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IKEA Strategy Management

Question: Discuss about the case study IKEA for Strategy Management. Answer: Introduction Management and sustainability are the key areas that seldom walk parallel, the issue with the two of these is the relation of management with profit making and sustainability is an altruistic principle. Nevertheless there are certain companies that are epitome of both high moral ground principles of management and sustainability. IKEA is an example in this context. IKEA took up the issue of sustainability with its furniture business and continued it further wi...

  • Published: 05 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 166

Preparing and Planning Risk Management Process

Question: Discuss about the Preparing and Planning Risk Management Process. Answer: Introduction: Preparing and Planning Risk Management Process The immense importance of organizational risk management  processes  is  primarily  due  to the fact that most facilities  experience certain  levels of risk, exposure   to  which  essentially derails  the progress of operational activities (Moran, 2014.).  Regardless of the nature of   threat, the responsibility of ident...

  • Published: 05 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 57

Econ 101 Microeconomics

Question: Discuss about the Econ 101 Microeconomics. Answer: Why human wants aren’t insatiable As people age i.e. moving from childhood to adulthood, there is an inevitable change in their demands and needs in life. However, this does not imply that these demands will diminish all the same. Dynamism of human wants is based on this principle. That there is a certain degree of change in one’s preferences and tastes, though without lessening that particular good completely. From this example, the fact that this individual gets coffee every morning...

  • Published: 05 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 66

Leadership and Change Management

Question: Discuss about the Leadership and Change Management. Answer: Introduction Apple is a computer company started in 1976 and expanded over the period to a large scale that specializes in much more than only computers. It entered the music world in 2001 with a innovative product called iPod and gradually became the leader in music players. In 2007, it entered the phone industry with a unique iPhone which was successful enormously. Eventually, the company has changed from only Computer Company to Consumer Goods Company and gradually understandi...

  • Published: 05 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 115

Consumer Buying Behavior

Question: Discuss about the Consumer Buying Behavior. Answer: Introduction In this era of rapid changing business and competition of survival in the market, the importance of customer behavior is also increasing in the field of market. With the increase in the growth of technology, globalization, involvement of socio-economic business in foreign market and rise of interference of politics in business, the competition among the organizations are increasing so as to develop and manage the company (Castello and Ozawa., 1999). To survive in the market,...

  • Published: 05 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 61

Maritime Policy: Marine Environmental Law

Question: Discuss about the Maritime Policy for Marine Environmental Law. Answer: Introduction: The Principle of the Freedom: The International Maritime Law is divided into four strong pillars namely, Law of Freedom, law of sovereignty and law of common heritage of mankind (HE & GONG 2015). Additionally, law of freedom of contract and legal personality of the ship is also regarded as pillars of international maritime law. Each country is free within the political boundary and the law that applies to them. According to the general rule of ...

  • Published: 05 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 59

Importance of Globalization

Question:Discuss about the Importance of Globalization. Answer:Importance of Globalization for Future Growth and the Need for Domestic Businesses to Move Beyond National BordersThe process of expansion and development of domestic and national businesses on an international scale is known as Globalization. It helps in increasing the international trade and the interconnection of different people from different nations of the world. It interconnects the world and enhances the business opportunities to move beyond their domestic zone to the various ot...

  • Published: 05 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 58

Economics: Future oil Demand and Supply

Question: Discuss about the Economics for Future oil Demand and Supply. Answer: Introduction: The demand for a product reflects the consumer’s desires or willingness to pay for the product at a particular time. Purchasing power of a consumer is important in this aspect. Fulfilment of desire is only possible by the purchasing power of any consumer. Setting all other factors constant, there is a negative relationship between demand and price (Bowen and Sosa 2014). The supply of a product is the amount of product available in the market to cons...

  • Published: 05 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 61

Supporting Aged Communities

Question: Discuss about the Supporting Aged Communities. Answer: Introduction: Australia has been one the very few countries in the world that intends to offer highly accessible and most affordable health service to the inhabitants of the nation. Australian government is known for having framed a variety of health policies and schemes for offering health service to the aged, disabled and Aboriginal inhabitants of the country. This all-inclusive approach towards provision of quality health care to a huge mass of less privileged people is indeed pra...

  • Published: 05 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 57

Industry Training

Question: Discuss about the Industry Training. Answer: Background or Introduction to the Issue Employee turnover is a curse for any organization which makes the employers and top management run for their money. A lot of academic scholars have quoted employee turnover as the relation between dissatisfaction in the job and decrease in commitment in the company. Employee turnover can be defined as the rotation of the staffs around the labor market, between various organizations, jobs, occupations and also between employment and unemployment ...

  • Published: 05 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 63

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