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Top-Notch Solutions
Top-Notch Solutions

Score perfect grades in every Logisim assignment with us by your side. Our SMEs are all STEM postgraduates with years of experience providing exceptional electronics and Logisim assignment help across the Isles.

Unlimited Revisions
Unlimited Revisions

We are the UK’s only Logisim assignment help service that offers unlimited free revisions. Just tell us why you need changes done. If they align with our terms, an expert will revise everything for FREE!

Personalised Assistance
Personalised Assistance

Hire Logisim assignment and homework writers with extensive experience right here. Let them guide you in mastering complex ideas and boosting your skills, knowledge & grades. Place your order and receive customised assistance at pocket-friendly rates.

24*7 Customer Support
24*7 Customer Support

Our Logisim assignment help service is available 24/7, around the year. Contact us anytime via phone or our live chat portal to seek Logisim help from the UK’s leading academic experts.

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Why Students Need Logisim Assignment Help in the UK?

Logisim is a popular software application for designing and simulating digital logic circuits virtually. It is a really handy tool for new learners & aspirants and is surprisingly user-friendly. Yet, thousands of students from across the UK seek Logisim simulator assignment help for a number of different reasons. As a veteran assignment help service, we consider the following the most common and critical challenges. 

Struggles with the Tool  :

The Logisim simulator is not the most elaborate simulation tool out there, nor is its UI the most convoluted. Yet many students face difficulties in designing circuits, navigating the menu, or using its different features. Reasons may vary from one student to another, but irrespective of anything, our Logism simulator assignment help teams are always on standby to help. 

Unclear Concepts :

If truth tables, logic gates, K-Maps, state machine diagrams, and flip-flops make your head go round and round, then you absolutely NEED some expert help. Designing and simulating digital circuits is nigh impossible if your concepts are not clear enough. Seek Logisim assignment help urgently in all such cases. 

Tough Assignment Problems : 

Digital logic overlaps heavily with analog electronics, computer architecture, VLSI design, and numerous extensively intricate subjects. Naturally, your digital circuit design and  Logisim assignments can also pit you against some really tough and convoluted problems. If they seem a bit too much, then it’s best to let experts work on them.

Pursuit of Excellence :

Answering every assignment accurately, crafting an absolutely impeccable solution, and meeting the narrowest deadlines with ease — these aren’t easy at all, especially when you are dealing with tough electronics and/or Logisim assignments. 

That’s why thousands of students from across the UK pay for assignment solutions from MyAssignmentHelp to attain academic excellence. Read on to find out how our Logisim assignment writers have and are helping students excel.

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Topics Covered by Our Logisim Assignment Experts

Logisim is one of the best open-source tools available for digital circuit simulation. It is widely used by educational institutions worldwide. Despite being just 6.8 megabytes in size, the Logisim software is a powerhouse that’s incredibly capable, intuitive, and feature-rich, making it a favourite among electrical engineering students for carrying out digital logic design. 

Yet, in spite of its apparent user-friendliness, lots of students face difficulties in using the tool and assignments involving it. In truth, most students struggle less with using Logisim and more with the myriad intricacies of digital and analog electronics. No matter what, MyAssignmentHelp has always provided customised assistance to one & all.

This is the place to get instant Logisim assignment help for testing & designing circuits, numerical & non-numerical problems, as well as every topic in analog and discrete electronics. Below are some of the major topics in electronics that our SMEs have delivered solutions for → 

Number Systems and Conversions Modelling and Simulating Circuits Binary, Gray, and ASCII Codes  Error Detection, Hamming, Parity, and CRC
Binary and BCD Addition, Multiplication, and Division Logic Gate & Truth Table Analog Design and Logic Families  Boolean Algebra
Combinational Circuits Multiplexers and Demultiplexers Encoders and Decoders Programmable Logic Devices, FPGA, PROMs, etc. 
HDL and VHDL Sequential Logic Circuits Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Converters Microprocessor and Microcontroller Design

Excel in homework and assignments on all of the above topics & much more with our expert assistance.  Check out our sample solutions for a glimpse of our excellence in providing students with top-notch solutions for Logisim assignments, homework,  projects, and the like. Also, go through our reviews to ease any doubts about our capabilities, features, perks, etc.

Read on for a glimpse of a Logisim simulator assignment solution that one of our assignment experts delivered last month.

