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Nursing Dissertation Topics in 2024


If you are pursuing nursing, you will probably be challenged with writing a nursing dissertation for your undergraduate or postgraduate degree. If not yet, you will become aware of how significant and challenging it is to select unique nursing dissertation topics. 

You have just embarked on the overwhelming journey of crafting your dissertation in nursing. It took you more than two years of extensive research, organising citations, and coming up with credible resources to support your dissertation. It is the final piece of work towards your hard-earned qualification. Hence, it goes without saying that your finished work should be brilliant as it can be. For that to happen, it is significant to select unique dissertation ideas in nursing. 

Undeniably, with so many competing voices and a wealth of work that’s gone before, it can seem impossible to find an outstanding niche. Interesting nursing dissertation ideas are the ones that crop up due to extensive research and careful consideration. 

Today's comprehensive and well-detailed guide is designed to help you deliver an impeccable nursing dissertation. It will walk you through the effective guidelines for writing an exceptional nursing dissertation. It also highlights certain inspirational nursing dissertation topics that will help you kickstart your thought process and formulate topics of merit. 

Let’s dive right in! 

What is a Nursing Dissertation? A Quick Overview

According to the top minds associated with nursing dissertation services, a nursing dissertation or a thesis is a remarkably documented discourse on specific research topics generated as the written form of an individual's research. It is especially a significant part of higher academic qualifications. 

The dissertation is basically a major scholarly work that portrays a student's ability to conduct extensive original research, evaluate data, and write clearly and concisely.

The process of writing a nursing dissertation typically takes countless years to complete. It is a challenging and arduous but rewarding experience. Additionally, it offers a remarkable opportunity for students to make a significant contribution to the field of nursing and to develop their research skills remarkably. 

How to Write a Nursing Dissertation? A Step-by-Step Guide 

Crafting the perfect nursing dissertation might turn out to be an exasperating and uphill task. If the words of top nursing dissertation help stalwarts in the UK are anything to go by, this is mainly because it is quite distinct from other papers you have written before. It demands scientific accuracy, remarkable attention to detail, extensive research, credible citations, and a coherent presentation of a theory. 

However, always know any challenging task can be made easier by breaking it down into smaller chunks. Here are certain remarkable steps you can implement to write a unique paper like never before – 

Select Your Topics 

The first step of writing a first-class dissertation is choosing remarkable dissertation ideas in nursing. Make sure not to rush this process, as the idea you will investigate will form your dissertation's foundation. It also must be something that interests you, relevant to the discipline you seek to study, and should add value to the existing literature. 

Include a Title Page 

Each university may have different guidelines on crafting a dissertation's title page. However, generally, the dissertation title page must include the title of the dissertation, your name, type of the document, department and institution, degree program, date of submission, name of the supervisor, registration number of the student, logo of the university, and the likes. 

Write Acknowledgements 

A close look at undergraduate nursing dissertation examples PDF of UK will help you understand that this is perhaps the most crucial part of any dissertation. This section should acknowledge all those professionals who played a vital role in the research and then acknowledge the people who aided you personally. So, it is essential to include the name of your professors, librarians, colleagues, classmates, research participants, and the likes. 

Pen Down an Abstract 

When you go through UK nursing dissertation examples, you will realise that a dissertation abstract is a deal breaker or maker when making an excellent impression on the readers. 

Hence, the abstract of your nursing dissertation needs to be meaningful, conspicuous, and interesting. It should include brief but relevant information from all the chapters to offer a brief overview of the research conducted. 

Write a Compelling Introduction 

The introduction of the dissertation must incorporate the project rationale, research background, key research aims and objectives, and the research issues to be addressed. Further, this segment can also include an outline of the dissertation structure. 

Incorporate a Literature Review 

The nursing dissertation literature review presents relevant theories and frameworks by evaluating published and unpublished literature available on the selected research topic. The resources should address the topic in light of the research questions. The goal is to highlight and discuss the relative strengths and weaknesses of the chosen research area while determining any research gaps. 

Additionally, it is also crucial to break down the topic and present key terms that can have a positive effect on your dissertation and professor. 

Craft a Detailed Methodology 

The methodology chapter of the dissertation should incorporate data collection and analysis methods and techniques implemented by the researcher. This generally incorporates research design, philosophy, restrictions, code of conduct, ethical considerations, data collection methods, and data analysis strategy. 

