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Sustainable Architecture Dissertation Topics

The first step to ensure an excellent dissertation is to choose the perfect sustainable architecture dissertation topic. Our experts at myassignmenthelp.co.uk have managed to find 100 options that will increase your chances of securing a good GPA. If you have any other requirements, share the details with MyAssignmenthelp.co.uk.

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Urban Park Dissertation Topics

1. What is the role of an urban park in a city?

2. Do you believe that urban parks can play a role in sustainable lifestyle?

3. Describe how urban parks lead to community development

4. The impact of COVID-19 on the urban park community

5. What factors should you keep in mind when constructing an urban park?

6. Urban parks are the centre of culture - Explain critically

7. Recreational opportunities in an urban park

8. Explain the safety standards people should maintain in an urban park post-pandemic

9. Should it be illegal for non-vaccinated people to gain access to urban parks in 2021?

10. How can you make urban parks more accessible to the disabled?

11. What pressures should people take to make urban parks a safer place?

12. State the role of urban parks in preserving the community history

13. Is the maintenance of urban parks sustainable in the long run?

14. How can the government promote the concept of urban parks?

15. State the various ways local businesses benefit from an urban park

16. Explain how urban parks can help children with a hands-on learning experience

17. What benefits can the government reap by constructing an urban park?

18. Urban parks are the only source of greenery – Explain with regards to the deteriorating environmental conditions in urban cities

19. Describe the latest urban park architectural designs

20. Explain how the urban park is representative of human freedom

21. Would the functions of an urban park still hold meaning in a rural location?

22. What is the future of urban parks?

23. How do children benefit from urban parks?

24. Explain the role of local citizens in maintaining an urban park

25. How is economic development tied with urban parks?

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Waste Recycling Centre Dissertation Topics

1. An analysis of the waste recycling centres of UK and US

2. The effectiveness of proper waste recycling on the environment

3. What are the various ways to recycle waste in your daily life?

4. What processes do waste recycling centres go through?

5. Alternatives to waste recycling centres in third world countries

6. How has technology boosted the efficiency of waste recycling centres?

7. Sustainable waste recycling management processes in Asia – a detailed analysis

8. What methods can you apply to teach children about the importance of waste recycling?

9. State 5 alternatives to the waste recycling centres 

10. Are waste recycling centres a source of potential hazards?

11. Processes to prevent the spread of diseases in waste recycling centres

12. How to reduce and recycle waste in an office environment 

13. What laws do waste recycling centres have to follow?

14. Describe the process of sorting that happens in a waste recycling centre

15. Do you think that there should be more waste recycling centres in a city? Explain with reasons.

16. The hypocrisy of major corporations passing the buck on people to recycle their wastes for environmental benefits

17. What are the standard safety practices in a waste recycling centre?

18. The role of consumers in reducing the burden on waste recycling centres

19. Show how the economic conditions of a country affect its waste recycling centres

20. What are the qualities of a good waste recycling centre?

21. What policies have waste recycling centres adopted to ensure the safety of local people and staff post COVID?

22. How have waste recycling centres been hit due to COVID?

23. Methods to make waste recycling centres more accessible to disabled people

24. What locations serve as the most ideal for waste recycling centres?

25. What is the long-term effect of the proper functioning of waste recycling centres?

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Neighbourhood Development Dissertation Topics

1. What are the goals of neighbourhood development?

2. Gender responsibilities in community development

3. Can certain cultural practices within a community affect its development? Explain with examples

4. Socio-economic impact on community development

5. The role of social gatherings for community development

6. Analyse how racial segregations can affect community development

7. The impact of religious intolerance on a diverse community and its development

8. How does urban community development differ from rural one?

9. What role do women play in community development in Indonesia?

10. Explain the role of the government in community development

11. What are the common community development problems you can observe in the UK?

12. How can the community power structure affect community development?

13. Analyse the role of public infrastructure on community development

14. Can social media influence community development? Analyse with examples

15. What are the contributions of women’s organisations in community development?

16. Analyse how the elevation in education standards helps community development

17. Should major corporations be responsible for community development?

18. Analyse whether you can use the same rules for both urban and rural community development

19. The impact of startups on community development

20. How can the government invest in community development?

21. Analyse the controversial opinions that believe that community colleges are workforce training centres instead of a piece in community development

22. How are NGOs an essential part of community development?

23. Analyse how communal harmony becomes a crucial factor for its development

24. Explain how community development ties with better availability of health services

25. Would you say that the socio-economic conditions of a country hold a significant impact on community development projects?

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Riverfront Development Dissertation Topics

1. What principles should you keep in mind when planning for a riverfront development project?

2. What is a riparian buffer? Describe what an ideal riparian buffer should be like

3. How can riverfront development lead to a more active community?

4. Describe how riverfront streets improve the safety of persons with limited mobility

5. Analyse the ways how riverfront development has helped improve the quality of life

6. Describe some of the popular riverfront development projects in the USA

7. Compare and contrast the riverfront development projects in the UK and India

8. How is technology helping to reinvent the current riverfront development scenario?

9. Analyse the picture of a riverfront pre and post COVID times

10. What is the role of riverside development in connecting communities?

11. Does focusing more on the aesthetics of riverside development reduce the focus from the ecological importance of the river?

12. Provide a detailed analysis of the history of riverfront development projects

13. What components of the river ecosystem should the communities consider before implementing riverfront development ideas?

14. Provide examples of riverfront projects in the US that has kept the ecological focus at the forefront

15. Analyse the reason behind the reinvention of riverfront development methods

16. Why is it necessary to connect the urban landscape with the river through riverfront development projects?

17. Explain the economic importance of riverfront development projects

18. What building design guidelines do most riverfront development projects follow in the UK?

19. Describe the street and grid patterns that you’d find with regards to a riverside development project

20. What roles do the buildings along riverfronts play?

21. Explain how stormwater management helps to prevent flooding

22. What should the landscape of a riverfront development encompass?

23. Describe the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the overall mood surrounding the riverfront

24. Do you think art exhibitions along the riverfront are a good idea?

25. Analyse how lighting changes the face of the riverfront at night

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