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Tourism And Hospitality Dissertation Topics

When you are majoring in tourism and hospitality, you will require tackling many subjects to get graduated. Throughout the course, you will be faced with demanding assignments, and it can be very easy to get overwhelmed by them. But the most difficult part will be choosing the right dissertation topic for tourism and nursing. The topics must be relevant, recent and exploratory enough for students to conduct a comprehensive research study. Our dissertation help experts aid in selecting topics from your specialization that is interesting, have a huge scope of research, have enough references available and are not vague.

Myassignmenthelp.co.uk had been in the writing industry for decades, and thus they know perfectly how to impress professors. Our tourism and hospitality dissertation writers have customised a list of topics as per your specific needs. Choose what interests you from the list. You must address most of the issues faced by the industry today and provide practical solutions to them. We will share some of the best tourism and hospitality dissertation topics ideas in different categories so that it becomes easier for you to select the topic.

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Educational Tourism Dissertation Topics

1. Identify strategies to help countries in increasing tourism rates.

2. Explain how tourism can help poor countries by improving their economic conditions.

3. How did the natural disasters impact the experiences of tourists?

4. Explain the relationship between tourist mobility and geo-tagging.

5. How is education tourism beneficial for the host community?

6. Study the role of universities in educational tourism and local development.

7. Entrepreneurship and its development in the sphere of tourism.

8. Wildlife activities in tourism.

9. Heritage tourism in Europe.

10. Share the influence of wilderness on the economy of different regions.

11. Nordic tourism and its distinctive features.

12. The effect of Worldwide Coronavirus on tourism.

13. The relation between economic growth and international tourism.

14. Explain how foreign students in the university towns in the UK were economically impacted with the help of the case of Durham.

15. What le British students to make the ultimate decision of joining international educational tourism programmes?

16. What factors lead British students to take an academic year student exchange programme in Japan?

17. Is the decision to join educational tourism has anything to do with the popularity of the country?

18. The emergence of China as an alternative source of international politics.

19. Explain how the relationship of the UK with Commonwealth countries has led to the growth of the British education sector.

20. Put some light on the attitude and perception of students towards study and work in the UK.

21. Explain all the factors that impact the decision of young British students to t participate in one academic year student exchange programme in France.

22. List out all the factors that influence international students to choose the UK as their preferred higher education destination.

23. Effectiveness in developing soft skills as a result of cultural exchange programmes.

24. List out the decisions taken by British undergraduate students that led them to decide on a Placement Program in developed and developing countries.

25. What leads British students to decide to join international educational tourism programmes.


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Tourism Management Dissertation Topics

1. The attitude and perception of British tourists towards Bangkok as a winter holiday destination.

2. With the help of a case study of Tunisia and Egypt, explain the role of global terrorism in shaping the image. 

3. Attitude and perception of millennials toward cruise holidays

4. The implications of the Tsunami on the tourism industry in Phuket, Thailand.

5. The effect of the London Olympics on enhancing the scope of tourism in the city.

6. Explain the impact of eco-tourism on buying behaviours among students.

7. Explain the role of technology in promoting tourism with the help of a case study of Airbnb.

8. Analyse the effects of tourism and hospitality management after the coronavirus pandemic.

9. Throw some light on the effect of hurricanes and Tsunami on tourism.

10. Study the change of perceptions among tourists towards online travelling and booking sites.

11. The role of the London Olympics in enhancing the scope of tourism to the city. Explain how the city was able to manage it.

12. Give a critical analytical review on the usage of international relations as an avenue by African countries to market the tourism sector.

13. The attitude and perception of British tourists on Beijing’s world heritage tour.

14. State the disadvantages of tourism development and explain how policymakers can minimise them.

15. Why do British customers find South East Asia to be an attractive tourist destination during the winter?

16. Analyse the city branding campaign “I Amsterdam” to improve the negative image of Amsterdam.

17. Implicit or explicit factors that affect European city break package tours among British customers.

18. Share the key antecedents that are shaping overseas tourism and domestics preferences of British tourists.

19. List of much-needed requirements for a hotel to be considered eco-friendly.

20. Explain the role of sporting events in developing tourism branding with the help of a case study of Qatar regarding the FIFA world cup.

21. A correlative study to understand the relationship between management of hotels and customer satisfaction.

22. An analysis of the attitude and perception towards world heritage site tours. Explain how different governments around the world protect these sites.

23. Create an analysis of the major strategies used to manage imbalances in the demand-supply chain in the tourism industry.

24. Use of sporting events to develop tourism branding -Analysis of Qatar regarding the FIFA World Cup.

25. State the role of strategic human resource management applied to the development o sustainable competitive advantage in contemporary budget hotel chains.

