February 18, 2019

80+ Best Quantitative Research Topics To Help You In The Upcoming Semester

Quantitative Research Topics

Without conducting independent research work, you can’t pursue higher studies. Drafting research papers improves your skills to understand, observe, analyse and come up with a new dimension of the chosen topic. That is why professors assign students the task of writing research papers. According to the experts, “Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and think what nobody else has thought.”

To research any topic, you need to decide the research methodology. There are two types of research methodologies—quantitative and qualitative. Some topics might require both the methodologies to achieve the hypothesis. However, there are multiple instances when the conclusion on quantitative research topics ideas can be attained by utilising quantitative research methods. Before understanding how to conduct quantitative research, you need to know the definition of the same. Read on to acquire a clear idea about quantitative research and implement it in your academic paper.

What is quantitative research?

Quantitative research is the systematic empirical investigation of observable phenomena. This phenomenon can be observed via statistical, mathematical or computational techniques. By conducting the research, the data you find will always be in numerical form. The numerical data will bring an unbiased result of the research. When the numerical information is collected, quantitative research demands are applied to statistical methods to derive insights from it.

Importance of quantitative research

The primary reason for conducting quantitative research is to collect data from a specific group of people. After the data collection process, the result is generalised to a larger group of people to explain a phenomenon. To achieve the chosen hypothesis and research objectives, quantitative research is a must. The primary method of conducting quantitative research is conducting a survey.

This is the best method to understand and get an answer about a particular question or set of questions related to the research. A quantitative research paper helps the researcher understand the practical outcome of the study. Apart from that, it also provides supporting evidence to the chosen hypothesis. Therefore, it makes the study more relevant and highly credible. When other aspiring researchers look for samples, a study with quantitative data is the first thing they consider. It is an inevitable part of any research.

quantitative research topics

4 common methods of data collection for quantitative research

Here are 4 methods of collecting data for topics for quantitative research. You can implement these methods and get the desired result for your study.

  1. Questionnaire:

This is the most common way of collecting quantitative data. A questionnaire is a series of questions related to the topic for quantitative research. The questions are set according to the chosen research objectives. Here, the answers are given in multiple choices. People choose one option between 4 or 5. A questionnaire of quantitative research has close-ended questions. A questionnaire with clear language and easy questions get a prompt response from the target audience.

The numerical data is collected and represented in graphical forms to make the readers understand the findings. According to the achieved result, you need to provide interpretation and establish the chosen hypothesis.

  1. Conducting online and offline surveys

Advantages of conducting a survey: It is a time-saving process Simple way to collect authentic data Cost-effective method of collecting data from a large sample

Limitations of conducting a survey:

  • Responses might lack depth
  • Provide limited information
  • Respondents may lack interest. If the question is not understood, it can lead to inaccurate data.

If the respondents answer incorrectly, it can affect the finding and the result of the study as well.

  1. Interviews:

An interview involves verbal communication between the participant and the researcher. In a structured interview, the researcher has some fixed set of questions. The interview follows a formal pattern. It is both cost-effective and less time-consuming.

There can be an unstructured interview as well.

This type of interview is conversational, and it provides insights on quantitative research topics ideas in detail. According to many experts, an unstructured interview helps to gather more information and knowledge about the topic. This type of interview allows the researcher to be flexible and ask questions, depending on the response of the participant.

Advantages of an interview:

  • It can provide in-depth information.
  • Interviews are more flexible than questionnaires.
  • Interviews can clarify questions and provide apt answers.
  • It is a cost-effective approach.

Limitations of an interview:

  • Interviewing one person at a time can be time-consuming.
  • If your research is only based on an interview, it can be expensive and time-consuming.
  • In case of an unstructured interview, it can be difficult to quantify responses.
  1. Observation and sampling:

Observing people in natural settings can be a method of collecting data for quantitative data research topics. However, this method can also be applied to use qualitative data. For example, how many cars have passed through a given intersection in an hour or how many students attend morning lectures. Simple observations are an excellent way of collecting numerical data. The process of collecting numerical data through observation and creating sample groups of observation is much more accurate.

80+ Quantitative Research Topics

Given below is a list of some trending topics for quantitative research. Select from the list, or get inspired and come up with a new topic. We have categorised the list according to subjects for better understanding. Here we go!

