August 6, 2020

Inductive vs. Deductive Research Approach

Inductive vs. Deductive

The main variance between inductive and deductive reasoning is that inductive perception aims at evolving a theory while deductive reasoning aims at trying or testing a current theory. Inductive perceptive moves from specific comments to broad simplifications, and deductive reasoning the other way around.

The main difference between the inductive and deductive approaches is that the research of the paper following the deductive approaches is aimed at testing the theory while the inductive theory helps in creation of new theory and idea for the creation of the theory is generated from the existing data. The deductive approach helps to initiate the writing by creating some hypothesis and the hypothesis are used to prove the theories which are used in the approach. The deductive approach is usually applied in causality. In contrast, the inductive approach is applied with an objective of focusing on exploring the new phenomena of looking at the previous activities from different viewpoint. Both approaches are used in various types of research, and it’s not unusual to combine them in one large study.

The inductive approaches helps in the research which is done qualitatively and deductive approaches are the approaches used for commonly used research, done with the orientation towards quantity. There is no such hard and fast rule for applying the quantitative research. There are specific and defined inductive approaches that are used for the some defined and qualitative research. There are some qualitative aspects and areas which may have the deductive approach usage. The specific inductive approaches are used in such a way that are used for conducting research in relation to various literatures. The research concerning to various theories and literatures uses inductive approach.

The inductive approach used for literature was developed by the Glaser and Strauss. One of the significant inductive process is the approach used for the analysis of various research data and helps in the qualitative analysis so that the process can help in generation of new theory. The Inductive vs. Deductive Research gives explanation to the user for the application of the approaches differently as per the characteristics of the research.

The theory which is named as the grounded theory is one of the approach which is not used heavily as the inductive and deductive approach.

However, it requires extensive uses of research process and analytical tool for helping the identification of the new theory. Thus, this is a major research proposal which helps in developing new ideas and help in creation of new theories. It helps to answer several questions which are not being answered till now. Inductive vs. Deductive Research Study is differentiated by the objective of the approaches. The major intention of the inductive approach remains the conduct of extensive research while the deductive theory aims at testing various results. The testing theory is being used in the deductive theory while the testing theory is not used in the inductive theory.

Some of the qualities of the inductive research are including the Inductive vs. Deductive Research Example

Quality of observation– the examples of the qualitative research which shows the observation quality are: The swan has white colour, the elephant has thick skin, the cats are afraid of dogs, etc.

The examples which shows the quality of the observation of the pattern are: 20 airlines have delayed for tomorrow’s flight due to bad weather, all the dogs of the area are suffering from a disease, all animals existing on earth need water to live, etc. these are the examples which shows the pattern of the observation. The qualities of the observation and the quality of the pattern of the observation helps the researcher to come to a conclusion.

Development of a theory– the approach helps to create a new theory by the process of the observations and the help in identifying different patterns which will in return helps to develop a theory.

Different examples which are can show the development of theory from the approaches are:

  • The airlines which are always giving fares at reasonable rate are the ones who delay the flights generally.
  • All stars are big balls of gases.
  • All plants and animals which are living on earth depend on water for their survival.

Some of the disadvantages of the inductive approaches which have been observed are:

The results which are found out on the basis of the qualitative approach of the inductive process are not validated easily. The use of valid viewpoints and tests can invalidate the opinions of the inductive research. The opinions of the inductive research are the ones which can be easily failed at the conclusions they derive by the qualitative approach.

The different steps of the deductive theory are:

The beginning with the existing theory– the examples which can determine that the existing theory is important for using the deductive approach are, all dogs have fleas, water is important for the living things on the earth.

Formulation of the hypothesis– the formulation of hypothesis under the deductive theory is that it is based on the existing theory taken in the first step. For example- the hypothesis will be all living things depend on water for their livelihood. The second hypothesis would be the use of the statement such as all living thing things do not depend on water for their livelihood. The testing of the two hypothesis will help to understand and prove that which statement is right and which statement s false or invalid.

Analysis of the statement and results of the testing– once the testing on the basis of the hypothesis are taken and results are derived. The results are analyzed on the basis of their outcome and the results. The conclusion of the deductive approach helps in determining that the results are true or not. The results on the basis of the inductive or deductive approach will help to determine a fact differently. The only difference between the two approaches is that the results can be proved using figures in the deductive approach.

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