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Black Tourism Dissertation Topics

1. The factors of dark tourism that affect consumer buying in the UK.

2. Use of marketing communication tool for promoting infamous dark tourism sites in the UK.

3. Explain how the British customers perceive man-made grief tourism sites.

4. A qualitative study on local communities benefitting socially and consumers from tours to death/casualty sites.

5. Foreign tourists; attitude and perception toward Edinburgh Dungeon.

6. Which one do you find more interesting - Purpose-built dark tourism sites, natural disasters or man-made black tourism sites?

7. What are the factors that affect British customers with choosing dark tourism sites in foreign countries?

8. How to make Mercat Tour in Scotland a dark tourism site?

9. Dark tourism: Understanding the impulse and the inspiration.

10. Can anyone use dark tourism as an educational tool to develop positive emotions in tourists?

11. How to create a marketing plan for London Dungeon?

12. What are the factors of dark tourism that affect tourism buying in the UK?

13. Attitude and perception of tourists towards the Jack the Ripper site.

14. Explain the attitude and perception of British customers towards man-made dark tourism sites with the help of the case study of Ground Zero.

15. How Beaumaris Prison in Anglesey, Wales should be promoted as a new dark tourism site in the UK?

16. Do you find that visiting a site of suffering and death commercially and socially can benefit the local communities?

17. How can dark tourism be used as education too for developing positive emotions in tourists?

18. Can dark tourism be an acceptable newcomer as a retail-ready marketing collective?

19. How do British tourists perceive man-made grief tourism sites?

20. Do the local communities economically benefit from tourists visiting dark tourism sites?

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Medical Tourism Dissertation Topics

1. Switzerland- an ultimate destination for wellness breaks, spa or weight loss package tours.

2. Explain the buying decisions of purchasing body contour packages in Malaysia.

3. Share strategy on how to promote the Slimming Up Centre as a brand for weight control in London.

4. Attitude and perception among British customers for extreme makeovers and plastic surgery holidays in Thailand.

5. How do you think British customers choose medical tourism destinations for dental tour packages?

6. Do a case study of Yanhee International Hospital, Bangkok, to explain sex reassignment as a medical tourism brand for Bangkok.

7. The impact of medical tourism on local health systems - Critical analysis of Thailands.

8. The emergence of Poland as a medical tourism destination.

9. Identify and discuss critical marketing strategies to promote weight loss in the UK.

10. Explain how young British females perceive facial lifting package tours in East Asia.

11. Find out the major reasons why British citizens travel to different countries for their dental procedures.

12. Examine the factors that influence the decisions of British women into buying body contour tour packages in East Asia.

13. What makes homosexual men choose medical tour packages for sex reassignment?

14. Critically evaluate the perceptions of British men towards hair transplant package tours in Turkey.

15. Attitude and perception toward extreme plastic surgery makeovers in South Asia among female British customers.

16. Micros and macro business environment factors contribute to Eastern European countries' success as becoming successful medical tourism destinations.

17. Throw some light on what Russians think of medical tourism.

18. Health Tourism, its development and current trends.

We hope the above hospitality and tourism dissertation topic ideas inspire you to write a brilliant dissertation. Our experts are always there to guide you whenever you need them. In addition, you can check our tourism and hospitality dissertation topic examples if you want to get some clarity. Whenever your friend places an order, you will instantly receive a bonus in your Myassignmenthelp.co.uk account which you can use for your future assignments.


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FAQs On Tourism And Hospitality Dissertation Topics

Q. What are some popular tourism and hospitality dissertation topics?

Ans. Popular topics in tourism and hospitality include sustainable tourism, destination branding, tourism and technology, hospitality management, cultural tourism, culinary tourism, tourism economics, and the impact of COVID-19 on the tourism industry.

Q. How do I choose a dissertation topic in tourism and hospitality?

Ans. To choose a dissertation topic in tourism and hospitality, consider your interests and expertise, identify gaps in the literature, and think about the practical applications of your research.

Q. Can I combine tourism and hospitality in my dissertation topic?

Ans. Yes, you can combine tourism and hospitality in your dissertation topic. In fact, many topics in this field naturally overlap, such as destination branding and hospitality management.

Q. How important is it to choose a relevant and current tourism and hospitality dissertation topic?

Ans. It is very important to choose a relevant and current tourism and hospitality dissertation topic because this field is constantly evolving. Choosing a topic that is relevant and current ensures that your research is both useful and impactful.

Q. Can I conduct primary research for my tourism and hospitality dissertation?

Ans. Yes, you can conduct primary research for your tourism and hospitality dissertation. This can include surveys, interviews, focus groups, and observational studies, among other methods.

Q. What are some challenges of conducting research in tourism and hospitality?

Ans. Some challenges of conducting research in tourism and hospitality include limited access to data, difficulty in obtaining participant cooperation, and the impact of external factors such as weather and seasonality on tourism.

Q. How long should a dissertation on tourism and hospitality be?

Ans. The length of a dissertation on tourism and hospitality can vary depending on the specific requirements of your program and institution. Typically, however, a dissertation is between 80,000 and 100,000 words.

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