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Exclusive 50+ MBA Dissertation Topics

Exclusive 50+ MBA Dissertation Topics

Writing an MBA dissertation is time-consuming. And with no fresh topics, it can be even more exhausting.

But don't worry, as today we will be sharing 100 + MBA dissertation topics and a few tips on how to write my dissertation effectively.

Let us start with the basics!

What is an MBA Dissertation?

An MBA dissertation is an extensive paper. Unlike other assignments, this is lengthy and requires attention to detail and rigorous research. MBA is one of the most followed streams for students. However, when they get assigned a dissertation on it, they start feeling worried about how to do it.

The dissertation comes with a tricky title, literature review, explained methodology and results. However, be it any other stream all of them call for dissertations when in college or university.

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How to Choose an MBA Dissertation? A Step-by-Step Guide

If you are confused and wondering how to pick a good MBA dissertation topic in finance or any sector, here are some tips you need to follow.

1) Pick a good topic

The first tip for any writing project is to pick the topic. Your topic should be of interest to the readers. Narrow it down if it is too broad to keep it specific. Also make sure that you are picking a topic which is trending and of interest.

2) Do preliminary research

Once you have found your topic, it is time to do preliminary research on it. Preliminary research will help you determine whether the topic is easy to work on or not. If you find out that you have to spend a lot of time on finding information then it is time that you skip to some other topic which gives you more research material.

3) Outline and start writing

Now that your topic is ready, it is time to make an outline and start writing. Start composing the outline for your dissertation, which consists of an introduction, review of literature, methodology, observations, results, conclusion and citation. Don’t delay the writing process, or you can face a rush later which can affect your writing ability.

4) Offer value to readers

The next tip is to offer value to your readers. Be it through your topic, research methodologies or observations. You need to offer some value to the readers. Such paper is always appreciated and read by the readers.

5) Proofread at all costs

By the time students have completed their papers; they are exhausted and end up not proofreading them. Proofreading papers are essential. This helps in submitting flawless papers which do not have any mistakes. Review information, writing slants, spellings, grammar mistakes and everything else which can hold you down.

6) Get feedback

Finally, you can submit your paper to your professor to get feedback on it. This can be your friends, siblings or even parents. Their suggestion and valuable feedback can help you improve your work, and removing and silly mistakes can be a big upgrade.

You must follow these tips to develop a good MBA dissertation topic. Follow them, and you can come up with good topics to help you secure good grades.

A List of MBA Dissertation Topics

If you are looking for 100 + interesting MBA dissertation projects then here are some ideas for you:


