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International Relations Dissertation Topics

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Finding the Best International Relations Dissertation Topics?

Students studying economics or Political science are often required to "write my dissertation" on International Relations Dissertation Topics. However, it becomes overly complex if you have no idea about the topics and fail to structure your thoughts. You need to choose topics that meet the requirements and suit the professor's taste. It often becomes difficult to write a persuasive paper on international relations, and then students are dumped with poor grades.

Unable to understand the reason, they brood over their grades and feel flustered. If you also feel frustrated with selecting the best International Relations Dissertation Topics, then we are here to help. Our experts have created 100 topics for you to ensure trouble-free research and the best grades.

  1. How does terrorism affect international relations between neighboring countries sharing boundaries?
  2. Can good bilateral deals reduce the level of terrorism in a country?
  3. Can international trade control terrorism cause by other nations?
  4. An analysis of the foreign policies of the United States and the United Kingdom.
  5. How can you compare international parties with behavioral approaches?
  6. Can terrorism be eradicated with the combined efforts of the United Nations and individual governments?
  7. What is the difference between Presidential and Parliamentary democracy?
  8. How can you reduce terrorist activities to zero levels in any residential area?
  9. Apartheid Phenomenon- Definition, Facts, Beginning, and End.
  10. What is the latest step taken by UNO to control terrorism on an international level?

International Relations Dissertation Topics On Foreign Economic Policy

Students are often asked to focus on international and domestic politics, institution analysis, and diverse issues. In most cases, when they are laid with such ideas, they find it challenging to find a suitable topic for their research. But worry not as we bring you some great topics to consider:

  1. How to keep local businesses in mind to frame the foreign economic policies of a country?
  2. Should an underdeveloped or developing country allow hundred percent direct foreign investments for infrastructure?
  3. What are the elements in treaties and foreign economic policies that can affect the citizens of a nation?
  4. Should foreign people have access to the comprehensive economic resources of a country?
  5. Can international trade relations develop peace between the nations in case of any law infringement?
  6. How can international relations affect recruitment in developing countries?
  7. International Trade- definition, theory, reasons, and benefits.
  8. What is the structure of the International Monetary Fund?
  9. Amnesty International- the good, the bad, and the ugly controversies.
  10. How can prosperous international relations reduce global poverty?

International Relations Dissertation Topics For Research

Students often get confused about finding the best topics for legislation, democracy, justice, Government, etc. These concepts require in-depth research, and hence we have brought some topics to make your job easier.

  1. An analysis of existentialism through the lens of Western Constitutional Law.
  2. American Revolution- causes, effects, battles, and aftermath.
  3. What do you understand about Karl Schmidt's thesis and German philosophy?
  4. Compare and contrast civil republicanism with liberalism.
  5. What are the risks of neopatrimonialism to a society?
  6. What are the transition methods for a post-socialist society?
  7. Liberal democracy- meaning, policies, and ideologies.
  8. How can the mutual tolerance approach serve as a modern political virtue?
  9. What are the republican traditions in education?
  10. An analysis of election ethics and the rationality of voting.
  11. What are the differences between political and armed conflicts?
  12. How can you implement urgent changes in the process of legislation?
  13. Is it acceptable to pardon criminals?
  14. What are the prosecution ethics for top-tier officials?
  15. Compare and contrast American and European federal crimes.
  16. Should religion be seen as a social power?
  17. An in-depth analysis of federalism is traced in the model of unitary governance.
  18. What are the methods to eliminate corruption?
  19. How do modern leaders contribute to global interdependence?
  20. Detailed analysis of the social movements post-war.

International Relations Dissertation Topics On Public Administration

Topics for concepts related to public administration are not the easiest to find. Hence students always end up flustered when they are required to write about such ideas. Don't stress yourself as our experts have come up with some flawless topics to look into:

  1. The coordination between the governmental efforts of the neighboring countries.
  2. What are the innovative measures taken up by the governments of developed countries?
  3. How do private sectors contribute to maintaining international relations between nations?
  4. What are some of the methods utilized in community development?
  5. Detailed analysis of the compromises of environmental management.
  6. How can the international relations of a nation benefit from strategic planning in fiscal management?
  7. What are the optimal benefits of public safety?
  8. How can non-profit organizations contribute to building international relations?
  9. An argumentative analysis on judicial review.
  10. Compare and contrast common morality and criminal law.
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International Relations Dissertation Topics On Political Conflicts

Are you distressed in finding topics for economic elections and battles? Sit back and relax as we have formulated some topics that focus on the causes and effects of international political conflicts.

