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Are you aware of the fact that it’s not just the quality of an assignment or dissertation that determines the grades for the document? The professor also considers the length of the paper while grading it. Exceeding the assigned word count or keeping it too short can cost you some significant marks. Well, our word counter helps you keep tabs on the document length.

Our team at has devised a sophisticated word counter tool that allows you to find the accurate word count of a document in an instant. This tool not only saves your time but also saves you from losing your grade for exceeding or not meeting the designated word count for the paper. Keep reading to learn more about the word counter tool.

Why Use Our Word Counter Tool?

If you search “word counter online”, you will find a number of options, including this one, on your search engine results page. Then why should you choose us over the others? Well, if you have noticed, MS Word also shows you the word count of the document you open in it. Then what makes the online word counter of so special?

If you use our word counter tool, you get to enjoy these following features:

  • Instant results:

Unlike some of the tools available on the internet, our word counter delivers you the exact word count of the document in an instant. If you are right in the middle of assignment writing, you can simply check the word count of the content you have already written in an instant and make the necessary adjustment in the content to limit it within the assigned word limit.

  • Accurate report:

You may have noticed that fact that the word count indicator in MS Word considers the bullets, numerics and other special elements used in the text as words. Our tool does not make that mistake. This sophisticated word counter only considers the actual words, providing you with an accurate report of the actual word count of the document.

  • Multi-purpose use:

This particular tool does not only help you check the word count of a document. You can also use this tool as a word character counter as well as a page counter tool. This advanced tool processes the word count and accurately tells you the number of pages required to fit the content, after taking your inputs about the font style, font size and spacing measurements.

  • Does not cost a penny:

The best part of this word counter tool is that you get to use this tool at free of cost. You don’t need a spare a single penny from your pocket to use this online word-counter platform. No matter how many times you use this tool, this tool will not charge you any money.

There’s no other free online word counter tool which offers this many features. Get started with this tool to find out the accurate word count of the document right now.

How to Use Word Counter Online?

It is absolutely easy to use our word counter online. In fact, a person with the basic knowledge of computers can use this tool to learn the exact word count, the number of pages required and the number of characters used in the document. Here are the steps to use the word counter online:

  • Step 1: Upload the text:

Once you find our word counter online, you need to upload the text on the dedicated field on the tool. You can copy-paste the text here, or select the text in your document and then drag and drop on the dedicated field. You can find out the word count of the text in the tool right away.

  • Step 2: Set the font:

If you want to go further and find out the number of pages required for the document, you need to input the formatting details you want for the document. Our word counter tool already has a few predefined font styles and font sizes in it. You just need to select the right ones.

  • Step 3: Adjust the spacing:

Once you are done setting the font for the document, you will be asked to select the spacing measurement for the content. The number of pages may vary due to the difference in spacing in the content. Choose the right spacing – single, double or something in between.

As soon as you enter the details, our tool tells you how many pages do you require for the content. You have already found the word count of the text in step 1. Also, our accurate word counter gives you the character count of the text in step 1.

Enjoy Additional Benefits on Using Our Accurate Word Counter

Apart from the features discussed in the beginning, there are several additional benefits that our accurate word counter has to offer. Here are a few more factors that make our essay word counter best in the segment:

  • Based on cloud computing, which makes it remotely accessible from anywhere
  • Compatible with all web browsers across all devices (mobile, laptops, tablets, etc.)
  • Offers an unlimited number of uses with no upper limit for words
  • No registration required
  • Works perfectly with all kinds of text (essays, dissertations, report, etc.)

So why are you still waiting? Use our word frequency counter today, and track the number of word count written in the document before its submission.

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