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100+ Research Paper Topic & Ideas

Interesting 100+ Research Paper Topics for All Subjects

A research paper is nothing but an informative write-up based on the original work of the author. The paper would comprise of self-analysis of the topic concerned, based on extensive research and accumulation of helpful data. A research paper can be of any form. It can be a thesis paper, dissertation or a term paper. However, it is to be noted that writing a research paper requires lot of attention, time and a properly researched material to follow and implement.

It is advised not to take the process of writing lightly. There’re certain steps and outlines to be followed in order to make research papers interesting. Here’s what can get you started with an engaging paper, offering excellence.

How to Write a Research Paper?

1. Choose the Research Paper Topic Carefully

It is crucial that you choose the research paper topic carefully. You can always look for interesting and challenging topics to work on. Choosing the generic ones won’t set you apart from the crowd, unless you are coming up with something exceptionally well.

If you choose to write on an interesting topic and think something out of the box, then it would automatically trigger an enthusiasm and zeal to work on the paper in an absolutely dedicated manner. You can also consider seeking guidance from your professors regarding the particular topic or get in touch with professional research paper writers for helpful suggestions before commencing with the task of conducting research.

2. Accumulate Sufficient Information

This perhaps is the most crucial part in this context. Research is absolutely important and you can’t expect to come up with impressive and insightful copies without ensuring a properly conducted research. There are several online research libraries and helpful portals available these days. So, you can choose to opt for any of the available and reputed sites in order to look for the required information and extract the same to use in the paper when required.

It is also to be noted that the researcher must consider crosschecking the information collected to confirm originality of the researched material. Thus, effective research and extracting data from sites that are reliable will help you save time, ensuring enhanced productivity. Some of the helpful online resources that can come into play are:

  • Google Scholar
  • International Public Library
  • Answer
  • Britannica

3. Compose Your Thesis Statement

It goes without saying that most of the research papers require thesis statement. You can always ask your professors for further clarification if you are not sure of the fact whether your paper requires you to include a thesis statement. It is basically a way of projecting the main idea of what you are about to talk about and include in the paper.

It is to be noted that a thesis statement is meant to be included in the introductory part of the paper. You are supposed to write hat you feel about the particular topic with an argumentative tone, for or against the topic.

Before you start writing a thesis statement, it is crucial that you accumulate enough information to support your belief. Otherwise, the readers will not be convinced with the notion you believe in. While composing a thesis statement, it is recommended not to use citations of other authors.

The idea is to present your own point of view and come up with perspectives you believe. Citing other authors and their perspective won’t serve the purpose. This section should be able to cover the following points.

  • Tell the prospective readers of what they can expect to read in this paper
  • Project your idea in support of the claim you have made against the belief of other people concerning the topic
  • Addition of new and interesting points that can make the paper genuinely informative

Unless you are coming up with a strong statement that can trigger thoughts in the mind of the potential readers, the entire research paper might not prove to be an interesting and engaging read for the people.

4. Time to Compose an Outline

The main purpose of composing a clear outline is to help the author think about the information he/she would include in the paper, organize and frame ideas in a logical way before starting with the write-up. It is important for you to construct a proper structure which shall include the following elements.

  • Title Page
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Materials and Methodologies
  • Results
  • Discussion and Conclusion
  • Reference
  • Tables
  • Figures
  • Appendix

5. Arrange Your Notes

Now comes another crucial part associated with research paper writing. You need to arrange your notes together and critically analyze the accumulated data. It is to be remembered that the facts and data that are collected should be factual, verifiable and up-to-date.

If you are planning to come up with opposing views on the Research Paper topic concerned then make sure that you have carefully accumulated every data that can support the notion you want people to believe in.

Never come up with anything which is not relevant to the topic you are writing on. It is also to be noted that one should not write something that they didn’t understand. Unless you are not sure of the information, writing on that particular matter would only give rise to confusions and unclear though process.

6. Compose the First Draft

Writing the first draft should be done quite carefully. It suggested that one should use a writing style or technique with which he/she is feasible enough. In your first draft if you come across certain areas which you would like to revisit later, then include an asterisk or mark the area with unique symbols. This will help you identify the sections easily while composing the final Research paper.

7. Consider Revising the Draft

It is absolutely crucial that you should revise the draft carefully and look for every possible scopes of revision. There might remain chances for grammatical flaws, contextual errors and the likes. You need to figure out every faulty section and do the needful in order to present an error-free final copy. You may use online dictionaries and free grammar checker tools available online these days. This will help you rectify flaws more effectively, so that presenting a technically accurate research paper, never seems to be a major cause of concern.