  1. Civil War- definition, causes, and peculiarities.
  2. How do social networks and protest movements disrupt international relations between nations?
  3. Syrian Government- restraint in the face of repression.
  4. What are the causes and effects of the Afghanistan conflict
  5. What is the role of political powers in the division of Ukraine?
  6. What are the crises faced by immigrants in Mexico?
  7. What are some of the strategies to resolve the Yemen conflict?
  8. What are some of the challenges faced while attaining liberty and justice?
  9. Critically analyze the political agenda of Ronal Reagan.
  10. What are the causes of rebellion in the Central African Republic?

International Relations Dissertation Topics On Conflict Resolution

Just like how students get perplexed in finding topics related to conflicts, they often rack their brains to derive conflict resolution topics. Each conflict requires a clear structure and proper background to deliver an appropriate resolution. Here are some topics for brainstorming:

  1. Detailed analysis of the conflicts of post-war countries.
  2. What are the conflicts between American and African prisoners?
  3. State the foreign policy of the United States.
  4. State your theories on Antarctica's power distribution.
  5. What are the conflicts between the security leaders after the 9/11 incident?
  6. What are the conflicts between nations regarding the acquirement of Iran's oil?
  7. What are some of the international collaboration strategies of Afghanistan?
  8. Describe the personal ambitions of all the political leaders.
  9. What are the negotiation methods at the time of War?
  10. A case study analysis on Mediation Agreement.

Engaging University International Relations Dissertation Topics

Professors expect their students to deliver a lot in their dissertation paper writing. Therefore, you need to carefully select your topics to establish your growth as an academic writer in such cases. Here are some engaging topics to consider:

  1. What are the effects of technology on modern politics?
  2. Do social media influence politics?
  3. Discuss the global political impact of COVID-19.
  4. What are the effects of censorship on the political atmosphere?
  5. How impactful were the political changes in Australia in the 20th Century?
  6. How does the media act as the carrier of various political perceptions?
  7. Compare and contrast modern-day dictatorships.
  8. What are the benefits and drawbacks of democracy in the 21st Century?
  9. What is the relationship between social reform and conservatism?
  10. What are the causes of various government collaborations?

Easy International Relations Dissertation Topics

As a student, you are expected to showcase your research and analytical skills. However, in most cases, it becomes challenging due to a lack of knowledge of complex topics. So here we have formulated some easy topics, especially for beginners:

  1. Determine the gap between the competency and ideology of various political powers.
  2. What are the impacts and effects of political extremism?
  3. How do political organizations use poverty as a weapon?
  4. A critical analysis of the relationship between religion, politics, and terrorism.
  5. Should religion and politics be treated separately?
  6. How is the acceptance of queer people act as a political move?
  7. What is the impact of neo-fascism in Europe in the 20th Century?
  8. How do satiric comics influence social media to garner political sentiments?
  9. How to stop nuclear experiments to preserve humanity and peace between nations?
  10. How does true democracy look through the lens of social media?
  11. Has social media made political leaders more accessible and answerable to the public?

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FAQs On International Relations Dissertation Topics

Q. What are some popular topics for international relations dissertations?

Ans: Some popular topics include: international security, global governance, international law, foreign policy, conflict resolution, international trade, and human rights.

Q. How can I choose a suitable topic for my international relations dissertation?

Ans: Consider your interests, relevant current events, gaps in existing research, and the availability of data and resources. You may also consult with your advisor or peers for suggestions.

Q. How important is the research question in an international relations dissertation?

Ans: The research question is crucial as it guides the entire dissertation and helps to focus the research. It should be clear, concise, and original, and should demonstrate your understanding of the relevant literature and theories.

Q. How can I ensure that my international relations dissertation is original?

Ans: Conduct a thorough literature review to identify existing research on your topic and to identify any gaps. You may also consider using a new approach, methodology, or case study to add originality to your research.

Q. What are some useful research methods for international relations dissertations?

Ans: Some common research methods include qualitative and quantitative research, case studies, comparative analysis, surveys, and interviews. The choice of method will depend on the research question and the availability of data.
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