1. The role of social media marketing on buying behaviour.

2. Brand loyalty in the age of e-commerce: a comparative study.

3. Personalization vs. privacy: balancing customer preferences in digital marketing.

4. Influencer marketing: effectiveness and ethical considerations.

5. Cross-cultural marketing strategies: case studies of global brands.

6. Customer relationship management in the luxury goods industry.

7. Online reviews and consumer purchase decisions: a quantitative analysis.

8. Pricing strategies for new product launches: successes and failures.

9. The role of packaging in shaping consumer perception,

10. E-commerce trends and the future of retail marketing.


1. Is arranged marriage better than Love marriage? Explain why?

2. Explain how too much examinations are killing education.

3.  Explain why being too religious is dangerous?

4. Should there be equal pay-out for both genders? Explain your thoughts.

5. Market analysis on do men or female makes the better managers.

6.  Teenagers should have phone or not?

7. Does higher pay reduce corruption or the opposite?

8. Thoughts on should youth be engaged with politics.

9. Explain thoughts on burnouts. And why now people are facing it more than ever?

10.  Opinion on reservations for lower classes in jobs.


1. Case study on financial performance of mergers and acquisitions.

2. Risk management strategies in banking institutions.

3. Impact of exchange rate volatility on international trade.

4. Sustainable investment and corporate financial performance.

5. Private equity investments: returns, risks, and impact on companies.

6. Corporate governance and firm valuation: empirical analysis.

7. Behavioural biases in investment decision-making.

8. Capital structure optimization: debt vs. equity financing.

9. Credit scoring models and loan default prediction.

10. Crypto currencies and their implications for traditional finance.


1. Impact of employee engagement on organizational performance.

2. Diversity and inclusion in the workplace: challenges and best practices.

3. The gig economies impacts on employment relationships and regulations.

4. Training and development programs and how do they measure effectiveness.

5. Work-life balance initiatives and employee productivity.

6. Performance appraisal systems: critiques and innovations.

7. Leadership styles and their influence on team dynamics.

8. Talent acquisition strategies in competitive industries.

9. Employee wellness programs: ROI and employee satisfaction.

10. Remote work and virtual teams: managing challenges and opportunities.


1. Lessons from disruptions and mitigation strategies of supply chains.

2. Lean six sigma implementation: success factors and challenges.

3. Sustainability practices in operations management.

4. Quality management in manufacturing and services.

5. Inventory management strategies for just-in-time production.

6. Outsourcing vs. in sourcing: decision frameworks.

7. Technology adoption in supply chain management.

8. Process redesign and efficiency improvement: case studies.

9. Agile project management in software development.

10. Sustainable business practices and reverse logistics.


1. Strategic planning in turbulent environments: adaptive approaches.

2. Corporate social responsibility and competitive advantage.

3. Industry disruption and incumbent responses: case studies.

4. Strategic alliances and collaborations: benefits and risks.

5. Innovation strategies of market leaders: comparative analysis.

6. Diversification vs. focus strategy: performance comparison.

7. Global expansion strategies of multinational corporations.

8. Competitive analysis of emerging markets: opportunities and challenges.

9. Blue ocean strategy: creating uncontested market space.

10. Mergers, acquisitions, and firm performance: long-term impact.


1. Intellectual property rights and innovation in the technology industry

2. Regulatory challenges in e-commerce: a comparative study

3. Data privacy laws and their impact on digital marketing

4. International arbitration: trends, challenges, and case studies

5. Corporate governance and legal compliance: a cross-industry analysis

6. Environmental regulations and corporate social responsibility

7. Cyber security laws and business risk management

8. Competition law and its role in fostering market efficiency

9. Legal implications of Blockchain technology in supply chain management

10. Labor law reforms and their effects on employment practices


1. Sustainable supply chain management: strategies for reducing carbon footprint

2. Circular economy models: business opportunities and implementation challenges

3. Environmental impact assessment in infrastructure projects

4. Renewable energy adoption in the manufacturing sector

5. Carbon pricing and its effect on business decision-making

6. Biodiversity conservation and corporate land use policies

7. Waste management strategies for industries: lessons from successful practices

8. Green marketing strategies and consumer perceptions

9. Water scarcity and its implications for agribusiness

10. Corporate adaptation to climate change: strategies for resilience


1. Healthcare digital transformation: opportunities and challenges

2. Health insurance market dynamics and consumer choices

3. Telemedicine adoption in rural and urban areas: a comparative study

4. Pharmaceutical industry's response to drug pricing regulations

5. Healthcare quality measurement and patient satisfaction

6. Medical tourism: economic impacts and ethical considerations

7.  E- health platforms and data privacy concerns

8. Managing chronic disease through remote patient monitoring

9. Healthcare workforce management and employee satisfaction

10. Value-based healthcare delivery: implementation and outcomes


1. Online learning platforms: engagement and learning outcomes

2. Gasification in education: effectiveness and student motivation

3. Impact of artificial intelligence on personalized learning

4. Education policy reforms and their influence on classroom practices

5. Student mental health and well-being: institutional support strategies

6. Role of teacher training programs in improving educational quality

7.  E- learning accessibility: ensuring inclusivity in online education

8. Parental involvement and its effect on student achievement

9. Digital literacy skills in education: current gaps and future needs

10. Blended learning models: integrating technology and traditional teaching

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What Are Some Examples of MBA Dissertation Topics?

Here is an example of an MBA dissertation sample paper to help you out:


Write a Report on the Level of Satisfaction with the MBA Program and Starting Salary.?


In the ever-changing global arena, education plays a vital role in developing human resources in the workplace. Pursuing higher education is attractive to many individuals, especially where it leads to a high salary. Organizations prefer highly trained employees to enhance their human resource portfolio and have a competitive edge over other organizations. According to the Economist (2014), the salaries of MBA holders have recently been a centre of attention for the media. Rzewski and Eastman note that the major attributes of selecting an online MBA program for postgraduate students are certification of the program, flexibility and quality services. When choosing the university to enrol in, applicants want to be certain that the relevant authorities accredit the school; the study hours can fit into their schedules, and the services offered are worthwhile in terms of quality and time. They postulated that the cost and the type of program offered are vital characteristics, and demographics, gender, income level and age contribute to choosing an MBA program.

According to Fortuna (nod), an MBA, an acronym for Master of business administration, is a "postgraduate degree offered at many universities worldwide.  

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FAQs On MBA Dissertation Topics

Q. What is the main focus of your MBA dissertation?

Ans: The main focus of the MBA dissertation depends on the topic. The topic should be highlighted and aspects related to it should be discussed.

Q. Why did you choose this particular topic for your MBA dissertation?

Ans: While picking a topic for your MBA dissertation, ensure it interests the readers. This should be trending and must offer value or educational content.

Q. How does your MBA dissertation contribute to the existing knowledge in the field?

Ans: Dissertations which offer value to the topic are highly appreciated. Try to shed light on old topics or add fresh new insights to new topics. Based on the topic, add new updates to create awareness for the general audience.

Q. What research methods did you use to conduct your MBA dissertation?

Ans: Common research methods used for conducting an MBA dissertation are the quantitative approach and qualitative approach.
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