Discuss the Findings and Analysis

The findings of the research are evaluated in detail in this chapter. It is also essential to outline all the results in this chapter without interpreting the data or drawing any conclusions. Additionally, it can be beneficial to incorporate graphs, charts, and tables to determine meaningful trends and relationships. 

Present the Discussion and Conclusion

In this chapter, you need to present the interpretation of outcomes and describe whether the research hypothesis has been verified or not. A crucial aspect of this segment is to draw a connection between evidence and results from the literature. You can also offer recommendations concerning the implications of findings and directions for the future. 

Finally, try to wrap up the dissertation with a summary of the overall research. Do not forget to incorporate final judgments, opinions, and comments. 

Incorporate References and Appendices 

The references of the nursing dissertation must be completed as per the requirements of your university. The appendices can also include any extra information, graphs, and diagrams that were used to complete the dissertation but were not a part of the dissertation. Essentially, the objective here is to expand the information/data.

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A Comprehensive List of Unique Nursing Dissertation Topics

If you are facing severe difficulties in zeroing in on intriguing nursing dissertation topics that will raise your dissertation writing game by notches, you can choose or take inspiration from the list of exciting ideas given below. Some of our best minds who help with nursing dissertations in the UK have helped us draft a comprehensive list of exceptional ideas for you. 
Take a look – 

COVID-19 Nursing Dissertation Topics 

1.Do you think NHS Nurses as ‘angels’ and ‘heroes’ is an empowering or harmful discourse? 
2.Present a detailed evaluation of healthcare policy response to COVID-19 in the 
4.Present a detailed critical investigation on managing health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
5.Write a detailed qualitative study of the psychological experiences of child inpatients suffering from COVID-19. 
6.Evaluate the connection between COVID-19 susceptibility and socioeconomic status from the public health perspective. 
7.Discuss the ethical dilemmas healthcare professionals face during COVID119 and discuss policies for best practice. 
8.Write about the antecedents to the acceptance or refusal of the COVID-19 vaccine. 
9.Explore the ways to research the response of the UK nursing homes following the outbreak of coronavirus. 
10.Discuss the risks and responsibilities associated with the global outbreak of nursing and the novel coronavirus. 
11.Evaluate the healthcare policy and response after the outbreak of COVID-19 in the UK. 

Evidence-Based Practice Nursing Dissertation Topics 

1.Explore the ways to minimise falls in patients suffering from combative dementia. 
2.Explore the basic principles of evidence-based practice in the healthcare industry of the UK. 
3.Explain the basic principles of evidence-based practice in the healthcare industry of the UK. 
4.Write a detailed paper on the effectiveness of evidence-based practice in the healthcare industry. 
5.Write about evidence-based primary care practice 
6.Explore the challenges of evidence-based practice for new nurses 
7.Discuss the advancements of evidence-based nursing practice 
8.Write a detailed paper on nonpharmacologic pain management 
9.Write about the implementation of evidence-based practice as models for change 
10.Write about the role and significance of reflection in evidence-based practices 

Environmental Health Dissertation Topics 

1.Write about the significant changes in heart rate due to passive smoking
2.Explore food poisoning and food-related disorders in different places from the perspective of environmental health 
3.Discuss environmental pollutants and their negative influence on the reproductive health of a human 
4.Present a detailed environmental health study on the prevention of arsenic and lead poisoning 
5.Write about the prevalence of air pollution and lung ailments in the urban pollution 
6.Discuss sanitary hygiene in underdeveloped countries and its consequences for environmental health 
7.Discuss the pros of being well-versed with key environmental health threats 
8.Explore the prevalence of food poisoning and food-related illnesses in various cities from environmental health perspectives 
9.Evaluate the impact of deposition of polydisperse particles on cyclone penetration for respirable gases 
10.Write how porous polyurethane foam is utilised as a substrate for assimilating particles in a nanoparticle respiratory deposition sampler. 

