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80 Brilliant Exploratory Essay Topics for Students

Brilliant Exploratory Essay Topics

Writing an exploratory can be a new experience for students because it is nothing like putting up an argument or pursuing readers to believe something. It actually encourages its writers (students) to explore an idea by fabricating a logical argument to determine the most appropriate solution or answer to a question. As the writer, you need to present an argument from both sides and let your readers decide on which idea they want to agree upon. The success of an exploratory essay and the impact it will create on the readers greatly depends on the exploratory essay topic you end up choosing.

Exploring the Essentials of Engaging Exploratory Essay Topics

According to professional essay writers, an exploratory essay really shines when it uses interesting and engaging essay writing topic. But before you go and search for really good exploratory essay topics, you need to what makes an essay topic worth your and readers’ time.

  • Have two sides of the argument

An exploratory topic should not be a concrete topic or a universal fact. It should have room for argument. The reason is readers are going to have their own opinion on the topic apart from the views you decide to put forward. However, the topic should have at least two sides that provide room for argument. Hence, it will be engaging. It will encourage readers to ask questions.

  • Be appealing to readers

This seems obvious. But this plays a significant role in deciding the success of the essay. The topic has to be something that is engrossing. It should have the capability to engage not only a few but many.

  • Be an issue that is not agreed on

A good exploratory ideally raises multiple questions that can be discussed in the essay and should be answered by the readers.

  • Be something to research on

Exploratory essay writing services greatly depends on the quality of the research material you present. The reason is the main purpose of this essay is to explore a topic by putting forward appropriate evidence. So do not choose a topic that limits research.

Remember these golden rules while choosing exploratory essay topics. To help you further, our essay helpers have put forward a list of fresh exploratory essay ideas. You can refer to them for getting inspiration for generating new one or using the same topic in your next essay assignment.

