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Nursing Dissertation topics

Like in every other discipline, dissertations serve as vital evaluation tools for fulfilling a Ph.D. degree in nursing. Nursing students are expected to deliver a well-researched and impeccably formatted dissertation on a particular topic, with assistance & approval from a mentor & the evaluation committee. Students who are searching to write my dissertation for nursing topics that offer them the opportunity to showcase their research skills & demonstrate mastery of relevant knowledge, and present scope to make some significant contribution to a particular domain of research. 

As with every original research paper endeavor, nursing dissertations must exhibit academic rigor, independence, and thorough meticulousness. Writers need to present insight through the careful gathering of facts & data and performing critical analysis. Choosing an appropriate dissertation topic is crucial in determining the quality of the research conducted and the end product itself.

This article compiles 100 engaging nursing dissertation writing topic ideas and nursing dissertation examples uk on four primary areas of the discipline.

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100 Nursing Dissertation Topics

Here are 100 nursing dissertation topics on four major sub-categories of the discipline.

Critical Care Nursing Dissertation Topics

1. Studying The Widespread Prevalence Of Stress And Burnout Amongst Nursing Officials

2. Analyzing The Role Of Critical Care Nurses In Palliative Care:  A Survey Of UK Public Hospitals

3. Meta-Analysis Of Nursing Intervention Measures To Prevent Ventilator-Induced Pneumonia In Critically Il Patients

4. Actual vs Perceived Risk Assessment By ICU Nurses In The Use Of Catheters

5. Wound Management  Of The Open Abdomen: A Critical Review Of Nurse Knowledge And Patient Management Strategies 

6. Assessing The Sufficiency Or Adequacy Of Nutritional Care Of Critically-Ill Children In ICU

7. Investigating The Relationship Between Duration Of Blood Storage And Resultant Patient Outcome During Transfusion

8. A Systematic Literature Review Of Risk & Precautionary Factors In Case Of Pressure Injuries In Critical Care Patients

9. Ascertaining & Understanding The Differences Between Planned & Unplanned Endotracheal Suctioning In Surgical Palliation Of Infants

10. The Risks And Challenges In Recruiting Study Participants & Student Researchers In Critical Care Units

11. The Nuances Of Interacting With Critically Ill Patients: Analyzing The Live Experiences Of ICU Nurses

12. Motivators For Undertaking Specializations In Critical Care Nursing: Survey OF Undergraduate Nursing Students

13. The Complications Of Inapposite Insertion Of Short Peripheral Catheter

14. Critical Review Of The Techniques To Avoid Complications During Transfusion Of Store Blood In ICU Patients

15. The Status And Condition Of Critical Care Provisions In Rural Regions: Insights From The Experience Of ICU Nurses

16. Gender Biases In ICU: Comparative Study Of Patient Care Quality Of Male vs Female Nurses

17. Impact Of Different Communication Styles of Nurses Concerning Stress Control Of ICU Patients: Evaluating Psychological Support To Critically-Ill Patients

18. Analyzing Pain Assessment Abilities Through Physical And Physiological Monitoring By Critical Care Health Givers

19. Review And Analysis Of Events Involving Miscommunication Between Physician And Nurse: Possible Consequences And Preventive Measures

20. Comparative Study And Analysis Of Decision-Making Processes Of Critical Care Nurses In Cardiac Units

21. Studying The Key Challenges That Critical Care Nurses Face When Interacting With Attendants & Relatives Of Critical Patients

22. An In-Depth Study Of Communication Practices In ICU- Best Practices And Main Challenges

23. Exploring The Work-Life Balance Of Critical Care Nurses: Implications And Impact On Emotional Health On Health Workers

24. Researching Critical Care Nursing Education, Programs, And Competencies In The UK Higher Studies Sector

25. Exploring Existing Avenues And Processes For Preventing Burnout Syndrome In The UK Health Sector


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Mental Health Nursing Dissertation Topics