Clinical Management Dissertation Topics 

1.Write about the management and treatment outcomes of acute ischemic stroke 
2.Describe clinical management and psychosocial treatment of dependence on drugs in prison settings 
3.Write about self-assessments in patients and decision-making. Discuss the management approaches in surgical cases 
4.Explore possible interventions in the clinical management and control of infectious diseases 
5.Discuss how inpatients with cardiovascular disease and excessive blood pressure can be managed clinically 
6.Explore issues and dangers in the clinical care of patients suffering from prostate cancer 
7.Discuss interventions that can be used in the clinical treatment and control of infectious illnesses 
8.Describe new approaches to patient care in adult critical care units 
9.Explore challenges of management in the care of elderly people as perceived 
10.Describe foolproof strategies in the management and care of patients with chronic and acute pain 

Mental Health Nursing Dissertation Topics 

1.Discuss remarkable strategies to manage ADHD.
2.Present a detailed analysis of mediation treatment on patients who are suffering from cognitive development impairment. 
3.Evaluate mirror therapy in brain rehabilitation 
4.Present a detailed evaluation of the risk factors of anorexia 
5.Explore the relationship between dopamine levels and autism 
6.Write about the advantages of using antipsychotics to avoid delirium 
7.Explore the role of mental health nurses in aiding depressed young individuals to find peace and positivity in their life 
8.Present a study on the impacts of psychotherapy on post-operative anxiety in British men 
9.Explore the difficulties nurses in the UK encounter when they work with female sexual abuse victims 
10.Discuss the legal aspects of mental health research in the UK 

Public Health Nursing Dissertation Topics 

1.Assess the impact of health-promoting interventions on public health in the United Kingdom. 
2.Describe how mobile technology can make public health education programs incredibly friendly. 
3.Explore the risk factors that are associated with sharing lunch among school children. 
4.Describe various exercise habits and their connection with the epidemiological patterns of cardiovascular risks. 
5.Explore the significance of a public health policy for regulating obesity in children. 
6.Evaluate the declining disability trend in the UK. 
7.Describe the impact that the construction of public toilets in crowded cities will have in regulating communicable diseases. 
8.Explore the difference between important cleaning services and urban sanitisation. 
9.Describe how an increase in the supply of clean water for drinking in rural areas of Africa will minimise infant death. 
10.Explain the quality of life of various immigrants and stateless citizens around the world. 

Gynecology and Obstetrics Nursing Dissertation Topics 

1.Write about the different treatments used to manage hypertension in patients who are pregnant. 
2.Discuss the connection between thyroid disorders in obstetric patients 
3.Explore gestational diabetes along with screening, diagnosis, and prognosis 
4.Discuss different processes that are used to identify the weight of the foetal during the pregnancy 
5.Discuss the impact of screening and treatment for asymptomatic bacteriuria on foetal and maternal outcomes 
6.Discuss the prevalence and patterns of congenital abnormalities 
7.Write about the background information on various biochemical indicators 
8.Discuss the ways to recognise vascular mechanical properties 
9.Explore different medicinal therapies that are available for pregnant individuals suffering from severe liver failure 
10.Discuss the impacts of previous spontaneous abortions on pregnancy 

Child Nursing Dissertation Topics 

1.Discuss the remarkable ways to encourage mental health among children 
2.Describe the best ways to treat depression among children 
3.Describe how academic nursing education prepares nurses to manage the IPV of clients during home visits 
4.Describe how the leadership style of child health nursing teams impacts the nurses' management of parents 
5.Evaluate how nurses manage child abuse incidents in the UK 
6.Assess the availability of nursing resources for significant childcare in the hospitals of the UK 
7.Describe how to care for young children and people with complicated health needs 
8.Evaluate the PANDAS syndrome and the ways it impacts childhood behavioural disorders 
9.Discuss the significance of mental and emotional health among children under 5 
10.Evaluate the availability of child health nursing facilities in underprivileged communities in the UK

Community Nursing Dissertation Topics 

1.Explain the role of community nursing in enhancing the quality of life of the elderly. 
2.Write about the health care requirements of children and the community nursing service in Leicestershire. 
3.Discuss the role of community nursing practice in relation to the promotion of health. 
4.Do you think food labelling can help in tackling obesity issues in the UK? 
5.Discuss the relationship between ethnicity and community nursing facilities in London. 
6.Explore the quality of life, good practices, and senior citizens in residential care homes. 
7.Write about the effect of community participation on self-perception, social inclusion, and the daily lives of participants.
8.Discuss the significance of the nursing code of ethics 
9.Write about media and community health nursing 
10.Discuss the significance of nurses educating patients in an environment where different culture exists.