Best Essay Topics for Exploratory Writing

  1. How does religion affect parenting and family life?
  2. Would USA be more liveable option if more people identify themselves as multi-racial?
  3. Should first world countries be held as responsible for providing better healthcare to third world countries?
  4. Should e-reading be encouraged despite its negative effects on our eyesight?
  5. Should teachers be replaced by computers in the coming years?
  6. Has family values changed over the time?
  7. Divorces should be avoided for the sake of children
  8. An unmarried woman and man should have a legal right to adopt child
  9. Why we are getting over-conscious about our appearances in public?
  10. Should organ donation become mandatory for everyone?
  11. Can we blame a particular country for increased carbon emission?
  12. What steps should be taken to provide everyone with drinking water?
  13. Can music and art play a role in rehabilitating ex-prisoners in the society?
  14. All junior as well as high schools should take electronic approach to learning
  15. Love should not be the only key quality when it comes to tying the knot of marriage
  16. Live-in relationships make marriage last longer
  17. How college can be more affordable?
  18. One must convince his or her parents to approve of a marriage
  19. Will teachers lose their jobs due to technological advancement in education?
  20. Friends can be more significant than family
  21. Do organic products really help our body and health?
  22. Should step-parents adopt spouses’ children right after marriage?
  23. Is eating the only cause of obesity in the United States?
  24. Should advertisement use common people rather than models or celebrities?
  25. Should government take initiative to make college free for students?
  26. Should there be a limit on using technology within the classrooms?
  27. Do distance relationships with the partner really last?
  28. Which sex is more likely to break a relationship? Men and Women?
  29. What is primary reason for people going into relationship? Do they need support or are they afraid of loneliness?
  30. Should there be strict laws on ensuring both male and female athletes get same payments?
  31. Being married for the second time gives you chance to correct your mistakes
  32. Should government release families with more children from taxes?
  33. Women and men have equal chances to break the relationships.
  34. Is it problematic for women to be the breadwinner of a family?
  35. What is better – Marriage or Cohabitation?
  36. There should be better opportunities for gay couples to adopt
  37. Is there any family structure that perfectly suits socio-cultural conditions of 21st century society?
  38. Should partners have separate places to live even after getting married?
  39. Can we rely on renewable energy for satisfying our needs for power?
  40. Should UK revise its taxation system?
  41. Does our economic system force both parents to take up a job?
  42. Do artificial sweeteners affect our health than the actual sugar?
  43. What factors are responsible for children’s ill behaviour? Genetics or poor upbringing?
  44. Should people remain friends with their ex-partners?
  45. How we can balance the need of better healthcare with the continuously increasing cost of health care drug and testing technologies?
  46. Describe some changes that have happened in past years and heavily affected our society
  47. Is there any difference between dating someone face-to-face and online?
  48. Discuss the challenges that are involved in cloning extinct species
  49. Is there any possibility that relationships where men who are a breadwinner of the family tend to be successful
  50. Do sperm and egg donation affect family relationship somehow?
  51. How can schools limit bullying on the internet?
  52. Can we rely on nuclear power more?
  53. Do electronics book really save students’ money?
  54. Is it better to remain out of any romantic commitment and be single for life?
  55. Do men and women expect the same thing from a relationship?
  56. What makes a marriage last longer?
  57. How many online relationships successfully reach their destinations?
  58. Should there any regulation on who can buy supplies and equipment which are used in molecular genetic experiments?
  59. What seems better? Your own child or adopted child?
  60. Should people got married before finishing graduation receive some benefits from the government?
  61. Are reproductive technologies the desired thing for parents who want to customize the genetic make-up of their offspring?
  62. Class ranking can negatively affect students
  63. Men are more content than women
  64. Discuss whether there should be a limit on entertainment for students during exam and before exam
  65. Explore whether pets add any emotional value to your life
  66. Review how religion affects a family and the lives of its members
  67. Craft a paper on how same-sex parents are as capable of conventional parents
  68. Explore who should bear all costs of healthcare?
  69. What changes can be made to improve the water supply around the world.
  70. Describe what is the best study method to prepare for exam
  71. Do social media platforms negatively influence a relationship?
  72. Is there anything employees can do to be more effective in their work?
  73. Should the government impose some rule on car owners for carbon emission
  74. Is there any universal strategy for teaching students better in classrooms?
  75. Should grandparents have a say in their grandchildren’s decision?
  76. How parent’s divorce change their children’s perception of relationship and marriage
  77. Surrogate parenthood should be supervised by federal regulations
  78. Should there be a ban on using cell phones within the college and university campuses?
  79. Should countries sign contract to maintain the level of carbon emission
  80. What is perfect marriage/relationship? Does it exist?

Choosing the Perfect Exploratory Essay Topic: A Guide>

Now as you have numerous choices in your hands, you will rush to make a decision. However, are you aware of a way to select an appropriate exploratory essay topic! If not, here’s your best chance to expand your knowledge,

Write the related issues in one place

Firstly, you need to create a list stating all related words, phrases, problems and ideas. Then try to connect them into a single line. Check whether they make any complete topic. This is a brainstorming list for you to have a wide view on different related ideas. For example, write down the related words like marriage, relationship, divorce, family, etc. and try to create a sentence out of it. This way, you will have a topic outline.

Try to make an arguable and question

From the topic outline, next, you need to make a question out of it. As exploratory essay requires you to analyze all aspects of a subject, the topics need to pose a question that the writer answers in the essay. So try to make it a question, if not question then an arguable statement.

Choose question of your interest

You might have created a dozen questions so far in order to have a handful options. Now, this is the time to choose one from them. You should choose something that instigates your interest; that makes you curious, and read more about the topic.

Ensure you have enough support

It is OK to choose something that interests you. But you need to be certain that there is enough research material available on the internet. If there’s not, you might need to consider your decision. You might have to go for the second choice you have.

Read articles and find at least two positions to argue on:

Sometimes, when you read an exploratory essay, you might find there are no clearly defined positions. This is the biggest mistakes students commit in exploratory essays. So whenever planning to write an exploratory piece, you need to find three positions to argue for. If not three, then two positions to present in your writing.

Now you have the perfect recipe for writing an exploratory essay. So, instead of doubting yourself, you need to believe in yourself and take the initiative. If you falter somewhere, remember our essay writers are here to help you in every possible way.

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