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September 5, 2018

Exclusive 50+ MBA Dissertation Topics

Exclusive 50+ MBA Dissertation Topics

If you think that writing an MBA dissertation is a strenuous task, then you are yet to know the actual hurdle of selecting the perfect dissertation topic. The topic of the dissertation, to a large extent, lets your professors know how good your paper is. If you are spot-on with your topic, you can expect high grades in your paper.

To make sure you are able to do so, read on to get a comprehensive guide on MBA dissertation topic selection.

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How Do I Choose an MBA Dissertation Topic?

Topic selection is one of the most daunting tasks for writing a good MBA dissertation. This is because when your professors sit down to assess the dissertation, the first thing they look at is the topic. If your topic does not create a good initial impression, chances are that you might end up with poor grades.

As per the experts, there are certain steps which you need to follow to come up with an intriguing topic. You must not feel uncomfortable with the topic you choose, as you have to provide important validations. Thus, you should choose a topic that:

  • You find interesting

You must select a business administration topic that you find is right up your alley. You need to feel good about what you are writing. Otherwise, you will get bored soon.

  • Is trending or have current significance

You should choose a topic that is currently the ‘most-talked-about’ by marketing professionals. You must look for the issues faced by business organisations.

  • Is familiar to you

If you are completely oblivious about a business aspect, it won’t do any good if you try writing the dissertation on it. You won’t be able to comprehend the features and end up with poor content.

  • Has a wide scope of research possibilities

Your topic should have a wide scope of research possibilities. If you do not find sufficient data based on the theme, you won’t be able to write the dissertation.

  • Is unique and nobody has discussed

Your topic should be 100% original so that the professors are hooked onto it instantly. Search for aspects that nobody in the business administration community has addressed.

  • Is pertinent to your career

Finally, the topic should be pertinent to your MBA degree, which might help you in the long run. You must choose a topic that most companies would be interested in taking a look at.

If you stick to the points stated above, you will find that you are able to select the MBA dissertation topics in no time.

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What Is An MBA Dissertation?

An MBA dissertation is a paper that you need to submit in the final year of your MBA program. The paper is based on the knowledge that you have gained during the program. Moreover, you also get an opportunity to share your findings and shed light on important aspects that needs proper examination. You get your MBA degree following the assessment of your dissertation paper and by taking exams held during the final year

Where Can I Find Good MBA Dissertation Topics?

Interesting and controversy-free MBA dissertation topics are hard to come across. You will find that the Internet is filled with hundreds of prompts that will thesis help you come up with intriguing topics. But none can be considered to be ‘genuine dissertation’ topics that you can actually present at your university.

However, there are three resources where you can get several dissertation topics for MBA students. In fact, you will get to see authentic samples based on some insightful MBA dissertation topics. You might check our marketing dissertation writing help.

Check out:

  • University Online Libraries

Online libraries of different universities are one of the best places to look for MBA dissertation topics. Not only will you find a wide range of topics, but you will also get to view the entire sample. The universities upload the best samples. Thus, you will know how to write a compelling dissertation.

  • Repositories of Academic Service Providers

Academic service providers offer dissertation help to thousands of students each year. If you want to know about MBA dissertation proposal topics or the authentic dissertation structure, you can check out the repositories of the academic solution providers.

  • Blogs of Professional Academic Experts

You can also trust the blog posts written by professional academic experts. These experts are highly qualified and have been providing dissertation assistance to the students over the years. Thus, you can check out their online posts to gain insight into the dissertation topics.

Hopefully, you will be able to choose your perfect MBA dissertation topics from the above mentioned resources. You will also be able to come up with better topics once you understand the logic behind the topic selection.

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What Are Some Good MBA Dissertation Topics On Quality Management?

If you are looking for topics for MBA dissertation, do not worry. Here, you will find an MBA dissertation topics list on Quality Management.

  1. How does customer relationship management and customer knowledge affect service quality?
  2. Different aspects required to develop a quality management policy
  3. Implementation of quality management components in a manufacturing company
  4. Incorporation of six sigma while manufacturing a hardware
  5. A case study of application of quality management in projects: Which plan was the most effective?
  6. Mapping improvement of an organisation based on customer satisfaction
  7. Quality management in projects: How does it help healthcare industries?
  8. A robust supply chain: The key to improve competitiveness
  9. Quality assessment of cross directional control technology of an industry
  10. Impact of quality management on HR department: An analogy of 3 top automobile companies
  11. Quality waste management projects and efficient waste disposal
  12. Ongoing systematic research in quality management projects: A mathematical analysis
  13. How culture impacts quality management projects?
  14. Nuclear power plant projects: Quality management and sustainable development
  15. e-Services: An evaluation of total quality management
  16. Quality management: Critical thinking and communication within the team
  17. How to achieve quality through innovation?
  18. How have the eight elements of total quality management helped companies?
  19. How can service industries make the most of total quality management?
  20. What is the current state of quality management in the hospitality industry?

