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Project Management Dissertation topics

As a management student, you are required to study different project management aspects of dissertation topics. From handling the intricacies of initiating, planning, and controlling to executing a project, you need to get the good hang of all. But do you know it is vital to understand how to put your learned theories and concepts into relevant practice? That is where the real challenge begins. You may have aced your quizzes and ranked in your class, but you are unable to implement your learning in practical life. Then, know your academic success means nothing.

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Delivering an impeccable project management dissertation of 300-4500 words may seem too overwhelming and arduous to you, but it can prove to be an excellent starting point for developing an in-depth understanding of real-life scenarios. Nevertheless, we do get that your difficulties increase by a few notches when you are asked to come up with intriguing and unique project management dissertation topics. 

In this comprehensive and well-detailed guide, we will walk you through the essentials of crafting a project management dissertation. It also highlights certain remarkable project management dissertation topic ideas to help you fulfill your academic condition as well as stay relevant. 

Intriguing and Exciting Topics Project Management Dissertation Topics 

Project management dissertation help ideas can be based on a diverse range of issues that can detail any one or more of the crucial management concepts within the lifespan of a project. The comprehensive list curated by our eminent project management dissertation topics writers includes finished titles so you can choose any of them or modify any of them by adding a specific sector, industry, or country you aim to research. 

 Research-Based Project Management Dissertation Topics

1. Investigate in detail project management success for project-oriented business organizations from the perspective of technical capacity, leadership, and organization structure. 

2. “Comprehending the role of project management soft skills to enhance project success rates”.  Present a detailed review of statistically meaningful and documented evidence. 

3. Explain in detail the impact of the project manager’s optimism and stress management on the IT project’s success. 

4. Analyse the crucial success factors of project management in global software development

5. Evaluate in detail the impact of strategic roles in the project management office on the business ecosystems. 

6. Investigate Project Stakeholder Management (PSM) through the use of Fuzzy Cognitive Map Modeling

7. Evaluate the impacts of the risk management use on the Information Systems Project Success

8. How can the project management model be improved? Discuss the ways to implement support factors into Earned Value Management (EVM). 

9. Write down the differences between process groups and project life cycles. What can be the potential problems for PM Practitioners? 

10. Evaluate the importance of project management in law firms. 

11. Discuss the factors for project success in the UK 

12. Evaluate the role of project management practices in private organizations

13. Discuss the impact of cost salience and information asymmetry on the Incentive Contract and Project Manager’s profit

14. Evaluate the impact of employment background and social media usage on project management and communication. 

15. Evaluate the Agile Management Approach to establish a risk management framework in Construction Projects. 

16. Discuss the significance of the managerial process within the broad spectrum of project management. 

17. Provide a review of the recent literature on green building and project management. 

18. How do you think project managers can plan and evaluate for Critical Path Analysis? Write an empirical study on the topic. 

19. Discuss how you think organizations can justify their choice of software development methodologies. 

20. Do you think PMBOK guidelines prepare managers effectively for handling project risks successfully? 

21. Present a comparative analysis of the project management software tools in terms of efficacy within the developed world. 

22. Evaluate the project’s risk assessment strategies in the UK’s medicine sector. 

23. Explain the real value of project management in a successful business today. 

24. Evaluate the pros and cons of outsourcing to Asia countries from the US IT businesses

25. Discuss the advantages of employing a qualified project manager in a small business 


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Dissertation Topics in Project Management for Construction Industry

1. Discuss the impact of Inter-Organisational Projects (IOPs) on essential Project Delivery Methods. 

2. Evaluate the needs, practices, and delivery benefits of small to medium-sized enterprises of project management in the construction industry. 

3. Discuss the causes and effects of poor communication in the construction industry. 

4. Analyse risk management in procurement options in the construction industry

5. Explain the impacts of organizational characters on construction project performance/ 

6. Discuss the relation between the multi-methods framework of project management operations and total building performance. Evaluate the aspect in light of a low-carbon construction industry. 

7. Explain third-party logistics and partnering in construction. Present your views from a supply chain management perspective. 

8. Present a remarkable study of innovative solutions in the construction industry reviewing the trends and events of 2018 to 2021. 