Midwifery Nursing Dissertation Ideas 

1.Discuss the role played by midwives in high-risk pregnancies 
2.Discuss the ways to enhance pregnancy outcomes and care with the assistance of midwives 
3.Do you think midwives impact decision-making and facilitate informed decisions among pregnant women? 
4.Explore the factors that impact the competence of midwives in a clinical setting. 
5.Write about the long-term impacts of social support and midwifery support during pregnancy. 
6.Explore the attitudes toward patient information confidentiality among midwives in the UK. 
7.Discuss women's health risks due to postpartum depression and the role played by a midwife. 
8.Explore the crucial factors that impact the competence of midwives in a clinical setting. 
9.Do you think midwives enable pregnant women to make sound decisions, or it impacts their decision-making? 
10.Write about the role prenatal counselling plays in the development of a child.

What are Some Examples of Nursing Dissertation Topics? 

1.Write about certain important theories and models that have converted the noble nursing profession. 
2.Do you think clinical management is an excellent way to tackle countless patients? 
3.Do you believe public health is a huge concern in third-world countries? 
4.Discuss how community nursing is transforming the path of medical assistance. 
5.Discuss how health organisations are taking care of all environmental health, leading to improved individual health.
6.Discuss the essential factors that impact the poor quality of life amidst patients suffering from chronic diseases. 
7.Discuss different stress-coping strategies in the group of student nurses 
8.Discuss occupational stress encountered by nurses working in private hospitals 
9.Present a detailed insight into remarkable nursing practices in the orthopedic treatment sector 
10.Discuss the way proper nursing care can help in managing depression 
11.Write about deontological nurse practitioners and highlight their responsibilities and roles 
12.Discuss the trends within the world health organisations 
13.Discuss how the holistic approach is useful for physical and mental health 
14.Write about the scope and standards of holistic nursing
15.Discuss the significance of comprehending the leading environmental health risks 
16.Explore the causes of change in heart rate of people who are often exposed to passive smoking 
17.Discuss the connection between the length of the period of blood storage and the health of a patient after transfusion 
18.Discuss remarkable methods for avoiding work-related injuries and illnesses 
19.Discuss occupational health concerns in a global economy and increased work pressure 
20.Discuss the impacts of child patient death on nursing staff 
21.Explore occupational health concerns and work pressure in a clinical set-up
22.Investigate the issues of drugs and drinking among young adults and their effect on mental health 
23.Discuss the connection between suicide and mental illness among youths 
24.Discuss the mental health needs among women encountering physical and sexual abuse 
25.Discuss mental illness and stress among the LGBTQ community members 
26.Discuss how mental support and nursing aid can help in the treatment of autism 
27.Explore the benefits of treating elderly paediatric patients with timely nurse care 
28.Evaluate the extent of NHS focus on offering service to the elderly 
29.Write about compassion fatigue and determine the aspects to look out for when combatting it 
30.Write about the injury mechanisms associated with spinal injuries 
31.Present detailed research on the development of preventive care as a future social anchor for medical treatment 
32.Present a detailed comparative analysis between public and private hospital services for patients 
33.Discuss the pharmacological education of adult nurses and its connection to the evaluation of the professional skills of the nurses in the UK 
34.Write about the difficulties and management of adult chemotherapy nurses in the UK
35.Discuss how nursing theorists work 
36.Explore stress management practices for night shifts 
37.Write about the involvement of local pharmacists in the work of a physician. 
38.Evaluate the risks and issues for injury of patients suffering from dementia. 
39.Discuss the effect of spiritual awareness on the development of nursing skills. 
40.Write about pain management in haemophilia.
41.Explore chemical and nonchemical pain treatment plans for post-surgery patients. 
42.Evaluate the efficacy of nonchemical pain management methods in adolescents. 
43.Evaluate emotional symptoms of premenstrual syndrome 
44.Present a detailed analysis of sleep disorders in women 
45.Write about cultural differences in women’s health 
46.Explore environmental factors that lead to high rates of infertility 
47.Discuss the evolution of nursing in a specific time period 
48.Explore the ethics of data collection in adult healthcare 
49.Discuss remarkable strategies to maintain emotional health for nurses 
50.Discuss the treatment methods for restless leg syndrome 
51.Discuss the significance of nurses educating women on domestic partner violence 
52.Discuss the ways to avoid medical complications with patients who are susceptible to heart attacks and hypertension 
53.Write about the connection between real and theoretical risks associated with the usage of catheters 
54.Write about established models that are used to assess the effectiveness of pain assessment in critical care 
55.Present a comparative study of interpersonal collaboration between nurses and management and its effect on healthcare service delivery. 
In conclusion

Writing a nursing dissertation is a tall order. You would want to put your best foot forward as your grades, and the degree is at stake here. Be it public health or clinical management, choose a nursing dissertation topic that you will enjoy researching and studying.

