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How to Choose a Law Dissertation Topics?

Law Dissertation Topics

Law has always been a subject of interest for all. Yet, when it comes to studying law, most students tend to look for alternatives. The subject is all about understanding and memorising the minute details. That is why students look for ways to ease the entire learning process and find the best ways to overcome academic papers. 

Law dissertations are one of the most crucial papers for students. Your degree depends on this paper. Hence, it is important to know how to write one. Most students make the mistake of ignoring a crucial step in the entire dissertation writing process, topic selection. 

You will never score well if you end up choosing a topic that you are not comfortable with. But where do you find the right topics? To help you get everything in one place, here's a list of 100+ law dissertation topics to choose from. But before we move on to the topics section, let’s understand a few things about law dissertations.

What is a Law Dissertation?

A law dissertation is all about presenting the entire knowledge a student gains throughout the course. The document highlights your understanding of the various aspects of the subject and helps professors understand if you are prepared to move to the next level. 
You have the option to choose a specialisation while studying law. So, when it comes to writing a law dissertation, you need to be well-versed with the same and ensure that the document reflects your understanding of the subject. The document will decide your future and help you find the right opportunities when you step out of college. 
Dissertations are not only about research and definitions. You need to know the format and follow the university guidelines properly to score well. It is wise to refer to law dissertation examples and learn how to handle such papers. As these papers are crucial for your degree, you need to find the best ways to write each section and submit a perfect solution. 
The entire process starts with topic selection. In the following section, we will learn how to select the perfect law dissertation topic.

How to Choose a Law Dissertation Topic? Step-by-Step Guide

As mentioned earlier, choosing a topic is one of the most critical tasks for students. If you are one of the students who think that choosing a complicated topic can do the trick, then you are absolutely mistaken. 
The trick to a good dissertation and perfect scores lies in the topic selection process. So, how do you find the right topic for your dissertation? Here’s a look: 

Read the instructions carefully

It is crucial to go through the instructions before finalising a topic for your dissertation. The instructions help you create a roadmap and select a topic that fits the bill. You will understand what your professor is expecting from you and choose a topic accordingly. Many students ignore going through the instructions and are unable to justify the paper eventually. 

Make a list

You will not select one topic after going through the instructions. It is always better to keep your options open. Hence, when you search for a topic, make a list of the ones you feel are appropriate for the paper. The entire process will help you find the right one and work on the paper properly. Ensure the list has the topics that you are comfortable with. It will help you choose the best among them and work on the paper accordingly. 

Find the current ones

You cannot risk choosing a topic that has been attempted by many. Instead, it is wise to find a topic that people are talking about. The objective of a dissertation is to take an existing discussion forward and give enough scope for further research. You need to ensure that readers are able to connect with the topic and are interested in going through your findings. 

Check the availability of information

You cannot justify a dissertation without appropriate information. To ensure your hard work does not go to vain, check the availability of information while choosing the topic. A topic that has very little or no information available will not be an ideal one for your dissertation. The papers are lengthy, and you need to find the right information to ensure you meet the word count and justify your point. 

Ask for feedback

It is always great to ask your peers or your professor for feedback before moving forward. So, when you zero in on a topic, ask for feedback from your friends or your professors and understand if the topic has the right elements to grab readers’ attention. It will boost your confidence and help you understand if you are on the right track or not. As topics form the base of a dissertation, you cannot leave any stone unturned while choosing one. 
Dissertation writing has never been a cakewalk. You need to be extra cautious while working on such papers. The process starts with topic selection. So, to give you the right assistance, here are a few law dissertation topics to choose from.

List of Law Dissertation Topics

Refer to the list of topics mentioned below to ease the topic selection process:

A.Intellectual Property Law Dissertation Topics

1.A look into business law and the conflict with trade secrets

2.An insight into the challenging relationship between contemporary art and intellectual property

3.Understanding intellectual property rights from trade-related aspects and how it is a viable tool for enforcing benefit sharing

4.An insight into the meaning of owning an original work of art or property from legal aspects

5.Do you feel the present technical developments can exist peacefully along with the patent rules and system?

