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Branding Dissertation Topics

Brands and branding are highly essential aspects of any business strategy. Branding and brand management are central to spreading brand awareness, creating customer value, and successfully implementing marketing strategies.

Branding dissertations look into developing brand imagery, showcasing value through effective & intelligent branding, developing unique marketing strategies for brand promotion, tailoring brand management tactics as per market & cultural trends and much more.

This article lists 100 excellent branding dissertation topic ideas & examples for students & researchers to ponder upon.

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Attitude Branding Dissertation Topic

  1. Branding Tactics And Techniques In This Era OF Sustainability
  2. B2B Branding Strategies In Up And Coming Markets
  3. How Brand Reputation Is Affected By Digital Marketing 
  4. Branding And Its Effect On Business Performance
  5. Using Brand Popularity To Combat Consumer Apathy
  6. The Power Of Direct & No-Nonsense Branding 
  7. Brands As A Platform For Innovative B2B Interactions & Management
  8. Twitter Baiting By Burger King: Driving Conversations And Conversions Using Social Media
  9. Importance Of Social Media In Building Brand Image And Awareness
  10. Recovering Lost Brand Equity: How Businesses Can Get Back On Their Feet
  11. Can Effective Brand Management Influence Consumer Perception And Outlook?
  12. Data, Curation And Social Interaction: How PepsiCo Draws On These Three Trends To Strengthen Its Image
  13. Attitude Branding In Digital Relationship Management:  Understanding The Importance of Personalization and Customization.
  14. High-Value Content Creation To Boost Brand Imagery 
  15. Cultural Meaning And Significance Of Branding 
  16. Branding And Marketing: Exploring Their Intricate Relationship
  17. Brand Reimaging To Improve Customer Retention
  18. How To Build A Behemoth Of A Brand: Case Study Analysis Of Amazon
  19. Do Loyalty Schemes Help Brands And Businesses Grow? 
  20. Brand Repositioning And Its Effects On Customer Loyalty
  21. Product Quality And Its Effects On Brand Loyalty: Analyzing Prominent Examples
  22. Can Strong Branding Help Businesses Cope With Customer’s Polygamous Behaviour?
  23. The Effectiveness Of Brand Alliances In The Age Of Digital Marketing 
  24. Strategic Brand Management For Better Competitive Advantage
  25. Risk, Value And Trust: How These Three Factors Control Attitude Branding Strategies

Brand Loyalty & Private Label Branding Topics

  1. Innovative Branding Strategies To Boost Loyalty
  2. Package Redesigning Using Artistic Pieces For Better Consumer Awareness And Sales
  3. Design Thinking To Augment Customer Loyalty
  4. How Brand Advocacy To Consumer Trust And Achieve Better Promotion
  5. Using Brand Connections To Reassess And Reinforce Brand Loyalty
  6. Existing Literature On Brand Loyalty
  7. Understanding The Impact Of Brand Image In Customer Retention Post Covid-19
  8. Improving Brand Loyalty Using Omni-channel Retailing And Marketing: Case Study Of Sephora
  9. Creating Meaningful Post-Purchase Experiences To Drive Brand Loyalty And Relationships
  10. Value And The Crucial Role In Brand Loyalty 
  11. How Consumer Relationships With Brands Have Changed In the Last Year
  12. Using Data To Award And Improve Brand Loyalty
  13. Why Strong Brands Tend  To Become Stronger: A Case Study Of Nike
  14. Loyalty Programmes As A Key Strategy To Improve Brand & Customer Relationships 
  15. Dissecting Doppelganger Branding
  16. Analysis Of Volvo’s Human-Made Stories
  17. Package Redesigns As An Effective Branding Strategy
  18. Repositioning And Rebranding: Case Study Analyses
  19. Dramatic Logos and New Visual Identity For Better Brand Representation
  20. Do New Brand Identities Affect Brand Loyalty? 
  21. Changing Brand Proposition To Grow Sales And Market Share
  22. Analyzing Maersk’s Marketing Strategies For Brand Repositioning
  23. Defining A Successful Brand Architecture In Today’s Times 
  24. Sponsors And Their Impact On Private Brand Image
  25. How Can Enhanced Brand Experience Combat And Counter Fraud? The Perspectives Of Nike and Louis Vuitton
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Brand Extension Topics

