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100+ Accounting Dissertation Topics for UK Students

100+ Accounting Dissertation Topics -

By the time you are searching for accounting dissertation topics, you are an accountant. And now, you want to prove your mettle as an accountant by submitting the best accounting dissertation topic.


You are not on this journey alone. The best dissertation roots from the best topic. So, if there was no one to guide you meticulously in choosing a brilliant topic until now, you have it now.

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Here are the top accounting dissertation writing topics you can choose from for your next dissertation submission.

  1. The study of the impact of market and public data on the fluctuation of the market share index
  2. Analysing the tax system of your country
  3. Risk-taking in organisations from the perspective of accounts
  4. What are the advantages of sensible investing: a study of how sensible investing affects the growth of a business?
  5. What is the impact of the existing tax system in a country on the people of lower income groups?
  6. A detailed study of the various accounting processes that all businesses must undertake
  7. The responsibilities of a chartered accountant in debit and credit management for a business firm
  8. How can you monitor the levels of liquidity using financial accounting tools?
  9. A study of the capital structure determinants within the framework of an SME
  10. Effective capital budgeting techniques used through payback, IRRR, and ROI
  11. Compare and contrast the roles of management accounting and finance accounting in an industry of your choice
  12. A study of the relationship between stock performance and CEO qualities
  13. A study of the concept of textual analysis while reading financial statements all over the globe
  14. Emerging audit firms and economies: a study of the consultancy patterns and audit assurance services
  15. Compare and contrast external and in-house auditors
  16. How do the taxation policies implemented in the developing nations affect SMEs?
  17. A study of changes brought into the health insurance taxation as observed in the USA
  18. What are the main aspects of the double entry bookkeeping model?
  19. A study of the factors to be considered for financial disclosures as observed in an electronic accounting environment
  20. A study of the limitations and scope of accounting for e-commerce sectors
  21. What are the different roles of cloud computing and data management for accounting information systems?
  22. What is the structure of the ideal framework for accounting information systems in the case of multinational cooperatives?
  23. A study of three major accounting frauds of the last decade and the requirement for ethical judgments to be implemented at all times
  24. Company financial and intellectual capital statements: an analysis of the relationship in the case of two major business houses of your choice
  25. A comparative study of financial accounting
  26. An analysis of the auditor’s role in predicting and preventing the economic downfall of a country in times of global recession
  27. A study of customer satisfaction within the banking sector of a country of your choice
  28. A comparative study of governance in the case of the future of accounting in a second-generation family-owned business
  29. A study of accounting conservatism – the financial institutions and debt contracts of accounting conservatism
  30. The problems, prospects and challenges of environmental accounting measurements
  31. A comparative assessment of the success of green accounting policy within the finance departments of two major UK universities
  32. A comparison of the role of management accounting versus financial accounting in a textile factory unit
  33. A discussion on the asset liability management in the Australian banking sector
  34. The impact of poor accounting methods on a business
  35. What are the advantages of hiring accountants to take care of the personal finances?
  36. The role of stock, currency, and assets in the building up of the financial stock market
  37. Impressive bookkeeping strategies
  38. Do self-employed people need to hire accountants
  39. Accounting conservatism: Debt contracts and financial institutions
  40. The implications of debt management
  41. What are the benefits of business accounting with technology?
  42. How does the modification in cash flow affect accounting?
  43. How do audit committees review the business accounts
  44. Institutional ownership composition and accounting conservatism
  45. Environmental accounting measurement challenges, prospects, and issues
  46. Managerial management and the significance of management accounting
  47. Importance of the electronic accounting system in the contemporary business
  48. The frequent corporate scandals about accounts management
  49. The tendency of accounting to damage a business
  50. What are the common issues in debentures and shares?
  51. What are the methods involved in inventory control?
  52. A brief introduction and importance of contribution margin
  53. Highlight the responsibilities of the managerial accountant
  54. Should the tax policy of a country be revised?
  55. The ethical motive for tax avoidance
  56. How far does CA plan for the future?
  57. Prevalence of women working in accounting
  58. Does the culture of the organisation influence the accounting department?
  59. How does an accounting firm organise and manage the payroll requirements of firms?
  60. Criteria for bank loans
  61. What are the current roles of accounting technologies? How to change the audit accounting committee
  62. Importance of balance sheet in any financial company
  63. How vital controls for large companies
  64. Compare the relationship between accounting and banking.
  65. What are the basics of investing in the financial market?
  66. The impact of online banking in this planet
  67. Fraud and identity theft are accomplished through internet banking
  68. Risk management in investment banking
  69. Issues surrounding banking in China’s growing economy
  70. Banking and asset-liability in management
  71. Case study of the impact of public and industry knowledge on the market share index’s fluctuation
  72. Examining India’s tax scheme
  73. From an accounting perspective, risk-taking in organisations and its effects
  74. Can you consider taxation a human rights policy? Analyse the problems
  75. Significance of auditing for large corporations
  76. What to take into account when investing in financial markets?
  77. Evaluate the similarities and differences between external and internal auditors
  78. What are the consequences of current tax structure of India on individuals who earn less?
  79. How does activity-based costing add some value to a project? An American case analysis
  80. How do the project accounting segments attain a competitive advantage?
  81. The concept of cost accounting in hotel industry: How relevant is the concept
  82. The increasing relevance of cost accounting management within the small and medium scale enterprises
  83. The role of modern accounting in economic and political development for the emerging countries
  84. Discuss the aviation industry regarding the relationship between brand performance and marginal cost
  85. Cost profit volume analysis can perform as a catalyst for effective management, control, planning, and decision-making process. Discuss the statement.
  86. What are the possible effects of foreign financial markets on foreign investments?
  87. What is offshore accounting, and what are illegal and legal terms in offshore accounting
  88. What are some of the best accounting practices in the accounting field?
  89. What are the accounting standards and their possible affect within a firm?
  90. Effects of accounting data on cost of capital of a firm
  91. Effects of accounting information cost capital of a firm
  92. Relevance of financial and auditing reporting to corporate governance
  93. What is role of payback ineffective capital budgeting techniques
  94. Study on future options in markets in India
  95. Study on the effects of corruption on FDI inflows
  96. The negative affect of microfinance in developing countries
  97. Cryptocurrency: are we ready to digitalise the monetary world
  98. Why do banks oppose digital currency?
  99. The impacts of population growth on economic growth in China
  100. Risks and benefits associated with digital money transferring technology
  101. Risk factors and security problems that are inherent in online banking

In conclusion,

With that, you have come to the end of the long list of accounting dissertation topics. So, refer to this list, choose a topic, and prepare yourself for your big task – writing a dissertation. However, you can also ask dissertation writing experts from renowned organisations to help you find a good accounting dissertation topic.

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