1. Reviewing Provisions Of Mental Health Care For Women Suffering Miscarriage

2. Challenges Faced By Mental Healthcare Nursing Personnel Due to Below-Par Health Infrastructure

3. Mental Health Concerns & Nursing Demands Due to Over-Exposure And Addiction To Digital Devices

4. Depression And Suicidal Tendencies Amongst Returning Soldiers And Care Strategies By Nurses

5. Nursing Challenges Involving Mental Health & Psychological Issues Amongst Teenagers

6. Nursing and Mental Care Strategies For Patients With Multiple Mental Ailments

7. Effectiveness Of Evidence-Based Nursing Practices For Mental Health Cases

8. Burnout In Mental Health Nurses-  Scoping Out Potential Solutions 

9. A Phenomenological Study Of How Mental Health Nurses Can Display Compassion Despite Burnout

10. Exploring The Relationship Between Job Satisfaction And Profession Requirements For Nurses 

11. Identifying The Core Skills And Competencies Of Mental Health Nurses – An Extended Literature Review

12. Cross-Sectional Survey For Ascertaining The Key Reason Behind The Shortage Of Mental Health Nurses In The UK.

13. What Motivates Mental Health Nurses To Care For Their Parents? A Rigorous Investigation

14. Does Personal Experience Help Mental Health Nurses Administer Better Care For Psychiatric Patients? An Investigation

15. Opinion Of UK Psychiatric Nurses Regarding Euthanasia 

16. Studying The Knowledge And Attitudes Of Nurses Towards People With Self-Harm And Suicidal Tendencies  - Synthesis Of Current Literature

17. Learning The Challenges Faced By Mental Health Nurses In The Treatment Of Borderline Personality Disorder Patients

18. Review Of Cases Of Substance Abuse Amongst Mental Health Nurses

19. Unearthing The Key Reasons Behind Mental Health Nursing Staff Shortages In The UK

20. Exploring The Key Issues Affecting Mental Health Patients In ICU

21. Analysis And Review Of Healthcare Personnel Training Programs Using Standardized Mental Health Patients

22. A Review Of The Key safety Protocols Followed By Mental Health Nurses In The UK

23. Comparative Study Of Mental Health Cases In Urban And Rural Societies

24. Interpreting The Legal Aspects Of Research On Mental Health Issues

25. Unemployment & Aggravated Socio-Economic Conditions As A Source of Serious Mental Health Issues

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Child Care/Paediatric Nursing Dissertation Topics

1. Investigating The Causes & Treatment Of Attention-Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder

2. Effects And Consequences Of Parental Divorce On Children: Challenges Of Child Health Nursing

3. Parental Child Nursing Practice In The UK

4. Study Of The Existing Standards Of Paediatric Nursing In Us Healthcare

5. Burnout Amongst Child Health Nursing Staff: A Look Into The Major Causes And Consequences

6. Child Nursing Training And Education

7. Investigating Antibiotic Resistance Amongst Children

8. Service Quality And Cost Control Measures In Uk Vs Us Healthcare

9. Child Obesity: What Are The Main Problems Faced By Child Health Nursing Staff?

10. Child Health Facilities Available To Underprivileged Communities: A Comparative Study Of Major Economies

11. The Ethics Of Paediatric Care 

12. Studying The Prevalence Of Misdiagnosis In Child Care Wards And The Preventive Measures In Place: US Vs UK Healthcare

13. Systematic Review Of Nursing Services For Child & Maternal Care In British Hospitals 

14. Grounded Theory Research On Childcare Nurses Transitioning From Academics To Professional Service

15. How Do Nurses Handle Incident Of Child Abuse?

16. Exploration Of The Primary Differences In Child Health Nursing In Us Vs Uk Healthcare

17. Leadership Styles In Paediatric Nursing Teams 

18. A Scoping Study Of The Capabilities & Adequacies Of The Child Care Nursing Workforce In UK Healthcare

19. Analyzing The Readiness For Tackling Rare Diseases In Private & Public Child Health Nursing

20. Evaluation Of Neo-Natal Care Systems: How Influential Are The Measures Used In Preventing Infant Injury During Delivery?

