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Literature Dissertation Topics

Literature dissertations explore and dive deep into the world of the written word. From the days of yore to the current times, writers have conjured stories that taught us lessons, recounted events that shook us to the core and delivered insights that opened our eyes to the reality of our times. dissertation writing on Literature, thus, deals with a wide range of topics across world literature and from different periods.
Finding the perfect topic for a literature dissertation can be overwhelming with all the myriad issues & avenues open for research.
This guide presents 100 literature dissertation topics spread across different literary periods, genres, regions, etc.

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List of 100 Literature Dissertation Topics

17th and 18th Century Literature Topics

  1. The Female Characters In Hamlet
  2. Milton’s Paradise Lost - A Study of The Iconic 17th-Century Redemption Poetry
  3. Influence Of The Bible On Milton’s Works
  4. The Genesis Myth In 17th Century Literature
  5. Love, Cosmic Forces, Religion, and Paradoxes in John Donne’s Poetry
  6. Exploring The Most Iconic Examples Of 17th Century World Literature
  7. Analyzing The History Of Tom Jones
  8. The Poet Of Nature – William Wordsworth
  9. A Look Into The History Of The Novel
  10. The Rise Of Reason And Intellect In 18th Century Literature
  11. Samuel Taylor Coleridge –  The Suffering Of A Literary Stalwart
  12. How Paradise Lost Shaped The Future Of Novels In Literature?
  13. Depiction Of The Female Gender In 17th-century fiction
  14. Blending Humours And Melancholy: Literary Analysis Of The Works Of Laurence Sterne

19th Century World Literature Dissertation Topics

  1. Victims Of Love, Loss, And Circumstances In Thomas Hardy’s Works
  2. Studying The Works Of Robert And Elizabeth Browning
  3. Visionary Aspiration In The Poems Of Matthew Arnold
  4. 4Mary Ann Evan/George Eliot:  Investigating Why Women Writers Used Male Pen Names
  5. Robert Louis Stevenson: From Tales Of The Seas  & Adventures To The Dark Realism Of Westernization
  6. Oscar Wilde: An Icon Of Satire & Playwriting & An Outspoken Supporter Of Homosexuality
  7. Tales Of Mystery And The Macabre By Edgar Allan Poe: Understanding The Works Of One Of History’s Greatest Horror Writers
  8. The Simplicity And Rusticity In 19th-Century Literature
  9. Study Of The Psychological Writings Of Fyodor Dostoevsky
  10. Depictions Of Rural And Provincial Lives In The Works Of Anthony Trollope & George Eliot
  11. Science Fiction, Horror, Crime Fiction and The Rise Of The World’s Greatest Detective: A Look Into The Works Of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  12. Religious Imagination vs Realism In 19th-Century Literature
  13. Political Impact On World literature in the 19th century
  14. A Look Into British Imperialism In English Literature
  15. Gender Representation In Gothic Novels
  16. Environmentalism And Sustainability In The Works Of John Ruskin
  17. How the Victorian family meaning changed in the wake of the Gaskell
  18. Emergence Of Realism In 19th-Century Literature
  19. Romance Reading- How The Bronte sisters redefined the Genre
  20. Mary Shelley: A Pioneering Female Writer Of Science Fiction Horror
  21. Mark Twain And The Allure Of The Outdoors
  22. Racism, Slavery, Abuse, and Hypocrisy: The Moralities and Motifs In Huckleberry Finn

20th-Century Literature Topics

  1. Modernism vs Post-Modernism In 20th-Century Literature
  2. Exploring The World And The Themes Of The Lord Of The Rings
  3. Dehumanizing Effects Of Modern Society Through The Eyes Of D.H. Lawrence
  4. Analyzing The Technical Elements Of  The Works Of W.H.Auden
  5. Understanding the War- Study Of The Selected Poems Of Ivor Gurney
  6. Analysis Of ‘To Kill A Mocking Bird
  7. Understanding Virginia Woolf’s Water Imagery
  8. The Diary Of A Young Girl-  Recounts Of Un-extinguishable Hope And Optimism
  9. The Bleak And Changing Times As Depicted In The Wasteland By T.S. Eliot
  10. The Depiction Of Space and Time in The Island of Dr. Moreau and The Time Machine
  11. The Confessions and Tragedy Of Sylvia's Path
  12. Dystopian And Utopian Descriptions OF Aldous Huxley
  13. Dark Humour And Political Satire In 20th-Century Literature
  14. Looking Into The Concept Of Being In Milan Kundera’s Work
  15. Sigmund Freud And Early Modernism
  16. Rudyard Kipling’s India
  17. Jewish writing and Bernard Malamud
  18. Critical Analysis Of The Contemporary Style Of Ernest Hemingway
  19. Treasure Island: A Tale Of Adventure, Heroism, And Betrayal
  20. The Travel Writings Of Jack Kerouac: A Look At His Liberal Outlooks
  21. Modernism Vs Post-Modernism From A Literary Perspective
  22. Comparative Study Of The Best Selling English & American Novels In The 20th Century
  23. Meta-fiction In The Works Of John Barth