9. Write a detailed literature review on the dilemmas faced by the designers and architects related to the paradigms of sustainable development. 

10. Explain the significance of materials management in construction. Write an exploratory study. 

11. Write a review on certain factors leading to delays in construction projects.

12. Evaluate the effects of cost overrun in construction projects. 

13. Assess the importance of cost management in construction projects. 

14. Evaluate the new and remarkable measures of circular economy thinking in construction companies. 

15. Present a study on green tunnel construction technology and application. 

16. How do you think technology is shaping the future of the construction industry around the world? 

17. Present an analysis of modular construction in the context of sustainability and cost-effectiveness. 

18. Assess the overall significance of waste management in the construction industry. 

19. Document the evolution of construction bridges from the end of the 18th century to the modern era. 

20. Present a study on the impact of eco-friendly considerations on a budget of a construction project. 

21. Determine locations as the primary problem for the future of the construction industry. 

22. Present a comparative study between masonry construction and timber frame construction. 

23. Write a chronological study of project management in the construction industry. 

24. Present a detailed study on the evolution of the modular construction industry's growth and its effect on the built environment. 

25. Write a comprehensive analysis of the construction technology of roof steel structures in developing countries. 

Dissertation Topics On Different Project Management Knowledge Areas 

1. Explain- “The role of the project manager in Internal and External Relationship Management- A study on the new project management”.

2. Evaluate the relationship between Project’s Added Value and Trust-Conflict Interaction among Project Teams. Write a comprehensive study on relational and calculative trust. 

3. Discuss in detail the meditating role of leadership styles in the relationship between emotional intelligence and collaboration satisfaction. Write from the perspectives of emotional intelligence. 

4. A unique framework for balancing person-centered leadership and team-centered leadership in project managers. Explain your view on Archer’s Realist Social Theory. 

5. How does leadership affect management? Present a review of the IT sector

6. Explain “Management and its impact on organizational efficiency”. 

7. How do you think the Transformational and Charismatic Leadership Theory adds to the existing literature on the role of leadership in operation excellence within the nursing sector? 

8. Express your views – “Leadership and management skills allow for SME operational excellence”. 

9. Discuss the impacts of leadership and management in R&D departments of consumer goods manufacturers. 

10. Present a comparative analysis of the leadership and management styles between developed and developing countries.

11. Present a systematic review of nursing leadership and management in care for patient dignity and respect in the UK healthcare sector. 

12. Discuss the project schedule for the construction of renewable energy plants with the use of the Critical Path Method. Explain through the application of scheduling and planning. 

13. Discuss the ways of setting effective target benefits with the use of project benefits management. Conduct research with the use of goal-setting theory. 

14. Evaluate the impact of cultural heritage on project appraisal and quality assurance in major public investments. Write a case study on it. 

15. Evaluate the correlation between customer satisfaction and service quality in the automobile industry.

16. Write a well-detailed study on the impacts of customer knowledge and customer relationship management on service quality. 

17. Assess the vital role of the quality management department in cost reduction and profit maximization in a courier services firm. 

18. Explain your views on determinants of an effective quality management policy. What are the factors you must consider while developing a quality management policy? 

19. What are ways Six Sigma can be included in the manufacture of a specific piece of industrial hardware? How do you think it will affect other competitors in the industry? 

20. What are the ways the human resource department has been affected by Total Quality Management? What more is there in store for the human resource department in this regard? 

21. Explain your views on- “Adopting dynamic capability among the human-resource-related quality management practices”.  How can the improvement of product development be facilitated? 

22. Present a comparative study of the allocation of human resources to projects in service units. 

23. Discuss the effect of employee engagement on customer loyalty in the service-based industry. 

24. What are the factors responsible for increasing mental health issues of employees at the workplace in service-based industries? 

25. Explain the role of effective HR planning in a successful strategic alliance process. 

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Marketing Industry Project Management Dissertation Topics

1. Discuss the correlation between brand dominancy and influencer marketing through the case study of LUX. 

2. Conduct a detailed analysis of strategies to include innovative services in the lives of consumers. 

3. What are the factors that influence customer satisfaction on brand success? Present your views through the case study of young adults. 