  1. Ford Motor Co.’s Digital Strategy to Introduce A Powerful Brand Extension
  2. Trends In Branding In 20201-2021
  3. The Most Successful Brand Extensions Of The Last Decade: Analyzing Events And Their Consequences
  4. Management Of Mixed Brand Portfolios 
  5. How To Pick Winners And Kill Losers In A Multi-Brand Portfolio: Case Study Analysis Of Coca-Cola
  6. Ecosystem-driven Extensions In The New Era Of Brand Building
  7. Studying A Consumer-Based Performance Model To Asses Brand Success
  8. How to Enhance And Expand Brand Architecture For Successful Brand Launches: Discussing The Vital Factors
  9. Parent, Master And Umbrella Brand: Looking Into Different Brand Architectures
  10. Benefits Of An Elastic Brand
  11. A Study OF The Three A’s Of Master-Branding Extension: Ambition, Audience & Adaptability 
  12. Analyzing The Ideas And Significance Of Brand Models: A Look Into Brand Extensions
  13. The Strengths& Abilities Of An Agile Brand: How They Tackle Challenges, Adopt to Changes And Extend Successfully
  14. A Detailed Study Of Integrated Branding Extension
  15. How Tesla, Amazon And Apple Became The World’s Most Valuable Brands: Researching Their Objectives, Marketing, Risk Ventures And Extensions
  16. Master brands And The Extension Strategies That Propelled Them To Success
  17. Metrics To Measure Effectiveness Of Branding Strategies 
  18. Why & How Winning Extensions Grow And Stagnant Brands Fail
  19. Estimating The Value Of A Brand Extension
  20. A Study Of China’s Top 10 Most Valuable Brands & Their Extension Strategies
  21. Top 5 Business Metrics to Monitor And Understand Brand Extension Performance
  22. The Fastest Growing Brand Extensions In 2020-2021
  23. Dissecting Amazon’s Brand Extensions 
  24. Evaluating How Amazon Extended Its Reach Beyond E-Commerce
  25. Event Marketing To Boost Brand Extension

Individual Branding Dissertation Topics

  1. Examining The Relationship Between Risk And Brand Equity
  2. How Does Innovation Impact Brand & Consumer Resonance? Hospitality Brands Who Innovated Due To COVID-19.
  3. Do Consumers Really Care About A Company's Brand Values? The Case Of Starbucks Vs McDonalds.
  4. Tangible vs Intangible Brand 
  5. Values In Individual Branding 
  6. Digital Methods To Boost Individual Brand Salience
  7. Do Leading Brands Need Products That Attract Different Customer Segments?
  8. Exploring How Individual Brand Image Is Affected By Product Availability For SME
  9. Can An rand Image Be Transferred Between Different Sectors
  10. How Does Unethical Behaviour affect Image of 
  11. Individual Brands? 
  12. Do Businesses Utilize Corporate Social Responsibility To Build Individual Brand Equity? A Case Study Of Body Shop 
  13. How Do Branding Innovations Help Businesses Prosper And Sustain Themselves?
  14. Use Of Social Media Marketing To Boost Brand Awareness: Comparative Study Of Different Techniques And Strategies
  15. Evaluating The Degrees Of Success In Brand Equity Transfer 
  16. How Can Social Media Help MSME's Boost Their Brand Value?
  17. How Can Companies Use Smartphone Apps To Improve Brand Equity? Analyzing Case Studies Of Starbucks & Nero Cafe
  18. Branding Of NGOs: Who Benefits The Most Out Of Such Endeavours?
  19. Analyzing The Consequences Of Branding Mistakes
  20. How Has Technology Affected Branding And Brand Management?
  21. Devising A Strategic Roadmap For Building An Powerful Online Brand
  22. The Critical Role Of Branding In New Product Development 
  23. What Made Apple The Most Valuable US Brand
  24. Choosing The Right KPIs To Evaluate Brand Performance
  25. Demystifying The Lore And The Ideas About The Long-Term Value Of Brands
  26. Understanding The Factors That Make Tech Leaders The Most Valuable US Brands: Analyzing The Dominance Of Google, Apple & Microsoft 
  27. An Analysis Of The Triple E Brand Model:  A Metric To Measure Brand Health 

That rounds up this list of 100 branding dissertation topics. Use this list for reference while brainstorming on your branding, brand management or marketing dissertations.

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FAQs On Branding Dissertation Topics

Q. What is branding?

Ans: Branding is the process of creating a unique name, design, symbol, or image that identifies and differentiates a product, service, or company from others in the market.

Q. Why is branding important?

Ans: Branding is important because it helps companies to establish a strong identity, build trust and loyalty among customers, and differentiate themselves from competitors.

Q. What are some popular branding dissertation topics?

Ans: Some popular branding dissertation topics include brand identity, brand equity, brand loyalty, brand management, brand personality, brand extension, brand positioning, and brand communication.

Q. How do I choose a branding dissertation topic?

Ans: You can choose a branding dissertation topic by identifying a specific area of interest within the broader field of branding, considering current trends and issues in branding, and consulting with your academic advisor.

Q. What research methods can I use for a branding dissertation?

Ans: You can use a range of research methods for a branding dissertation, including qualitative methods such as interviews and focus groups, quantitative methods such as surveys and experiments, and mixed-methods approaches.

Q. What are some challenges of conducting research on branding?

Ans: Some challenges of conducting research on branding include the complexity of branding as a concept, the difficulty of measuring brand-related constructs, and the need to balance academic rigor with practical relevance for industry stakeholders.

Q. How can I make my branding dissertation impactful?

Ans: You can make your branding dissertation impactful by conducting original research that addresses a significant research gap or practical problem, using rigorous research methods, and engaging with relevant stakeholders in industry and academia. Additionally, you can consider disseminating your research through academic publications, industry reports, and conference presentations.
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