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150+ Persuasive Essay Topics

A List Of Great Persuasive Essay Topics

Is choosing the perfect ideas for persuasive writing making you cry in the corner? Striving to select one that isn't cliché or boring? Searching for good persuasive essay topics that will be engaging for you and your audience? It's easier said than done, right? We feel you.

Crafting an intriguing and impeccable persuasive essay is a huge endeavour. The last thing you want to do is get stuck on the first step of drafting the essay – choose the perfect topic. No need to fret. We have got your back. To help you determine the perfect persuasive writing topics, we have curated a list of interesting and compelling ideas. Each one of these ideas has the potential to generate a stellar persuasive essay.

We will also peel back the curtain to help you comprehend what makes an excellent persuasive essay topic and provide you with effective guidelines to choose an exceptional topic that will persuade and astound your audience simultaneously.

Fasten your seatbelts. Let’s take off!

What is a Persuasive Essay?

Simply put, a persuasive essay is a paper in which one uses logic and arguments to convince readers of his/her perspective. For that, they need to offer solid evidence for arguments, like research, facts, statistics, examples, quotes from eminent experts and logical reasons.

Persuasive essays can also be considered argumentative essays. However, there exists a major difference between these two kinds –

  • In persuasive essays, one requires selecting a side and representing arguments only about a certain aspect to convince readers of the truth of your words.

  • In argumentative essays, one needs to demonstrate both sides of the coin to readers. This implies that you must explain all arguments and counterarguments, even if you disagree with some. And, you need to leave it completely to the readers to determine which will work remarkably.

What are the Good Topic Ideas for Persuasive Essays?

Now that you are well-versed with the persuasive essay, it's time to develop an in-depth understanding of the good topics for persuasive essays.  

Theoretically, one can write a persuasive essay about any topic under the sun. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should.  

A persuasive essay topic is good if –

  • It Fulfils the Purpose – It is crucial for you to develop the topic. Check the persuasive writing topics you choose to offer ample room for evaluation and discussion. For that, it is significant to ensure there are adequate primary and secondary resources available. Hence, it is wise to check it out before choosing a subject.

  • It’s Engaging For You – Understand you will have to craft the essay. Hence, try to choose something that intrigues you genuinely. Also, ensure you will be easily able to write on the ideas for persuasive essays you opt for.

  • It's Relevance to the Readers –Always understand and remember the people who will go read your essay. Choose a topic that will truly resonate with your audience. Also, try to go for a subject or a theme that matters to them.

  • It is Unique – One of the most outstanding things you can do when coming up with topics for persuasive essays is to stay fresh and original. Undeniably, it can be quite difficult to find a completely unique topic. But, even if you select a theme that’s more or less common, try to look for an unusual perspective on the issue.

Clear till now? We are sure you are. Let's now figure out how to choose good and unique persuasive essay topics!

How to Select the Best Persuasive Essay Topics?

Writing a flawless persuasive essay implies more than merely arguing the facts. But, it is important to settle on persuasive writing topics that enable you to present the best case.

t is not possible for you to do that if you’re writing a persuasive essay on a topic that is –

  • Complicated

  • Emotionally-charged

  • Excessively familiar

  • Not engaging for the targeted group of audience

  • Factual

Baffling, isn't it? Have a look at the foolproof tips and strategies you need to implement when choosing ideas for your persuasive writing –

Know Your Interests

Often, most students tend to pick such topics for persuasive essays that will make them look or sound ‘intellectual’ only to understand they have zero interest in them. This makes the writing process excessively challenging.

The best way to avoid this scenario is to stop thinking about what your professor would like to read. Choose the topics that intrigue you or the ones that can convince your readers effectively.

Concentrate on the topics you find intriguing, and avoid playing safe. Be creative, imaginative and open to experimenting with the topic ideas.

Narrow Down Ideas

Always try to choose persuasive essay topics that aren’t too broad. Rather, narrow the topics down and make it specific enough to discuss all your arguments extensively.

Vague or broad subjects can become incredibly vast for the readers to comprehend the intention of your persuasive essay.

Pick Your Stance

The first step in choosing good topics for persuasive essays is to pick what side you are on. Make a decision whether you desire to support the topic or speak against it. Select the stance you believe in and are quite passionate about. Choosing a stance will also make your research work incredibly easy.