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Some Expert Tips on Using The Logisim Simulator

TIP 1:

Some students connect wires from splitters to gates one by one, which becomes tiresome as the number of inputs increases. Make things easier by attaching the gate to the splitter. Then, drag the gate to form the wires. This method is very beneficial when you have a large number of inputs. You may also use this to link splitters. Alternatively, if you desire cables between your splitter and the gate, you may attach them without dragging the gate.

TIP 2:

Adding circles instead of gates might help to keep your circuit neater. Instead of using a not gate, you may use little circles to negate an input. 

Make sure you're in the "Edit selection and add wires" mode (by clicking the black arrow at the top left of the window).

Select the gate to which you wish to add the circle.

In the gate's properties section (at the bottom left of your window), select which input to negate. You don't have to include the circles, and it is ultimately your decision.

TIP 3:

To alter the gate's look (as well as its functioning), you may modify its facing attribute (North, South, East, or West) and the total number of inputs. 

Follow these steps to make changes:

  1. Click the black arrow in the upper left corner of the window to ensure that the "Edit selection and add wires" mode is selected.
  2. Click on the gate whose look you wish to modify.
  3. You can make your desired changes to the "Facing" and "Appearance" in the gate's properties section (located at the bottom left of your window).


Sometimes, reversing the splitters' distribution can be necessary. To alter distribution, right-click on the splitter and select Distribute Ascending or Distribute Descent. This is especially helpful if you have a large splitter and way too many inputs to deal with.

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 Avail Expert Guidance On Writing Logisim Assignments

At MyAssignmentHelp, we are one of the oldest, largest, and most trusted academic service providers in the UK. Since our inception in 2007, we have helped scores of learners overcome their Logisim and electronic assignment challenges. Our tutoring and assignment writing teams comprise STEM graduates and postgraduates from top UK universities (READ: University of Manchester, Imperial College London, University of Bristol, etc.).

Our online Logisim tutors and assignment writers have aided students with → 

Mastering The Tool :

Our Logisim experts have guided students in using the tool's different features and options. If you are struggling to navigate the menu bar or the explorer pane, find the right logic gates, or design complex circuits, contact our Logisim assignment help services today.

Elucidating Digital Logic Concepts :

More often than not, our assignment help professionals find students struggling with the most basic concepts as well as numerous complex concepts in digital logic design. Connect with our expert teams in case of any difficulties with digital electronics and circuit design.

Simulating Models :

The Logisim Simulator UI is not that hard to comprehend, and the tool also doesn’t have a steep learning curve. Yet thousands have come to us seeking Logisim help with designing sequential and combinational circuits, PCBs, and the like. You, too, can get in touch if you are struggling to design and/or simulate digital circuits.

Crafting Logisim Solutions : 

Brilliant computer science, computer engineering, and electrical & electronics engineers form the core of our electronics and Logisim assignment help teams. From analog and digital circuit design to Logisim assignments and projects, MyAssignmentHelp provides instant Logisim assignment help with engineering experts writing Logisim assignments of exceptional quality.

Whatever your assignment problem, get them all resolved right here. The most comprehensive Logsim assignment writing services are yours to avail of at the lowest rates at MyAssignmentHelp.

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 Sample Logisim Solution From Our Logisim Assignment Helpers

A 3-bit system has two outputs. Output F1 displays logic-1 when two inputs are at logic-1, whereas output F2 displays logic-1 when all three inputs are at logic-1. 

  • Develop the truth table for the above circuit.
  • Use K-Maps to find the simplified Sum-of-Products function of the expression.
  • Model and test the circuit in Logisim.

Ans →

The truth table for the given combinational circuit  is as follows:

0 0 0
0 `0 1
0 1 0
0 1 1
1 0 0
1 0 1
1 1 0
1 1 1
F1 F2 m
0 0 0
0 0 1
0 0 2
1 0 3
0 0 4
1 0 5
1 0 6
0 1 7


If we rewrite the reduced SOP expression using XOR, then it goes something like this → 

F1 = Z (X XOR Y) + Y (X XOR Z)

The second expression remains the same due to obvious reasons.

Here’s the Logisim model for the reduced SOP (Sum-of-Products) expression for the non-XOR F1 expression.

If we examine the above circuit a bit, we will notice that there are no memory elements. Thus, this is a combinational logic circuit, and if you know what you are doing, modelling it in the Logisim simulator is quite simple.