Hopefully, these MBA dissertation topics’ examples were helpful. Just choose one and get started with your MBA dissertation.

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List of MBA Dissertation Topics for All Subject

MBA has a lot of branches like human resource, finance, marketing, etc. Here is a list of a few samples of MBA dissertation topics on some of the major branches of MBA. Get Accounting dissertation writing help from the expert

Human Resource

  1. Relation and impact of workplace flexibility to an employee’s performance
  2. Does the role of the HR impact the appraisal of an employee?
  3. Flexible working practices and its effect on the performance of the employees
  4. Does the role of an HR affect different areas of the business?
  5. Do promotions and rewards motivate and affect an employee’s performance?

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  1. The rate of development of microfinance at the international level
  2. The four-factor asset pricing model: Implementation into the stock market
  3. The partnership of the private sector and the public sector: How beneficial is it?
  4. The development and application of investment banking in money markets
  5. The effects of foreign direct investment in empowering the UK’s economy


  1. How does advertising affect the brand name of a company?
  2. Does automated service interaction prove to be useful to answer customer queries and retain them?
  3. Does better branding affect a customer’s satisfaction levels?
  4. How do marketing techniques affect a customer/consumer to buy more than what is necessary?
  5. How do the labels of a food container push a customer to buy the product?

Information Technology

  1. Are advertisements through mobile applications useful?
  2. Factors that affect the customers to use online banking tools
  3. The process and strategies used by the technology to influence people to communicate
  4. Effect of business evaluation tools on the students: Are they good or bad?
  5. Why does SAP implementation fail in certain business firms?

Operations Management

  1. Pros and cons of outsourcing logistic operation activities in the construction industry
  2. The challenges that companies face to implement Blockchain technology in supply chain
  3. Effective strategies needed for social sustainability to empower cognitive automation
  4. Effects of uncertainties in the decision-making process for the operation of a company
  5. Strategies for better operations management in the future (can be based on any company)

Health Care Management

  1. How do non-medical managers affect the efficiency of treatment (delayed treatment, lack of beds, etc.)?
  2. Does the change of a person in a prominent position in any hospital affect the quality of treatment?
  3. What are the factors that affect the retention rate of any employee in the healthcare sector?
  4. The reasons for and effects of malpractice in hospitals on emergency care patients
  5. Strategies that can be developed to provide better care to elderly people

International Business

  1. Does the relationship of business with the government affect the emerging economies?
  2. What are the ways in which multinational companies affect the development of any economy?
  3. Does business intuition affect the risks that companies undertake to expand overseas?
  4. A study of the strategies that local markets undertake to deal with international brands and their business.
  5. An analysis of the impact of business innovations that are made to compete on an international level

Retail management

  1. Effect of forward or reverse logistics (or both) on retail management on the (any) industry in (any country name or brand name)
  2. Effect of advertising of children’s clothing in retail outlets and it’s price (study can be done on any clothing brand)
  3. The effectiveness of product search engines and the ways in which it affects consumer behavior
  4. Does retail management affect the overall management of a company? (a study on any company)
  5. Changes in marketing strategies from traditional to modern retail

Rural management

  1. Does depending on energy affect the efficiency of the ways that are needed for rural development?
  2. Rural Development: the role of partnership between the government and multinational companies (study can be done on a particular company too)
  3. Effective strategies and their implementation to eliminate the issues that stand in the path of rural development.
  4. Approaches for better and sustainable livelihood in the rural areas of (study on any rural area on a particular parameter like population, income, etc.)
  5. Development and impact of off-grid electrification in the rural areas (study on any country’s electrification program)

Logistics and supply chain management

  1. Effect of functional integration variables on the performance of a business: a study of (Company name)
  2. Strategies to eliminate service disruption when there is uncertainty in the supply flow
  3. Effective strategies to implement different supply chains (reverse or forward supply chain)
  4. Assessing the effect of supply or demand (or both) forecasting of the transit cost (can also be based on any company)
  5. Integration of information to flexibility and dynamic abilities of any dynamic chain

These dissertation topics for MBA on finance, HR and other areas are only suggestive. Reading these topic prompts will give you a good idea of the areas that you can choose for your finance dissertation writing help However, you must always consult with your supervisor before selecting one.

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If you are new to MBA dissertation writing, you are better off at the hands of professional experts. And what better place to ask for assistance when you have MyAssignmenthelp.co.uk experts at your disposal?

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The list goes on. Thus, if you are struggling to solve your dissertation on MBA topics, or place an order for law dissertation help without any hesitation.

MyAssignmenthelp.co.uk is that place which solves all your dissertation help and writing troubles.

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