Controversy is the Best Policy

Another effective way to choose unique persuasive essay topics is to focus on the controversy around you. A topic is believed to be a controversial one when it is ambiguous. This implies that no stand has been accepted more than the other in society. The next important aspect is that your topic must be of an issue to the public interest.

Regardless of whether it is social, political, or religious, it must be a topic that the majority of people are interested in and polarises them. Thus, whenever you have selected such topics, you are close to getting winning persuasive essay topics.

With all these effective guidelines up your sleeves, you will surely be prepped as a soldier for a battle. For those who are looking for inspiration to set the ball rolling, have a look at this extensive list of fantastic and interesting persuasive essay topics we have specially compiled for you. You can easily climb the ladder of success with any of these.

Have a look –

Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics from Different Fields

Arts and Culture

1. Do you think tattoos can still be considered 'unprofessional'?

2. Do you think it should be mandatory for students to master an instrument at school?

3. Do you believe that music is an effective way to cure mental illness?

4. Harry Potter – Do you think they have gained more popularity than they deserve?

5. Art and music therapy – Do you think they should be given more priority than traditional talk therapy?

6. Do you think art should be analysed by its beauty or its meaning?

7. Art – Is it a reflection of the experiences of an artist or a universal expression?

8. Do you think it is crucial for an artist to possess a unique style for making good art?

9. Do you believe a piece of art can be outstanding if it fails to evoke emotions?

10. Present your views on music with offensive language should come with a warning label.


1. Discuss – "People in high-income brackets need to pay more taxes."

2. Do you think it should be mandatory for all high school students to undertake a class on financial literacy?

3. Do you think one can accomplish the American dream? Or is it simply a myth?

4. Do you think restaurants should remove the concept of tipping and rather increase the wage of their staff?

5. Which one is better – A summer as an unpaid intern at a reputed company or a paid worker at a local restaurant or store?

6. Do you think there should be a compulsory age for retirement?

7. Discuss – ‘Working three-day weekends tend to increase work productivity’.

8. Do you think the federal minimum wage needs to be increased?

9. Do you think the manufacturing and outsourced work must be moved back to the United States?

10.  Do you believe working from home should be the new norm?


1. Which is more significant - music or PE class?

2. Do you think the ACT and SAT are perfect ways to evaluate intelligence?

3. Should students be given sex education lessons at school?

4. Explore the most efficient ways to change the behaviour of school bullies

5. Discuss certain remarkable ways to minimise cheating in educational institutions

6. Do you think students should be allowed to attend public universities for free?

7. A year-round school is always better, with shorter breaks spanned throughout the year – Share your thoughts.

8. What is more vital for a student – music or PE class?

9. Explore the advantages of making preschool free to all families

10. Do you think it is wise to make a switch to the metric system?


1. Do you think there should be any restrictions on free speech?

2. Discuss – Convicted felons who have completed their sentence must be permitted to vote.

3. Do you think recycling should be made compulsory?

4. Present your views on why people over a specific age should not be permitted to adopt children.

5. Do you think it is right or ethical for children under the age of 18 to be able to get plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons?

6. Do you think morality is interlinked with the educational level of an individual?

7. Do you believe abortion is ethically and morally wrong?

8. Explore the pros and cons of universal income

9. Explore the carbon impact of having children

10. Evaluate the moral impacts anonymity will have on the users of the Internet.

Government and Politics

1. Do you think Puerto Rico must be granted statehood?

2. Explore the ways Brexit will end up aiding or harming the United Kingdom

3. Do you feel the one-child policy of China impacted the country? If so, how? Also, mention the positive and negative impacts.