Our Logisim homework help experts used Karnaugh maps, Boolean laws, and truth tables to deduce and simplify all the expressions. Translating the reduced SOP expression onto the Logisim simulator was a cakewalk for our Logisim assignment help experts.

Next, our Logisim homework help expert writing team offers some handy tips on using the Logisim simulator more efficiently.

More Samples Here

Why Choose Our Logisim Simulator Assignment Help Service?

Ace every assignment in discrete electronics, digital circuits, and the Logisim simulator with our experts by your side. We are the best place in the UK and on the Internet for getting top-tier electronics and Logisim assignment help on short notice and at jaw-droppingly low rates. The finest professionals in the business stand ready to craft superb solutions for all your Logisim assignments and help develop your skills & ideas to the max.  Best grades and better knowledge are MyAssignmentHelp’s guarantees when you seek Logisim homework help from our experts.

With our world-class Logisim assignment help UK from our electrical engineering and computer science experts, you can be sure of attaining excellence in everything. Be it designing circuits or deciphering a convoluted expression, our writers and tutors are available 24/7, ready to assist on the shortest notice.  Everyone one of them is an engineering and CS post-graduate from top UK universities. Solve the toughest problems and submit urgent solutions with the best possible Logism assignment help online.

Every piece of content from our Logisim assignment writing services goes through rigorous quality checks to ensure complete impeccability, adherence to requirements, and 100% originality. Our impeccable solutions and Logisim simulator assignment help services come to you with a gamut of value-added features & perks such as

  • FREE plagiarism & AI-content reports
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  • Direct Contact with Writers
  • FREE blogs, guides, and tools
  • Debugging, editing & proofreading support
  • Instant Response
  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • Affordable rates
  • Awesome Offers & Seasonal Discounts

So, wait no more and share your specific requirements today. Get dedicated subject matter experts by your side at the lowest rates and attain surefire academic success.

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Experience Expert Assistance for All Electronics & Logisim Topics

Avail Comprehensive Help From the UK’s Top Experts
  • Number Systems and Conversions
  • Modelling and Simulating Circuits
  • Binary, Gray
  • ASCII Codes
  • Error Detection, Hamming, Parity, and CRC
  • Binary and BCD Addition, Multiplication, and Division
  • Logic Gate & Truth Table
  • Analog Design and Logic Families
  • Boolean Algebra
  • Combinational Circuits
  • Multiplexers and Demultiplexers
  • Encoders and Decoders
  • Programmable Logic Devices, FPGA, PROMs, etc.
  • HDL and VHDL
  • Sequential Logic Circuits
  • Analog to Digital
  • Digital to Analog Converters
  • Microprocessor and Microcontroller Design
  • RISC vs CISC
  • Frequency Counters & Synthesizers, Oscilloscopes

FAQs About Our Logisim Assignment Help Service

Is your Logisim assignment help service confidential? question0

Absolutely. At MyAssignmentHelp, we are veterans of this business and have a reputation for being one of the most reliable academic help services online. Any and all data you share with us will remain safe and secure forever. Stringent non-disclosure and privacy policies legally bind all our employees. Nothing is shared with any third party whatsoever. 100% data confidentiality is guaranteed, and you have complete control over every bit of data you share with our Logisim assignment help services.

Can you guarantee the quality of your Logisim assignment help? question2

We guarantee on-time deliveries of impeccable Logisim assignments and Logisim homework. Each solution goes through multiple quality checks, plagiarism, and anti-AI scans to ensure impeccability in every aspect. Check out our samples and reviews, and you will find why students across the Isles flock to our Logisim simulator assignment help services.

Who are your Logisim assignment experts? question11

Our Logisim simulator assignment help and writing teams' writers are all graduates and postgraduates from premier UK universities. Some of the most brilliant minds from reputed institutions, such as the University of Manchester, University of Bristol, King’s College, Imperial College, etc., form the core of our ranks. Be sure to receive the best possible Logisim simulator assignment help from the very best in the business.

What if I need revisions or additional assistance with my Logisim assignment? question13

No worries if you are not satisfied with your Logisim simulator assignment solutions. We offer FREE unlimited revisions on every order. All you need to do is tell us the reasons behind your dissatisfaction. We will review them, and if they meet our terms & conditions, then your handpicked expert will make all necessary changes completely free of cost.

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