21. Potent Strategies For Treating Malnutrition In Children.

22. A Look At The Evolution Of Neonatal Care In The Last 50 Years.

23. Investigating The Leading Causes Of Child Mortality In The UK?

24. Analysis Of Paediatric Nursing Training Practices And Procedures For Patients Suffering From Neurological Disorder

25. Impact Of Nursing Education Programs On The Training And Education Of Paediatric Nursing Professionals


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Miscellaneous Nursing Dissertation Topics

1. Effectiveness Of Strategies For Addressing Emotional Health Of Nurses

2. Evolution Of Nursing Through 20th And 21st Century

3. Investigating The Benefits Of Collaborative Nursing 

4. Dangers And Limitations Of Inadequate Nurse Staffing

5. Critical Role Of Nursing In The Healthcare Industry 

6. Impact & Implication Of Culture On Nursing

7. Challenges On The Path To Becoming A Certified Nurse

8. Comparative Analysis Of The Training Processes For Doctors And Nurses

9. A Look At  The Best Practices  For Improving Nursing Productivity

10. Studying The Different Legal Issues Nurses Can Face In Their Work

11. The Issue Of Male Nurses Providing Intimate Care To Female Patients.

12. What Are The Challenges That Stand On The Path Of Becoming A Certified Nurse?

13. Exploring & Evaluating The Best Strategies For Addressing Healthcare Staffing Challenges In Medical Facilities

14. Human Resources Development: What Are The Best Strategies For Increasing Nurses’ Productivity?

15. The Ethics Of Adopting Internationally Trained Nurses.

16. Management Of Nursing Management In Adult Intensive Care Units

17. Techniques And Strategies In Chronic And Acute Pain Management

18. Promoting Positive Health Practices Through Community Nursing Practice

19. Comparative Study Of Community Nursing Across Different Healthcare Systems 

20. Deeper Look At Nursing And Preventive Measures For Sexually-Transmitted Diseases In Women

21. Should Nurses And Doctors Have Equal Opportunities? A Critical Debate

22. Investigating Gender Biases And Prejudices In Nursing 

23. Understanding The McGill Model Of Nursing

24. Comparative Study Of Neuman’s Systems Models, The Roper Logan Tierney Model, And McGill Model

25. How Nurses And Nursing Models Are Affecting And Changing Healthcare

Those were 100 great nursing dissertation topics for crafting an impressive dissertation. Use this article as a guide for brainstorming and fabricating the perfect topic for your nursing dissertation.

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FAQs on Nursing Dissertation Topics

Q. What are some popular nursing dissertation topics?

Ans: Some popular nursing dissertation topics include patient care management, infection control, nurse-patient communication, chronic disease management, patient safety, nursing education, evidence-based practice, and nursing leadership.

Q. How do I choose a nursing dissertation topic?

Ans: Consider your interests, the scope of research in the area, and the relevance of the topic to nursing practice. You may also consult with your advisor or mentor for guidance.

Q. Can I choose a nursing dissertation topic that has already been researched?

Ans: Yes, you can choose a nursing dissertation topic that has already been researched. However, you will need to approach the topic from a different angle or focus on a specific aspect that has not been explored before.

Q. How many sources should I use for my nursing dissertation?

Ans: The number of sources you use for your nursing dissertation will depend on the scope of your research and the requirements of your program. You should use enough sources to support your arguments and demonstrate your understanding of the topic.

Q. Should I choose a topic that I am passionate about or one that is more practical?

Ans: Ideally, you should choose a nursing dissertation topic that you are passionate about and that is also practical and relevant to nursing practice. This will help you stay motivated and engaged throughout the research process.
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