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Biology is a branch of natural sciences that studies living organisms along with their origin, structure, growth, evolution, behaviour, interaction and function. It includes in itself fields like morphology, physiology, taxonomy and anatomy for the further study.

Students dealing with a field like biology face many problems with terms like Reproduction, Cell Theory, Gene theory, Evolution, Homeostasis, Energy, Acclimatization, Allostasis, Apoptosis, Biological Rhythm, Phospholipids, Claude Bernard, Cybernetics, Enantiostasis, Gaia Hypothesis, Health, Homeorhesis, Botany, Zoology, Metabolism, Classic Genetics, Osmosis, Self-Organization, Aging, Physiology of Animal, Physiology of Plants, Microscopy, Classification of Animals, Ecology, Morphology, Anatomy, Intercellular Communication, Plant Kingdom, Diversity of Life, Ecological Systems, Cell biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Chromosome Theory, Nucleotide Bases in DNA and the like.

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