6.Understanding if European and British intellectual property laws are connected to each other

7.Understanding the meaning of fair pricing and fair dealing with respect to copyright regulations

B.Human Rights Law Dissertation Topics

1.An examination of human rights and social determinants of health in the 21st century

2.A study of the risks and opportunities with respect to artificial intelligence and human rights

3.An insight into human rights during the time of artificial intelligence

4.A look into the communication rights from the human rights aspect

5.An analysis of patients’ human rights suffering from HIV/AIDS in developed countries

6.A look into the role of NGOs in advocating human rights

7.An insight into the expansion of human rights during the 21st century

C.Environmental Law Dissertation Topics

1.A comparison between environmental law and development

2.A systematic analysis of the critical components of international environmental law

3.Understanding the important elements of environmental law in the United Kingdom and the challenges of implementation

4.An assessment of the fairness of international environmental law for managing natural resources in emerging countries

5.A comparative analysis of energy laws and environmental laws

6.A discussion on the role of international law counsel for conscious ecological restoration

7.A cause and effect analysis of Brexit and the environment

D.Criminal Law and Justice Dissertation Topics

1.Analysing violence against women around the world from legal aspects

2.A study on capital punishment in developing countries

3.An insight into violence and crime against children

4.Studying the laws made against domestic violence

5.Critically analysing the death penalty punishment 

6.Analysing the juvenile system and the laws associated with it

7.Understanding the basic causes of child marriage

E.Corporate Law Dissertation Topics

1.Assessing the corporate governance policies and practices post the financial crisis in 2008

2.A look into the best practices of corporate governance in the developing world

3.Elaborating corporate governance laws’ competence in a state-owned enterprise

4.A discussion on the ways management style depends on present corporate governance law practices

5.Identifying the ways corporate governance laws can help in preventing economic problems effectively

6.Understanding how corporate governance laws are affecting earnings in the markets of Africa

7.A list of the main business principles in the corporate governance field

F.International Trade Law Dissertation Topics

1.A look at international trade law programs from a historical perspective 

2.An insight into the international commercial law and its impact on commercial laws from the context of the UK

3.Understanding the concept of arbitration from the perspective of international trade law

4.Justifying the work done by UNCITRAL in order to consolidate international commercial law globally

5.Understanding international trade law in the UK and how it is compatible with legal rules and regulations

6.An insight into the international trade law’s directions with respect to foreign investments

7.A look into international trade law’s impact on railways

G.Family Law Dissertation Topics

1.An investigation of custody rights of parents with learning disabilities in the UK

2.Reviewing the modifications in family law over the past 20 years 

3.An insight into the significance of learning family law lessons for budding lawyers to handle practical issues in family law

4.An investigation of the ways empirical evidence in reformations contributed to family law over the past decade

5.A deep dive into the incidence of bias in family law courts in the UK

6.Finding the ways courts handle cases of forced separation, dementia, and financial decisions in family law courts

7.Analysing the impact of human rights in countries that force religious laws on families

H.Medical Law Dissertation Topics

1.Understanding medical law from a historical perspective

2.Reviewing the concepts of complementary medicine, law, and ethics

3.The scope and jurisdiction of medical law in the UK

4.An analysis of medical cannabis from the aspect of relevant law and ethics in the UK

5.Reviewing the most critical elements that exist with each other within medical law’s boundaries and ethics

6.A detailed comparison between medical law and ethics from the perspective of Islam and international law

7.Understanding the ethics, frameworks, and policies of medical law with respect to emerging countries

It is crucial to choose the right topic before you work on a law dissertation project. You will be unable to justify the paper if you don’t have the right topic. To aid you with the process, the following section has a few more law dissertation topics. 

What are Some Examples of Law Dissertation Topics?

