Politics Dissertation Topics

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Politics Dissertation Topics

The topic you choose for your politics dissertation paper will determine how well your paper turns out to be. There are several politics dissertation topics that you can work on, but how to write my dissertation on a topic that you find perfect for your political dissertation?

You need to remember that nobody will be interested in reading a political dissertation paper on an outdated topic. This is why you need to choose your politics dissertation topic carefully. Politics is a vast phenomenon, so you need to first narrow it down to a specific political issue where you want to focus. Picking a specific method before selecting the actual topic really helps. Also, you need to ensure that your political dissertation follows all specific requirements, and it should be from your interested area.

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Here are several categories to work with:

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Politics Dissertation Topic of International Relations

This category involves conflicts, negotiations, and controversies that occur in the world. It also encompasses other salient issues like human rights, which occur in the world. In addition, there are salient features like globalization, global poverty, environmental issues, and security.

Some of the popular politics dissertation topics include:

  1. Causes of global poverty
  2. An analysis of global security networks
  3. Top controversies on Amnesty International
  4. Analyze the communist regime
  5. Give a comparison between democratic countries and communists
  6. Explain the benefits of international relations for the medical system of countries 
  7. Analyze the communist regime
  8. Explore the changes in the evolution of the immigration system of different countries
  9. Arctic circle power battles 
  10. GM foods market distribution
  11. Ethical guidelines for NGOs
  12. Cause-effect of the Syrian conflict
  13. Human rights in Malawi
  14. Impact of artificial intelligence on international security
  15. Critically analyze the role of international organizations in helping nations with developing positive nations.
  16. Give a literature review on the causes of the First World War
  17. Explain the impact of terrorism on state governance with the help of a few recent cases 
  18. New immigration rules of the UK
  19. Fund structures of international monetary fund
  20. A comparative analysis of the theories of war and peace
  21. GM foods market distribution
  22. Describe how the cold war influenced the political relations in Europe.
  23. Explain the causes of the First World War
  24. Religious laws replace governmental laws in some countries. Do you think religion should be involved in politics?
  25. Explain the formation of the European Union. Also, state why and what countries are parts of it.

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Politics Dissertation Topic of Comparative Politics

If you want to choose the comparative analysis field, you must focus on implementing the political problem analysis rather than concentrating on the subject. Diverse conflicts, domestic politics, and institution analysis are some of the most practical examples in this field. If you choose comparative analysis, you must ensure that you have in-depth institutional configurations in authoritarian regimes and democracies. In addition, you must give special attention to the comparative performance of political systems. 

Here are a few Comparative politics dissertation topic ideas:

  1. “Strong State, Wealthy nation?”, Political economy and security politics.
  2. Share the debate on the foundations of diversity
  3. National Options: List out the choices that the countries are making and also give their reasons.
  4. Explain how regional governance and conflict influence national choices.
  5. Do you think it is choice or fate that forms the foundations of inequality?
  6. Soviet Union Ideology
  7. Recruitment in developing countries
  8. Chinese communist party hierarchy
  9. Apartheid phenomenon
  10. Vietnam war interests aggregation
  11. Escape from Industrial Commodity Trap: Do you think there will be work in the digital era?
  12. Explain the concepts in comparative methods
  13. Differentiate between foreign policies of the United Kingdom and the United States
  14. Present the study of the Cultural pressure between the United States and Japan
  15. The hierarchy of the Chinese communist
  16. The relation between politics and sexuality
  17. Normative arguments for women’s representation
  18. Political parties and women’s movements
  19. Men and women as candidates
  20. Explain Feminism and gender mainstreaming
  21. Women in politics in post-conflict societies
  22. Explain how revolutionary the digital revolution is. 
  23. A study of the Anglo-Saxon Traits in the American Government
  24. Present the behavioral approach of the party comparison
  25. Three globalization and the interplay of domestic developments and global dynamics

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Politics Dissertation Topic of International Politics

If international politics is what interests you and you will want to focus on this category for your politics dissertation, make sure you go through the topics. If you are not sure how to narrow down the topics, the below topics will help you.