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Interdisciplinary & Miscellaneous Dissertation Topics

  1. The Modern Novel And Psychology
  2. Architecture In Thomas Hardy’s Work
  3. The 19th-Century Novel And Science
  4. Space-Age Interpretation- The 21st-Century Literature
  5. The 19th-Century Poetic Imagination And Astronomy
  6. The Importance Of Philosophy In Literature
  7. Archaeology & Literature: An Ag Old Relationship
  8. How does Literature Reflect The Shifting Political Climates Of Our Society?
  9. The Psychology Of Writing
  10. History, Ethnicity, And Linguistics Of Beowulf: A Study Of Old English Literature
  11. Comparing The Iliad And The Odyssey From A Philosophical Perspective
  12. Representation Of Social Issues And Thematic  Concerns I n American Literature Through The Ages
  13. Social Stratification As A Key Underlying Theme In Harry Potter
  14. Usage Of Different Literary Devices In Novels Across The Ages
  15. The Interrelationship Between Literature And Science
  16. Deciphering The Popularity Of Science Fiction Novels
  17. How Cities, Places, And Landscapes Played Central Role In Different Pieces Of Literature
  18. The Significance Of Animals And Fantastic Beasts In Children’s Literature
  19. How Enid Blyton Mesmerised Millions Of Children?
  20. How does Literature help In Children's Cognitive Development?
  21. Roald Dahl And His Influence On Children’s Fiction
  22. The Hills Of Dehra Dun And Mussourie: Ruskin Bond's Simple & Pure Love Of Nature
  23. Post-Colonialism In English And Indian Literature
  24. A Study Of Contemporary Black Literature
  25. Rudyard Kipling’s India
  26. Exploring The Most Famous Travelogues In English Literature
  27. Exploring The Themes Of Wilderness And Nativity In American Literature
  28. The Mountain As A Symbol Across World Literature
  29. Grapes Of Wrath Portrayals Of The Struggles OF The Great Depression
  30. Portrayal Of The Unconquerable Spirit In The Old Man And The Sea By Ernest Hemingway.
  31. The Tragic Realism Of Eugene O’Neill’s Plays
  32. Humanisation Of God By James Weldon Johnson. Explain
  33. Charles Dickens’s picturization Of Victorian England
  34. Themes In Oliver Twist
  35. How British Literature Has Influenced Different Cultures And Literature
  36. Gender Issues In British Literature
  37. Anti-Hero Vs Villain In King Lear
  38. Exploring The Different Themes In William Shakespeare’s Plays
  39. Comparative Study Of Two Foremost Pieces Of Literature From Two Different Time Periods
  40. Dissecting The Outlook Of An Utopian Civilization Of Different Authors
  41. Good Vs. Evil: One Of The Simplest And Most Recurring Themes In Literature

And, those were 100 literature dissertation topics on themes, concepts, thoughts., ideas, and perspectives in works over the ages.

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FAQs On Literature Dissertation Topics

Q. What is a literature dissertation?

Ans: A literature dissertation is an academic document that examines a specific topic in literary studies, usually as a requirement for a graduate degree program.

Q. How do I choose a literature dissertation topic?

Ans: You can choose a literature dissertation topic by considering your interests, previous academic work, and gaps in the existing literature. You should also consult with your advisor or other faculty members for guidance.

Q. What are some common literature dissertation topics?

Ans: Common literature dissertation topics include analyzing a specific author, work, or genre, exploring a literary movement or period, examining the representation of a specific theme or motif across multiple works, and studying the reception of a particular work or author.

Q. What are some current literature dissertation topics?

Ans: Current literature dissertation topics might include exploring the intersection of literature and technology, analyzing the role of literature in social justice movements, or examining the representation of marginalized identities in contemporary literature.

Q. What research methods can I use for my literature dissertation?

Ans: Research methods for a literature dissertation can include close reading, textual analysis, historical and cultural contextualization, and literary theory.

Q. How long should my literature dissertation be?

Ans: The length of a literature dissertation can vary depending on the specific requirements of your program, but it is typically between 80-100 pages.

Q. How long does it take to write a literature dissertation?

Ans: The amount of time it takes to write a literature dissertation varies depending on factors such as the topic, research methods, and individual writing speed, but it can take anywhere from several months to a year or more.
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