1.An insight into the effects of doping in sports and the legal consequences

2.Understanding the effects of war on terror on criminal law

3.Evaluating the requirements for causation in different situations

4.Understanding the liability of the law of omissions and its evolution

5.An insight into the relationship between criminal law and domestic violence

6.Understanding the need and importance of international law and procedure

7.An insight into the significance of the burden of proof in a Court of Law

8.A review of digital technology and its impact on domestic violence

9.Exploring the opportunities in international law for business corruption

10.A look into the valuation of ethics by bankers in business law

11.An insight into the concepts of legal nudges and SME managers

12.A look into common law’s historical components

13.Reviewing international laws according to their relation to loot boxes

14.Critically analysing discrimination policies in English firms

15.Understanding the employment laws in the digital age

16.An insight into the judiciary system and power separation

17.Understanding the validity of the death penalty in various countries 

18.An insight into the ways insider trading is regulated in developing countries

19.A look into the ways foreign investment is regulated in developing countries

20.Understanding how medical negligence is handled in various countries

Find the topic that you are comfortable with and start working on the paper without further delay.

How Our Writer Helps to Write a Law Dissertation?

Writing a law dissertation is a difficult task. But with the right help, you can get things done without any worries. is the best place to get the right help with law dissertations. We have the best writers and industry professionals to ease the entire process of law dissertation writing. The writers at will help you with the papers from scratch. We will look into the instructions, understand the topic, conduct extensive research, and write my dissertation properly. Ask us for help without a second thought and score a perfect A+ in law dissertations.

FAQs On Law Dissertation Topics

Q. What is the significance of choosing the right law dissertation topic?

Ans: Your dissertation depends on the topic you choose. It is crucial to choose a topic that you are interested in and has some relevance in your field. You need to ensure that your dissertation has all the information and adds value to the field of study. 

Q. How do I narrow down a broad area of law into a specific dissertation topic?

Ans: Here are a few ways to narrow down a broad area of law into a specific dissertation topic: 
  • By demographic characteristics
  • By relevant issues
  • By location
  • By timeframe
  • By causes

Q. What constitutes a strong and compelling research question in law dissertation topics?

Ans: A strong research question in law dissertations must be focussed on a single problem or issue. Also, you need to ensure that there is enough information available on the question you choose for your dissertation. Further, the question must have the necessary elements that make it feasible to answer within a specific timeframe and practical constraints. 

Q. How can I conduct effective legal research to support my dissertation topic?

Ans: The three essential steps for an effective legal research for your dissertation are: 
  • Identifying a legal problem or issue
  • Discovering information about the problem or issue at hand
  • Developing an explanation or argument based on the information

Q. How do I structure and organise my law dissertation effectively?

Ans: You need to know the right format of a law dissertation to organise things effectively. Generally, dissertations are divided into five or more chapters of equal length. Here’s a look into the general structure of a law dissertation: 
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Results and discussion
  • Conclusions and outcomes
  • Recommendations

Q. How do I ensure ethical considerations in my law dissertations?

Ans: The ethical considerations in my law dissertations you need to ensure are: 
  • Minimising the risk of harm
  • Obtaining informed consent
  • Protecting anonymity and confidentiality
  • Avoiding deceptive practices
  • Providing the right to withdraw

Q. What are the best practices for writing a persuasive and well-reasoned law dissertation?

Ans: Law dissertations depend on strong evidence and information. You need to use the right data and arguments to convince the readers. To write a persuasive law dissertation, you need to follow these two rules:
Present your argument first and choose issues thoughtfully based on law’s strength
Anticipate and refute the opposing arguments and share assertive conclusions

Q. How can I stay motivated and manage my time while working on my law dissertation?

Ans: Here are a few strategies to manage your time and stay motivated while working on a law dissertation: 
  • Create a dissertation timeline
  • Keep a certain time every day to work on your dissertation
  • Do the necessary research
  • Prioritise your tasks
  • Keep your supervisor updated
  • Start writing
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