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Research Methodology: Definition, Significance and Types

Research Methodology: Definition, Significance & Types

An honest fact is that today with the availability of internet connection, students tend to give the least effort in their assignment preparation. All they do is search the topic over the internet and just paraphrase all the information they get. This is true for research papers as well. For instance, while writing the research analysis, they collect all the required information from the internet, change it a bit according to the need of their paper and then write it. But is this the right way of learning? Do you think this way you can actually understand how to perform the analysis? No. Contrary to this habit of students, it is crucial to know how to write a research paper. It will help them a lot in their further endeavors.

Understandably, research paper are extremely complicated. There are several chapters within. Learning how to work on each of them can be difficult but not impossible. Take one step at a time and make slow progress.

This blog will help you take the first step. It discusses one crucial chapter of a research paper – ‘THE RESEARCH METHODOLOGY’. By the end of this blog, you surely have a strong base on research methodology, its types, and its significance, along with examples.

So, on that note, let’s begin without any further delay.

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What is Research Methodology?

Before going into the intricate details, you must know what research methodology is.

As the name suggests, research methodology refers to the approaches and techniques used by the researcher during the study. In other words, it can be said that research methodology describes how the researcher plans to progress in the study. Many researchers refer methodologies to as a systematic plan that is designed to resolve a respective research problem.

It works as a navigator for the readers, which tells them the approaches used by the research worker that brings them relevant, valid and reliable results aligning with the research aims and objectives. Lastly, it gives a framework on what data are to be collected and where from. Also, how the data is to be collected and analysed is portrayed in the research methodology section.

When you write a research methodology, make sure to include the following –

  • Type of your research
  • How was the data collected? (A brief idea)
  • How was the data analyzed? (A brief idea)
  • Your rationale for choosing the respective approaches.

It is better if you write it in the past tense.

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What is the Importance of Research Methodology?

Research methodology is important for both the researcher and the reader. It works as a detailed plan that keeps the researchers on track. It also makes the research process smooth and manageable. And on the reader’s part, a well-written methodology helps them understand the methods used by the researcher to reach a conclusion. If required, they can even cross analyse whether the methods taken are the best choice to make or whether there are any other better ways or not.

A proper sound methodology provides you with the following benefits –

  1. First and foremost, it waves a path for future researchers who want to work in the same field. They already have enough information to at least begin the process. Of course, if required, they can make further changes in their research paper, but at least they have a blueprint, to begin with. This actually saves a lot of time on their part.
  2. Not all research is appreciated. Often quite a few research works are extremely criticized. If so, be the case, with a proper methodology, a researcher can buy himself a chance to explain.
  3. As mentioned earlier, methodologies work as a plan of action for the researchers. To be honest, a research worker has a lot to do. It is not a one- or two-day job. It sometimes takes months to complete research. Hence it is natural to lose track of work progress, and it is also difficult to keep in mind what all needs to be done to complete the research paper. But a proper methodology solves this problem as well.
  4. Last but not the least, a well-written research methodology allows the researchers to document everything they plan to achieve with the research from the outset.

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Types of Research Methodologies

Research methodology is of no single type. The type of data to be used for the research determines the type of methodology to be used for the research. Choosing the type of data is one of the most important decisions to be made by the researcher. There can be two types of data – qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative data implies descriptive data, and quantitative means numbers. A researcher can use any one of these two or a combination based on his needs. Depending on the same, there can be three types of research methodologies. They are


When a qualitative approach is used, the research involves collecting and analysing textual and descriptive data. Visual elements are often considered to create a detailed description of the researcher’s observations. These types of data are collected through interviews, observations and focus groups. It is a more subjective process and is also time-consuming. This is usually used when the objectives of the research are exploratory. For example, when a company is trying to discover customers’ perceptions regarding their product, they will use this research methodology.


This type of research methodology is considered when the study involves collecting, testing and measuring numbers or, say, numerical data. For example, research to confirm something tends to use this methodology. The data, in this case, is analysed using statistical analysis. The most common data collection methods are surveys, tests, databases, questionnaires, and official and organisational records. This methodology is objective and less time-consuming. An example of this research would be when an organisation is trying to determine the popularity of two of its most competing products.

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This type uses both quantitative and qualitative types of data. This method seems to provide additional perspectives on the subject of the research. Usually, this methodology tends to produce more impactive results, as they give both numbers and human aspects.

Factors While Choosing an Appropriate Research Methodology

Now, as you know what research methodology is, its significance, and its types, it won’t be difficult for you to choose one. But yet again, keep the following things in mind before you make the final call –

  • Research Objective

When you know what information you need to meet your research objectives, it becomes easier to choose the correct methodology.

  • Significance of Statistics

You must analyse whether your research requires concise the point research results and statistical answers, or you need an in-depth understanding of perceptions and opinions.

  • Sample Size

How big does the sample need to be to meet the research objectives? – is a question you must necessarily answer. This helps you determine your data gathering techniques.

  • Time available

The methodology you also choose, to some extent, depends on the time you have left before completing the paper.

Hopefully, this blog gave you a detailed idea of a research methodology. Look at the points mentioned more carefully to better understand the research methodology requirement. This will lessen the complications and will help you frame a better methodology. Also, do not ignore the factors to be considered.

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