August 17, 2018

How to Choose a Topic for a Law Dissertation Effectively with Some Great Examples

Only those persons, who are super intelligent, never run out of ideas. The rest of the crowd like us do not get that light bulb moment always in our life. So, even if we decide and plan to do something great, we cannot succeed to do so just because of a lack of ideas. The same thing happens at the time of writing law dissertations. It becomes really frustrating when you can’t a suitable topic to write the dissertation on. And then, when we get our hands on a number of topics, choosing a single one from them becomes a headache. If you have been in a similar situation, then, this blog can help you to get out of this misery.

The struggle to find good topics for law dissertation is best felt by a scholar, who is pursuing a PhD degree or any higher study. A wrong selection of topic can affect the whole quality of the dissertation, and consequently, the scores. Thus, it is essential for the writer to give utmost importance to the selection of topics for composing a quality dissertation.

So, what should you see while selecting a topic for your law dissertation?

  • Relevance–The topics of law dissertation must be related to your area of study. This way, you will have some basic idea on it, and it will be easier for you to gather information on it. Thus, your dissertation will be very informative, with which you can easily impress the dissertation committee.
  • Challenging–If you really want to give that edge to your dissertation, you must select one topic, which is quite challenging. However, remember that challenging does not mean your topic needs to be a very difficult one. There must be different layers to that topic for which a lot of research will be required. By not choosing a simple and easy topic, you will actually make a mark and impress your professor. Before choosing one such topic, you must ensure that you are able to produce an excellent paper on that particular subject matter.
  • Interest-A dissertation is a very long paper, which takes up a lot of time. So, it is very important to select a topic which seems interesting to you. This will work as a motivation for you, and you will not eventually get bored with the paper. So, even after working for long hours, you will still be passionate about writing your dissertation. One mistake that often students do is that they try to find a topic, which their professor might find interesting, and not them. You should always avoid doing that. If you write a dissertation on a topic that seems fascinating to you, the whole process of writing will become much smoother for you.

How to choose the right law dissertation topic?

  • Read the instructions carefully- The first step to selecting an appropriate topic is to learn about all the requirements of the dissertation. This will give you the idea of what the professor is expecting from your paper. Thus, you will know by choosing which topic you will be able to fulfil all the expectations of the instructor.
  • Make a list-List down all the possible topics you have selected according to the requirements of your dissertation. You don’t have to think much before preparing this list. Just write down your ideas for dissertation topics on law.
  • Segregate the topics, which are on current research- There are constant advancements happening regularly in any academic field. It is a good idea to select a current topic which is relevant to the present time. Finding a current topic will also help you to gather recent information and resources easily.
  • See the availability of information-After you have divided the topics, you must see if there is enough accessible information on the topic. Without a sufficient amount of information, you will not be able to develop an informative and high-quality dissertation.

  • Show it to others- You can always take the opinion of your friends, family members or the professor. They can tell you if the topic is really interesting or not and if it needs any changes in it. If they all, especially, your professors, think that it is a great topic, you can go ahead with it to write your dissertation.

Some examples of excellent law dissertation topics

Dissertation topics on business or commercial law

Check out the following dissertation topics for international commercial law for your inspiration.

  1. The clash between corporate trade secrets and general business law.
  2. An in-depth study at commercial partnerships: What are the risks and potential results?
  3. A comprehensive assessment of the arbitration under commercial law: A peek into the policy practice in the UK.

Dissertation topics on environmental law

If you need some help with the dissertation topics for your environmental law papers, then read on.

  1. A detailed evaluation of the UK’s environmental law for resource management and sustainability.
  2. Present a strategic analysis of the major natural resource catastrophes in the UK and policy frameworks to deal with such issues.
  3. Illegal waste management and other challenges faced in the enforcement of environmental law in the UK.

Dissertation topics on company law

Whether it’s topics for dissertation in corporate law or dissertation topics for company law, find intriguing ideas for your tasks every time.

  1. An investigation on the shareholder versus stakeholder argument in connection with corporate governance.
  2. Prepare an analysis of the necessity for company law reform in the wake of the Carillion Collapse: the case for reviewing director duties.
  3. A critical study of the legal and governance restrains on excessive executive director remuneration from the perspective of corporate governance.

UK employment law dissertation topics

Find well-written dissertation topics for the UK students of law.

  1. Employment contract and legal issues related to it
  2. The effect of the Brexit upon UK employment law
  3. Present an analysis of how the Employment Tribunal improved the position of employers and employees, respectively.

Dissertation topics international criminal law

If you’re looking for suitable dissertation topics on constitutional or criminal law then we’re got some pertinent examples.

  1. The effect of the war on terror on the worldwide criminal law.
  2. A study on the effectiveness of the process of judicial review.
  3. Is capital punishment effective?

Family law dissertation topics

Select suitable family law masters dissertation topics from these examples.

  1. Critically evaluate the development of the law on divorce.
  2. Elaborate on the development of married women’s rights in the property.
  3. Present a detailed analysis of the role of a local authority in child welfare.

Medical law dissertation topics uk

Seek inspiration from these dissertation topics on medical law for your next dissertation.

  1. Should judges, dealing with the medical-related disputes, undergo special training to ensure their judgments are fact-based?
  2. Evaluate the impact of lawsuits on medical practitioners’ commitment to offering lifesaving treatments.
  3. Analyse the legal and ethical challenges of using biobanks.

This list of topics can give you an idea about good topics. So, use the technique mentioned above to find out a suitable subject matter for your law dissertation. Thus, it won’t be a problem for you anymore to produce an impressive paper.

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