Quantitative Psychology Research Topics

Here are some quantitative research topics for psychology students:

  • Non-experimental research methods in psychology
  • How are ethics important in psychological research?
  • How can mobile phones lead to psychological disorders?
  • Evolutionary aspects of mate preferences
  • Advantages of social education in groups
  • What factors affect animal behaviour?
  • Attention-deficit syndrome: Is it a myth or reality?
  • How do stereotypes appear in society?
  • What is the most dangerous dissociative disorder?
  • Gambling: the psychological perspective of an addict
  • Never-ending evolution of the society

Technology and Social Media Quantitative Research Topics

Here are some tech-related topics for quantitative research:

  • How is artificial intelligence going to dominate the planet in the near future?
  • How can the up-gradation of technology affect relationships?
  • Children’s programming and commercial usage: is it legal?
  • How to make a music video?
  • What is Multiple-Access Control Protocol?
  • Symbian mobile OS: The benefits
  • Methods to measure universal intelligence
  • Reasons to use Google apps
  • What makes Macs safer than Windows computers?
  • When will humanity start implementing brain chips?
  • Confidential data storage & detection: Associated risk
  • The effectiveness of online grammar checkers and plagiarism detectors on students
  • Importance of self-defending networks
  • How to connect to the internet and use email?
  • Exploring how the GPS functions
  • Controlling airport security via computer technology

Criminology Quantitative Research Topics

Take a look at some of the trending quantitative research topics:

  • Eyewitness testimony & memory: the correlation between them
  • How can cyber-crime ruin people’s lives?
  • What are the preventive measures against racial bullying?
  • Factors that define police brutality
  • Three Strikes Law effects on the community
  • Drug testing convenience for the patients
  • Factors that motivate society to involve in sexual harassment
  • Social Security Reform: Pros & Cons
  • Measures taken to intensify airport security after September 11th

Medical and Nursing Quantitative Research Topics

If you are a student pursuing a career in the healthcare industry, then you can consider these quantitative nursing and health research topics:

  • The components of modern sex education: Is it effective or not?
  • Why are sexually transmitted diseases on the rise?
  • Are monkeys the carriers of AIDS?
  • Is safe sex the best way to control the risk of STDs-Agree or disagree?
  • Should females below 18 make abortions?
  • Why flu virus differs from year to year?
  • How has medical service improved over the years?
  • How sleep disorders’ impact on the overall health condition of females?
  • Why screening for breast cancer is helpful?
  • A correlation between breastfeeding & improved baby’s health
  • Stem cells to assist in reducing deaths due to heart attack
  • How can eating disorders lead to death?
  • The healthiest diet does not exist
  • Stop smoking to improve mental health

Quantitative Business &Finance Research Topics

Here are a few finance and business topics for your quantitative research paper:

  • What leads to changes in consumer behaviour?
  • Magna Carta: How it changed England?
  • The effectiveness of various managerial techniques: A critical study
  • Elucidate the pros of small businesses
  • Is franchising a good way to run a business?
  • Impacts of global warming on a business
  • Pros & cons of outsourcing services
  • Old & rigid corporate traditions that save popular companies
  • Reasons to contribute a company’s assets to charity
  • The impact of Burger King on US economies
  • The Great Depression vs the Recession
  • The Manhattan Project: Expectations Vs. Reality
  • How communism affects business in Northern Korea
  • Influence of different monetary systems
  • What is search engine optimisation (SEO) important?

World History Topics for Quantitative Research

Here are some topics that you can consider if you are a student pursuing World History or Literature:

  • The correlation between Greek culture & Roman culture
  • The correlation between history & culture of Japan
  • A critical study on the act of Green Revolution in the history of humankind
  • What is the most effective military strategy of all times
  • Factors that initiated WWII
  • Will humans face WWIII in the next few years?
  • Is liberalism the optimal solution?
  • What are the consequences of women’s suffrage movements?
  • The role and impact of mass media in the US war attempts in Vietnam
  • How Genghis Khan conquered Persia?
  • Martin Luther King’s protest against the Catholic Church
  • Aztec Empire and its architecture
  • Discuss and evaluate allegory in 2 different novels
  • Use of imagery in a novel: Its basic uses
  • Explore the reasons why some authors use similes and metaphors

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