8. Coming Up With the Final Copy

All information and reports that were accumulated and added in the research essay should be printed in fine quality papers. Once you are done with this task, it’s time for you to go through the sheets of paper for the final time and see if there’s any further rectification that needs to be made. It is important that you check and confirm the fact that the paper has met all requirements as stated by your professor. Consider wrapping the entire project prior to the actual deadline with at least a two days time in hand. Keeping things pending till the last moment of submission isn’t really an idea that can prove to be helpful.

List Of Interesting Research Paper Topics

History Research Paper Topics

  • Role of African Americans during the Revolutionary Wars
  • The Evolution of Neo-Nazism in America
  • The Changing Phases of Censorship in America over the Decades
  • Is Civil Right Movement an ongoing Phenomenon?
  • Britain’s Perspective of India during the period of British Rule
  • Perspectives on PTSD during the United States wars
  • The New Deal and its Ongoing Impact
  • The Civil Rights Movement and its Ongoing Impact
  • The Conservative U.S. movements; little known facts
  • Factors concerning the China-Tibet Conflict
  • The transformation of Japan’s Food culture over the Decades
  • Does Monarchy Defines a poor form of Government?

Business Research Paper Topics

  • Strategies implemented in the Music Industry
  • Taxation and Small Businesses
  • Issues concerning Insurance
  • Global Marketing
  • Critical analysis of Marketing Strategies
  • Forming positive relationships between Employees
  • Research paper composition concerning Corporate Law
  • Modern day work environment
  • Corporate Law
  • Leadership in Business
  • Does bonus helps in sales boost?
  • Do gender diversities decide the financial success of a Firm?

Healthcare, Nursing and Medicine Research Paper Topics

  • Treatment of congenital Heart Disease
  • Are surgeries performed widely, even if there’s no need for the same?
  • Public Thinking and Genetics
  • Analysis of Theories concerning Alzheimer Prevention
  • Recovering Coma; techniques and modern strategies
  • Different Types of Cancer
  • ADD and ADHD; History and Analysis
  • The Presence of cell memory in the Modern Medical Theories
  • The Relation Between Physical Health and Mental Health
  • Physical Degeneracy and Aging
  • Promotion of drugs in Media and Responsibility of the Pharmaceutical Firms
  • Analysis of mental acuity in Gerontology Research

Research Paper Topics On Psychology

  • Can Occasional Depression be termed as a natural Phenomenon?
  • Analysis of Freud’s Contribution to Psychology
  • Analysis of the Medieval concept of Humours with regard to the Modern Theories
  • Is Psychology a non-science Subject or there’s a Presence or there is a Foundation of Science to it?
  • How compulsive Behaviours are Measured and Determined?
  • The Link between the Modern Concept of Mental Sickness and the Traditional beliefs of Madness and Dementia
  • Freud, Jung and Adler; Critical comparison and contrast
  • Influence of Culture on Self-Image, with regard to Eating Disorders
  • Examining Sociopathy; it’s psychological and Biological Roots and Probable Treatments
  • Nature of codependency; research and analysis
  • What influence does Same Sex Parenting have on Children

Research Paper Topics On Literature

  • Analysis of similarities and dissimilarities between Shakespeare and Marlow Referring Titus Andronicus and Tamburlaine
  • Analysis of the Metaphysical in Donne’s Poetry
  • Contrast and Comparison of Flaubert’s Madame Bovary and Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina
  • Should Bible be studied as a Literature?
  • Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre; which of the Two is a Greater Novel and Why?
  • Did Charles Dickens Fail when he tried using Serious, Romantic Narratives in his Works?
  • What Defines American Southern Gothic as a sub genre?
  • Why was Violence so Famous in English Reformation drama?
  • Analyzing the True relationship Between Virgil and Dante in The Divine Comedy
  • Beowulf as an Early Literature; Defend or Refute
  • Analysis of Charles Dickens’ stance a moralist in Hard Times and Bleak House
  • The Depiction of Youth and Beauty in The Picture of Dorian Gray?
  • Is Shakespeare representing himself as Prospero? Defend or Refute through Evidence

