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Research Methods

How to Write Research Methodology?

In the research paper, you have to discuss the methodology of the research that you have done before writing the paper. In the methodology chapter, it is discussed or explained what you have done or how you have done it. It allows the readers for evaluating the validity and reliability of the research. It should have included the following. Wh......

 Annep Gill, Published On 08 Sep, 2020 | Updated on 10 Aug, 2023

Writing Style

How to Use Colon vs. Semicolon Correctly?

Ah, the age-old argument between semicolon and colon. Which type of punctuation should you use in this sentence? How did you find out? Is there a definite option where one is right, and the other one is incorrect, or is it simply an aesthetic choice, such as whether to use the Oxford comma? It's understandable why people are confused about whether......

 Annep Gill, Published On 21 Jul, 2023 | Updated on 19 Oct, 2023

Student Guide

Confounding Variables in Research | Complete Overview

Research-based on scientific methods attains information through rigorous dissection & deconstruction, observations, analysis, inference and intelligent assumptions & hypothesizations. Every perceivable aspect, attribute, & underlying process is subject to minute analysis that uncover knowledge and leads to logical inferences, accurate ......

 Bella Phillips, Published On 25 Aug, 2020 | Updated on 23 Nov, 2023

Writing Tips

Reliability vs Validity: What is the Difference?

There are two concepts that assist in evaluating the quality of the research – Reliability, and validity. These concepts specify how well a method, practice, or test processes something. Reliability implies the consistency of a measure, whereas validity reflects the correctness of a measure. It is essential to contemplate reliability and va......

 Bella Phillips, Published On 17 Aug, 2020 | Updated on 31 Oct, 2023

Writing Tips

Cross-Sectional Study- Complete Overview

Different study designs are crucial to solving the riddles of the world around us in the field of scientific inquiry. The cross-sectional research stands out among these as a useful tool for comprehending the prevalence, patterns, and interactions among variables within a particular population. This article explores what is a cross sectional stud......

 Annep Gill, Published On 14 Aug, 2020 | Updated on 19 Oct, 2023

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