4. Describe the impacts of AI on project management. 

5. “Importance of Change Management”- Explain. 

6. What are different hybrid project management approaches you can take? 

7. Explain the role of digital and remote teams in the project management 

8. Discuss the significance of soft skills in project management. 

9. Explain your differences in culture and conflict management. 

10. Explain- “Team Conflict Dynamic Model and Project Success written by Ruskin Bond”

11. Evaluate the impact of project management principles and system dynamics on humanitarian logistics.

12. Assess and express your opinion on the causes of the Project Delay. How do you think global construction companies are coping with it?

13. Evaluate the significance of communication in maintaining quality and timely delivery of project activities. 

14. Evaluate the impact of project management principles and system dynamics on humanitarian logistics. 

15. Determine the factors of project selection. Do you think a drastic shift occurs in the project benefits approach towards customer-centricity? 

16. Evaluate project management soft skills in the context of project success rates. 

17. Analyse the effect of project misalignment with business objectives on the overall project performance. 

18. Discuss the effect of culture on project performance in the IT industry. 

19. Investigate the impact of the organization on the implementation of project management practices. 

20. Evaluate project management research trends that influence the success of the project. 

21. Explain the impact of project management maturity factors on project success in huge enterprises. 

22. Discuss the impact of Agile Project Management on productivity in the IT industry. 

23. Agile-scrum for healthcare project management- discuss. 

24. Conduct a novel study for comprehending the benefits of employing a qualified project manager in a small family business in the UK. 

25. Write an evaluative study for comprehending the project’s risk assessment strategies in the UK medicine sector. 

Well, there you go! You can use these topics to craft an impeccable project management dissertation of your own. You can also get started with your dissertation by requesting a brief research proposal from our writers to write my dissertation on any of these topics. Take inspiration or model a new one around these to get your grey cells working in the brain over time. Here’s wishing you all the luck on wrapping up an impeccable paper! 

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The Essentials Of Crafting An Incredible Project Management Dissertation 

In the words of top prolific project management MBA dissertation Help writers, while preparing a project management dissertation paper, one must be well-acquainted with the crucial terminologies and requirements of the subject.  Before you delve deep to craft an impeccable dissertation, below enlisted are certainly vital aspects you must always keep in mind dissertation topics for project management- 


The initiation segment of a project incorporates all the processes involved in defining a new project. This phase identifies the nature and the scope of the project. 

Planning And Controlling 

Planning and controlling include monitoring and controlling the time and resources. This also incorporates managing risk during the project execution. The ongoing procedure measures all project variables, and corrective actions are taken to address the issues. 


The closure implies the formal acceptance of the project, thereby the ending. This includes the report and essential documentation of the learning. 

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FAQs On Project Management Dissertation Topics

Q. What is a project management dissertation?

Ans. A project management dissertation is a research paper that focuses on a particular aspect of project management. It involves conducting in-depth research on a specific topic and analyzing the findings to make a unique contribution to the field of project management.

Q. What are some popular project management dissertation topics?

Ans. Some popular project management dissertation topics include project risk management, project scheduling, project budgeting, project communication, project quality management, project stakeholder management, agile project management, and project portfolio management.

Q. How do I choose a project management dissertation topic?

Ans. When choosing a project management dissertation topic, you should consider your interests and expertise, the research gaps in the field, and the relevance of the topic to real-world project management issues. You may also want to consult with your supervisor or other experts in the field for guidance.

Q. What is the structure of a project management dissertation?

Ans. The structure of a project management dissertation typically includes an introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion. It may also include appendices, such as data tables or charts, and a bibliography.

Q. How long should a project management dissertation be?

Ans. The length of a project management dissertation can vary depending on the university and program requirements, but it is typically between 10,000 and 15,000 words.

Q. What research methods can I use for my project management dissertation?

Ans. Some common research methods used in project management dissertations include surveys, case studies, interviews, and literature reviews. The choice of research method will depend on the research question and the available data sources.

Q. How can I ensure the quality of my project management dissertation?

Ans. To ensure the quality of your project management dissertation, you should conduct thorough research, use reliable sources, follow a clear structure, and adhere to the formatting and citation guidelines provided by your university. It is also important to proofread and edit your work for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.
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