about the TPG advertisements.Answer: In the TPG advertisements that were considered as defective by the ACCC, it was mentioned in the headlines that the company was offering broadband Internet ADSL2+ services to its customers for a price of $29.99. But in the fine print, it was mentioned in these advertisements that qualification was attached with the price that was mentioned in the headlines due to the fact that the consumers were offered these services only if they were joined with the home telephone service provided by TPG Int...

  • Published: 11 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 1345

Case Study Assignment

Question:Briefly summarise the political environment in Indonesia in over the five periods? Answer: In consideration to the provided case scenario that depicted the business accomplishment of Astra International strong background information was also provided regarding the political scenario of Indonesia. Prior summarising the overall political environment of the country in over the five periods it is justified to highlight that Indonesia exemplified a nation that has witnessed an extensive level of fluctuation in the political domain that ha...

  • Published: 11 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 2448

Gender and Sexuality

Question:Write an essay on Gender and Sexuality.Answer: Introduction  Gender and sexuality has always been a hot topic of discussion among the people in the society in the present times. Gender basically indicates towards both the men and the women in the society who possess different kinds of characteristics and expectations (Beasley, 2005). Sex is usually concerned with the biological and physiological characteristic features that define a particular man and a woman. With relevance to the gender specification, the sex appeal and the behaviour ...

  • Published: 14 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 783

Communication for Business

Question: Write an essay on the "Communication for Business". Answer: Nike & United Colors of Benetton In this assignment where I am asked to choose two companies and compare their communication form as well as make an analysis; I have taken up two such companies from the lifestyle and clothing genre. One is popularly known as United Colors of Benetton and the other is Nike.  Talking about United Colors of Benetton; this company was founded by Luciano Benetton in the year 1965. The company initially started business selling sweaters a...

  • Published: 14 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 791

Flexibility at the Workplace and Balancing Work-Life

Question:Write an essay on the topic "Flexibility at the Workplace and Balancing Work-Life".Answer: Abstract This essay deals with the current issue of work life balance and the flexibility at the work place.  There has been a lot of issues raised against the kind of work are there and moreover, how flexible the environment is- thus there needs to be a very proper understanding of issues like these. Flexibility at the work place is needed and the employee will be able to work efficiently if at all his work and personal life are at the same page....

  • Published: 14 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 594

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