4. Do you think national security should be more significant than individual privacy?

5. Who do you think should be the next person to be printed on the banknotes of America?

6. Do you think it is a gamble to trade with political nations of unstable?

7. Do you think the system of the Electoral College must be brought to an end?

8. Discuss your views on women legislatures deserve special privileges

9. Explore how spin doctors should reign political campaigns

10. Discuss how the construction of a wall on the Mexico and US border can help in avoiding illegal immigration


1. Explore the most effective ways to curtail the spread of Ebola

2. Do you think birth control pills must be made available for teenagers without a prescription?

3. Which one is more effective and best for weight loss – low-carb or low-fad diets?

4. Do you think public schools must make it compulsory for all students to be vaccinated?

5. Should pregnant women be restricted from purchasing alcohol and cigarettes?

6. Do you think the concept of recreational marijuana must be legalised around the nation?

7. What are the effective ways to make health insurance more reasonable?

8. Discuss the remarkable ways to lower the rate of teen pregnancy

9. Do you think the Keto diet is a safe and efficient way to lose weight?

10. Do you think cloning can help in saving lives?


1. Explain the causes of the destruction of the USS  Maine

2. Explore the key cause of the Rwandan genocide

3. Discuss what happened to the settlers of the Roanoke colony

4. Do you think disagreement over slavery was the key cause of the civil war in the US?

5. Evaluate the rise of Hitler to power

6. Present a comparison and contrast between different religions

7. Do you think the dark ages were truly that dark?

8. Evaluate historical myths and legends

9. Discuss the primary causes and effects of the Cold War

10. Discuss the impact of the war on drugs throughout the history


1. Do you think animal testing must be prohibited?

2. Explore the ways to build a colony on the moon

3. Do you think the government should regulate the Internet more strictly?

4. Explore the best choices for renewable energy

5. Should parents be permitted to alter their genes scientifically?

6. Do you think organ donation must be made compulsory or optional?

7. Do you think stem cells must be utilised in medicine?

8. Explore the most effective ways to minimise the impact of global warming

9. Discuss the most effective ways to minimise illegal poaching in Africa

10. Do you think it is normal for people to keep exotic animals as pets?


1. Do you think children younger than 18 must be permitted to play tackle football?

2. Present your views on why horse racing must be banned

3. Do you think PE classes enable students to stay in shape?

4. Do you think cheerleading should be considered a sport?

5. Explain – Michael Jordan is the most successful athlete of all times

6. Do you think chess must be declared as an Olympic sport?

7. Discuss the issue of homophobia in sports

8. Do you think every sportsperson can be an excellent coach? If not, so why?

9. Do you think the NFL should do more to avoid concussions in players?

10. Present your views on how important it is for college athletes to receive a salary.


1. Do you think online schools can be as effective as traditional schools?

2. Do you believe facial recognition must be prohibited?

3. Present your views on whether ride-sharing companies like Lyft or Uber are good or bad for society.

4. Do you think Facebook needs to take more efforts to safeguard the privacy of its users?

5. Discuss – Steve Jobs was a visionary or a great marketer

6. Do you think the excessive use of social media led to anxiety or depression?

7. Do you think technology will increase or reduce inequality in the society around the world?

8. Do you think virtual currency can replace central banking systems?

9. Do you feel every published book should be made available in PDF format?

10. Do you feel people should stop listening to music at high volumes?

Social Media

1. Do you think social media have certain disadvantages?

2. Is social media becoming more vital than face-to-face communication among teens?

3. Discuss the ways social media is creating loneliness among young adults during the Covid-19 lockdown or pandemic in the United States of America.

4. Do you think the series ‘Black Mirror’ can be right about our future?

5. Do you believe social media can be used for mass surveillance? Explore why it should or why shouldn't be used this way.

6. Present your views on how social media addiction can be a real thing

7. Do you think social media is corrupting the idea of democracy? Present your views on the role of Facebook in the election of Trump, Brexit, and the likes.

8. Do you think social media fame can impact the life of an individual?

9. Explore the advantages of multilingual people in establishing a discourse in social media.

10. Write about the issue of censorship and its impacts on politics within social media.

Persuasive Essay Topics for College

1. Do you believe wrestling is a dehumanising sport?

2. Present your views on how a research paper is more effective in mastering a subject than exams.

3. Discuss how gun ownership must be regulated strictly

4. Explore the significance of the equal representation of races and genders in the police

5. Do you think beauty competitions can harm the self-image of teenage girls?

6. Present your views on 'the world should have free borders.'

7. Do you believe that the feminist movement devalued motherhood?

8. Explore how the older generation can learn certain vital things from today's generation.

9. Do you think there should be an age limit that teachers can teach? Is taking a gap year from studies a remarkable idea?