Pick one from the topics that we enlisted here to mitigate the trouble of having to narrow down a topic that manages to floor the entire panel. In fact, you can frame a topic of your own taking a leaf from our pages as well. Choosing an impressive nursing dissertation topic is the first step to write my dissertation topics. Get cracking on your nursing dissertation with the topic prompts listed here, and you will well be on your way to finishing a stellar dissertation. Good luck! 

How Our Writer Helps in Writing Nursing Dissertation Topics? 

Are you feeling overwhelmed thinking that choosing excellent topics or crafting a flawless nursing dissertation is just not your cup of tea? Pursuing medicine and nursing is arduous as it is; you don’t require the added stress in your life. 

Get quality guidance from is a reputed academic solution provider that has helped millions of students in the UK who just don't have the time, patience, or skills to write a flawless dissertation on a challenging topic. We can help you craft a compelling introduction, perfect literature review, detailed methodology, accurate discussions, and include a strong conclusion. 

Simply drop a buzz in our Live Chatbox, drop a mail, or give a ring, and we will take care of the rest. 

FAQs On Nursing Dissertation Topics 

Q. How do I choose a suitable nursing dissertation topic? 


  • Choose what you are passionate about 
  • Background study before you select a topic 
  • Concentrate on reading material tailored to your interest 
  • Go through other people’s dissertations to have a pattern in mind 
  • Stick with a recurring interest 
  • Attend nursing academic conferences for new ideas to acknowledge and inspire. 
  • Have conversations with other professionals in the nursing field for new topic angles 

Q. What are some emerging trends in nursing research? 

Ans: Certain nursing trends that will shape healthcare in 2023 – 

  • The nurse shortage will continue 
  • The jobs in nursing will continue to increase
  • Increased use of online nursing programs 
  • Nurses will require higher education, focused on BSN degrees 
  • Nursing informatics will grow 
  • Bilingual nurses will be more in demand 
  • Holistic care will become more popular 

Q. How can I formulate a research question for my nursing dissertation?


  • Consider your research objectives. 
  • Conduct extensive background research. 
  • Pick an area of interest and explore its different aspects to determine a topic. 
  • Construct more focused questions 
  • Pick one and refine it even further
  • Determine if you need to use PICO (Population, patient or problem, intervention or exposure, Comparator or comparison, and outcome) 

Q. What are some potential dissertation topics related to nursing education? 

  • Explore the genetic factors of diabetes in children 
  • Discuss how childhood cancer treatment was developed 
  • Evaluate dental and oral health in a region 
  • Explore effective tips and techniques to maintain emotional health for nurses. 
  • Write about the evolution of nursing in a particular time period 
  • Present case studies of positive birth experiences 

Q. How can I conduct a systematic literature review for my nursing dissertations? 


  • Formulate a research question 
  • Establish a protocol 
  • Look for all relevant studies 
  • Apply the selection criteria 
  • Extract the data 
  • Synthesise the data 
  • Write and publish a report 

Q. What are some ethical considerations in nursing research? 

Ans: Ethical considerations in research are specific principles that guide your research designs and practices. These principles incorporate voluntary participation, informed consent, anonymity, confidentiality, results communication, and potential for harm. 

Q. Can you suggest nursing dissertation topics related to mental health? 

  • Discuss the advantages of using antipsychotics when avoiding delirium 
  • Evaluate the relationship between depression or fatigue and cancer 
  • Present a detailed evaluation of the connection between ADHD and screen time 
  • Describe personal experience and sense of self in an individual suffering from schizophrenia 
  • Write about the prevention techniques for post-traumatic stress disorder 
  • Describe the methods of recognising and assisting intimate partner violence victims 

Q. What’s the importance of evidence-based practice in nursing research? 

Ans: Apart from keeping healthcare practices current and relevant, evidence-based practice in nursing research offers a range of other lucrative benefits – 

  • Promotes positive patient outcomes 
  • Minimises health care costs by avoiding complications 
  • Contributes to the growth of nursing science 
  • Increases nurse autonomy and confidence in decision-making 
  • Makes sure of the relevance of nursing practice with new interventions and care protocols 
  • Offers scientifically supported research to help make sound decisions 
  • Encourages shared decision-making with patients in care planning 
  • Improves critical think 
  • Promotes lifelong learning 
  • Enables the inclusion of new technologies into healthcare practice 
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