Research Paper Topics On Education

  • Does Abortion Get Counted as Murder?
  • Animal Testing; is it an act of Cruelty or a Necessity in Regard to Science?
  • Are personality and Image inter-related?
  • Is Religion an Answer to the Moral Decay in our Society?
  • Does Grading in Academics Stimulates Aggressive performance and Competitive Environment?
  • Should Penalties be levied on Plagiarism?
  • The Use of Cognitive Psychology in the Process of Learning
  • The Future of Digital Learning in the Educational Sphere
  • Critical Analysis of the Role of Prayer in Educational Institutions
  • Is Cloning Morally Acceptable?
  • Main Principles and Attributes of Adolescent Psychology

Research Paper Topics On Sociology

  • Are Backup Cameras installed in Cars Invading Privacy?
  • Should Homeless Children be provided with education by the Government?
  • Organizational Goals and Social Requirements
  • Social Structure of a MNC operating the United Kingdom
  • Critical Analysis of the Communism and Capitalism Economic Models
  • Globalization and Culture from Sociology’s Perspective
  • Marriage as a Social Institution in India and Britain
  • Social Differences in regard to Capitalism and Communism
  • Critical Analysis of Family Structure in India and U.K
  • Comparing the Education System of America and U.K
  • Role of Religion in U.K’s Power Politics

Research Paper Topics On Law

  • The Role of Early Female Lawyers in the U.K.
  • Critical Analysis of the Discrimination Policies of the U.K.
  • Legal Issues in Regard to the Contract of Employment
  • English employment Law and the Role of Trade Unions
  • The Impact of Freedoms on the Economy of U.K
  • Is there a sufficient Balance provided between the Needs of right holders and users by the U.K. Copyright law?
  • Is there a Right of Confidence Created by the United Kingdom?
  • Is the U.K Intellectual Property Right Providing Sufficient Protection?
  • Family Law; is it Time to Reform the Law?
  • Critical Analysis of Married Women’s Rights in Property

Research Paper Topics On Economics

  • Are Networks being affected by the Local Proximity?
  • Creation of Local Cluster and how Policy can Support it
  • The Role of Social Entrepreneurship in the U.K.
  • Social Capital and its Role in the Rural Areas of the U.K.
  • Local Cluster and the Lock-in effect

Research Paper Topics On Statistics

  • Structuring infectious Disease and Recognizing Local Outbreaks
  • Analysis of Prospect Theory, Liquidation and Disposition Effect
  • The Dynamic Bradley-Terry Modeling of Sports Tournaments
  • Examine the Bayesian Models of “Category-Oriented” Emotional Brain Responses
  • Indentifying Which Genes can Differentiate Between Healthy Patient and the Diseased Patients

Research Paper Topics On IT/Technology

  • Big Data Technologies and their Scopes in the Business in Today’s Market
  • What are the Opportunities of a Virtual Reality Business?
  • Can Virtual Privacy Security be real?
  • What is long term effect of living a World filled with Technologies?
  • What Makes Brains different from Computer?

Research Paper Topics On E-Commerce Business Study

  • Strategies Used by the E-commerce Retailers to Retain Their Clients
  • The Importance of SEO in E-Commerce
  • The Significance of non-plagiarized content in the E-Commerce Industry
  • Implementation of Latest Technologies in the E-Commerce Business
  • Is “Trust” in E-Commerce a Myth or Reality?

Research Paper Topics On Sports

  • The Role of Aging in Performance of Athletes
  • Factors Determining the difference in the Salary Scale of Male and Female in Sports
  • Sports that Should be Banned
  • Should Betting be prohibited?
  • Keeping Athletes Motivated during off-Season

Research Paper Topics On Drugs and Drug Abuse

  • Benefits and Drawbacks of Drug Testing
  • Fundamentals of the Treatment for Drug Abuse for the Criminal Judiciary System
  • Influence of the Primary Doping Substances
  • How to Prevent Drug Overdose and Abuse
  • Drug Abuse Rates in LGBT Communities

Research Paper Topics On Environmental Science

  • The Change in Land Use in China
  • The Impact of Acid Rain on Wildlife and Nature
  • Preventing Coral Reef Destruction
  • What Makes the Use of Pet Bottles Harmful?
  • The Contamination of Soil by Pesticides and Wastes

Research Paper Topics On Finance

  • A Comparative Study of the Financial Innovation in Asia and Europe
  • Micro Banking in the UK
  • The Rapid Growth and Development of Micro Finance on a Global Scale
  • Is Partnership between Public Sectors and Private Sectors Vital?
  • The Influence of Microfinance in Developing Economies

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