  1. A model of democracy emerging after communism
  2. Abandonment of the West and demophiles in favor of China: 
  3. Does it indicate a new dynamic in African foreign affairs?
  4. Investigate the impact of the oil boom in Angola on its poorest citizens
  5. Explain the effects of depression in adolescents with the help of the case study of Vietnam.
  6. A comparative study on Brazilian and Colombian family planning 
  7. Give a proper analysis of the response of the different governments to offensive material on the internet: Greece, Brazil, and Iceland.
  8. Throw some light on mass killing and guerilla warfare in Guatemala, 1960-996.
  9. Constructivism
  10. Drone war
  11. Hegemonic rivalries
  12. The limits of IR Theory
  13. Describe the longest war: La Guerra in Afghanistan
  14. The erosion of military power
  15. Describe civil wars and wars in the contemporary world
  16. The limits of IR theory
  17. The present international system
  18. Describe in detail what you know about the assassination of Haitian president Jovenel noise
  19. How do the democratic Socialists appreciate Maduro's dictatorship?
  20. Africa’s “leaders for life”
  21. Explain the good news of the arrest of Zuma for the rule of the role of law in South Africa
  22. Marriage inequality: Global comparisons
  23. What kind of challenges were caused by the apprehension of the Biafra Leader for the government in Nigeria
  24. Obasanjo argues for the Unity of Nigeria with the former President.
  25. The Chinese Communist Party
  26. What were the lessons taught by Peter Osnos?

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Politics Dissertation Topic of Political Economy

Our professional political dissertation writers have some of the best political economy topic ideas that will definitely inspire you.

  1. Inequality and public goods
  2. The political economy of social media
  3. The political economy of conflict
  4. Taxation and redistribution
  5. The political economy of organized crime
  6. Media bias and its impact on economics and politics
  7. investigate and provide answers to problems in political science and political economy
  8. Share valuable points and examples of the global political economy based on a relationship of dependence, independence, or interdependence.
  9. Explain the challenges that universities should meet to make sure strategic goals are aligned with the needs of the business sector.
  10. Impacts of politics on the economy
  11. Do you find terrorism in the world has any impact on International Oil Prices?
  12. Do you think there is an alternative to the weaponization of currency?
  13. ‘Market-authority’ nexus: A contemporary case study and discussion
  14. Present a review of the third International Financial crisis in 1997.
  15. Discuss some world political portrayals in popular films by separating myth from reality.
  16. Banking crisis: A case study of the Dabhol Power Company
  17. Explain the compatibility between the environment and the business with the examples from the case study of Patagonia.
  18. The implications of China’s engagement with resource-rich countries
  19. Avoiding turmoil: A comparative exploration of the ‘resource curse.’
  20. The political economy of aid and consequences for poverty reduction
  21. Do you consider China to be an untamable menace to the West?
  22. Give a commentary on the work of Susan Strange
  23. Study the effects of banking system regulations on economic outcomes of the European Union and financial development
  24. The role of media in influencing the political economy process of the UK
  25. Give an analysis of the sustainability of the capitalist economic model in democratic regimes.

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FAQs On Politics Dissertation Topics

Q. What is a politics dissertation?

Ans: A politics dissertation is a research paper that focuses on a specific aspect of political science. It involves conducting extensive research, analyzing the findings, and making an original contribution to the field of political science.

Q. What are some popular politics dissertation topics?

Ans: Some popular politics dissertation topics include political theory, comparative politics, international relations, public policy, political economy, and political behavior.

Q. How do I choose a politics dissertation topic?

Ans. When choosing a politics dissertation topic, you should consider your interests and expertise, the research gaps in the field, and the relevance of the topic to real-world political issues. You may also want to consult with your supervisor or other experts in the field for guidance.

Q. What is the structure of a politics dissertation?

Ans. The structure of a politics dissertation typically includes an introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion. It may also include appendices, such as data tables or charts, and a bibliography.

Q. How long should a politics dissertation be?

Ans. The length of a politics dissertation can vary depending on the university and program requirements, but it is typically between 10,000 and 15,000 words.

Q. What research methods can I use for my politics dissertation?

Ans. Some common research methods used in political dissertations include surveys, case studies, interviews, and literature reviews. The choice of research method will depend on the research question and the available data sources.

Q. How can I ensure the quality of my politics dissertation?

Ans. To ensure the quality of your politics dissertation, you should conduct thorough research, use reliable sources, follow a clear structure, and adhere to the formatting and citation guidelines provided by your university. It is also important to proofread and edit your work for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.
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