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Personal SWOT Analysis - Comprehensive Guide

Personal SWOT Analysis with Example

Personal swot analysis is different from the one used for business. If used properly, this tool can be proved to be great for assessing yourself to plan for a solid career. But writing a good personal swot analysis can be a time taking process and requires a lot of effort. So if you are unable to give so much time or effort, you can always count on the experts of For now, we will provide you an example of personal swot analysis, which strengthens your level of understanding.Suppose your primary goal is preparing yourself for a successful career from now. Personal SWOT analysis can come in handy to fulfill your goals. Let’s case study help you understand personal SWOT analysis with the example of a student.

Personal SWOT Analysis On a Student

You can use this example as a reference if you are facing trouble with creating your personal SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis involves four important factors – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Once you identify these factors, you will have clarity on what you are supposed to do and what strategy will be best for you to implement in the future.

Below we will illustrate a personal SWOT analysis of a student’s career or goals. We also illustrate personal swot analysis examples for students.

Peter is a student in 10th standard. He has some specific future goals which he wants to follow. He plans to get a personal SWOT analysis to prepare himself from now.

Here are the sections of his personal SWOT analysis


List out the positive attributes in a company. Note down the unique resources that you can draw. Find out what teachers see as your strengths.

  • Have strong socilalising skill.
  • Good with character building
  • Adhere to various unique styles
  • Good critical and creative thinking skill
  • Potential leadership quality
  • Detailed-oriented mind
  • Pretty tech savvy


This section will include details on what you could improve. Also, mention the areas that your teachers see as weaknesses in you or see as something you can do better in the future.

  • Not confident with quick thinking
  • Struggle with making fast decisions
  • Easily distracted
  • Have very little patience
  • Avoids reading the brief properly, which makes me miss crucial parts
  • I am often talkative, thus paying less attention in class
  • Have a tendency to jump to the conclusion
  • Make impulsive decisions
  • Easily demotivated


Under this section, you will have to note down a list of opportunities that are open to you. It will also include details on how you can turn some strengths into opportunities.

  • Workshops on writing, character creation, etc.
  • Chance to speak in front of a larger audience
  • Weekly updates on potential job
  • Collaboration with others to make products and images
  • Chance to showcase science experiment in school exhibition
  • Voted to be house captain
  • Interviewing eminent personalities
  • Attending exchange school programme


This section will include all the things that can hinder your career goal or stop you from fulfilling your goals. It will include what your competitors are doing extra to be the top scorer and take away your class position.

  • Large competitive field
  • No extra support from private tutors like rest classmates
  • My impulsive nature can lead me to make drastic choices about my career, which I will have to suffer in the end.
  • I take time to learn new things
  • I get easily distracted, which hampers the quality of my work and I end up missing out on many things that are said by teachers in the class

Writing a Personal SWOT Analysis

Writing a personal SWOT analysis is no rocket science once you get a brief understanding of this method. We hope the above personal SWOT analysis example helps you understand how to proceed with your paper. If you need more personal swot analysis examples, you can check the sample sections created by assignment writer from

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