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Reliability Vs Validity: What Is The Difference?

There are two concepts that assist in evaluating the quality of the research – Reliability, and validity. These concepts specify how well a method, practice, or test processes something. Reliability implies the consistency of a measure, where...

 Bella Phillips, Published On 17 Aug, 2020 | Updated on 31 Oct, 2023

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Cross-Sectional Study- Complete Overview

Different study designs are crucial to solving the riddles of the world around us in the field of scientific inquiry. The cross-sectional research stands out among these as a useful tool for comprehending the prevalence, patterns, and interactions ...

 Annep Gill, Published On 14 Aug, 2020 | Updated on 19 Oct, 2023

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Kolb Reflective Cycle -Complete Guide

David Kolb, an American psychologist, professor and education theorist, designed a model reflecting why learning by doing is the most effective method.  The Kolb reflective cycle sheds light on reflective thinking. It focuses on the need to l...

 Annep Gill, Published On 19 Dec, 2019 | Updated on 22 Nov, 2023