10. Do you think all students of college must get the opportunity to experience sorority or fraternity?

Persuasive Essay Topics for University

1. Do you think access to the Internet must be free for everyone?

2. Explore why legal marijuana must be taxed and regulated like alcohol or tobacco.

3. Do you think making the education sector free can minimise the poverty rates? Is it true?

4. Present your views on how students with brilliant attendance must be rewarded.

5. Do you believe social media should be prohibited on the premises of educational institutions?

6. Explore why the usage of nuclear power must be illegal

7. Do you think violent video games can lead people to act violently in real life?

8. Present your views on single-sex colleges offering remarkable education

9. Do you believe climate change should be the primary political concern of a country’s government?

10. Do you think public safety is more vital than the right to privacy of an individual?

Controversial Persuasive Essay Topics

1. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of ethnic adoption

2. Do you think pharmaceutical industries are disrupting the lives of human beings?

3. Do you believe genetic cloning is not ethical?

4. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of capital punishment

5. Can global warming be the greatest threat to humanity?

6. Do you think fast food should be taxed at higher rates?

7. Is it necessary for students to learn a foreign language?

8. Do you believe good GPAs are excellent indicators of career success?

9. Do you believe social media can be held responsible for increased political polarisation?

10.  Do you think a college education is worth the cost?

Fun Persuasive Essay Topics

1. Describe what would happen if unicorns dominated the entire world

2. Do you think wearing braces can scare off strangers?

3. Do you agree – “Boys gossip more than girls ever do”?

4. Write about the worst movie in the world

5. Explain how good skills in video games can land you a job

6. Do you enjoy getting spam emails more than actual emails?

7. Do you think cats or dogs should dominate the world?

8. Discuss – YouTube will make you a superstar overnight

9. Do you believe your zodiac sign will determine your personality?

10. Do you think socials prefer stalking tendencies?

Argumentative Persuasive Essay Topics

1. Do you think it is right for students to take a gap year after high school?

2. Do you think all students must be required to participate in arts?

3. Is it necessary for high school journalists to be protected under the First Amendment?

4. Should educators be unbiased in the classroom?

5. Do you think standardised tests must determine whether or not you should go on to another grade level?

6. Why is it crucial for schools to teach abstinence-only education?

7. Do you think a National Voter ID law must be passed to avoid voter fraud?

8. Should local municipalities do more to battle global warming? If so, how?

9. Do you think it is necessary to solve the immigration problem in the United States?

10. Present your arguments on separating state and church.

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FAQs On Persuasive Essay Topics

Q. What strategies can I use for writing a persuasive essay? 

  • Know your audience

  • Become specific with word choices

  • Be empathetic with a personal short story

  • Make your writing relatable with similes, metaphors, and analogies

  • Incorporate a hook in the declarative statement

  • Address objections

  • Identify counterparts

  • Research both sides

  • Emphasise your point

  • Repeat yourself

Q. How can I make my persuasive essay stand out?

Ans: To make your persuasive essays stand out, choosing a strong topic or issue to argue is crucial. It should attempt to convince a reader to adopt a certain perspective or to take a specific action. You should also include arguments that always use sound reasoning and solid evidence by stating the facts and offering logical reasons. It should also have adequate concrete examples and a convincing conclusion.

Q. How can I ensure my persuasive essay topic is relevant to my audience?  

  • State your claims clearly.

  • Comprehend your audience

  • Try to engage through emotions

  • Concentrate on one side of the argument

  • Utilise concrete evidence to amplify your point

  • Use rhetorical questions and personal anecdotes

  • >Include a tricolon

  • Make use of inclusive and emotive language

Q. Are there any specific criteria or guidelines for selecting a good persuasive topic?

  • Choose a topic that’s appropriate to the length of the paper

  • Stay away from a topic that will tempt you to summarise rather than discuss or analyse

  • Select a topic that interests you

  • Select a topic on which you can find resources

  • Do not be afraid to change if a topic isn’t working out

Q. Can you provide some examples of popular or trending persuasive essay topics?

  • Political correctness is good if and when implemented accurately

  • Is it ethical and legal to euthanise stray animals?

  • Do you think racism will always prevail regardless of how hard we try?

  • Discuss how studying psychology tends to stress students

  • Explore the value of unorthodox business ideas

  • What are some excellent ways to make money in the 21st century?

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